Submit Like a Girl

by Donna (Las Vegas)

One nice summer day, my BFF and I were sitting around the house when he asked me if I would wanted to get dressed up? It would be fun. I asked him “what kind of fun are you talking about”? his response was, “well with my sister and mom checking out the university campus and dad in India, what kind of fun do you think”?

“Sure, let’s do it”, I responded. We went searching for lingerie and found some in the dirty hamper. I grabbed a sexy pair of Sheila’s panties a smell that I just loved to inhale. He found his sisters. We got into their dressers and grabbed stockings, bras, and were on our way.

We went to our bedroom (I shared a room with him when I was taken in) and started to get our undergarments on. Once we were ready, we went to the bathroom to put on some makeup, He and I looked so good that I almost didn’t wait to get dressed, I started to kiss him and rub his cock in his silky panties. He said, “Not yet, we need to be girls first”. I told him that I couldn’t wait much longer since I love being with him this way. He said, “me too”.

After makeup, we got dressed, I put on one of mom’s black pleated skirts. The material was nylon or rayon or something kind of silky and slinky. It felt great rubbing against my panties and pantyhose. I also got a button up floral to from sisters room. I looked at myself in the mirror and was incredibly pleased with how feminine I looked and felt.

He had on stockings and a mini floral sundress. When he walked in front of a window, I could see his silhouette through the dress. He looked so sexy and totally could fool anyone into thinking he was a real girl.

He said one more thing, we needed to put on some perfume. I put on some of Sheila’s that smelled like her as I had admired for so many years as a young guy. He chose some of his sisters flowery perfume. He did smell just like his sister.

We went into the bar in the living room that overlooked the back yard with big windows and two sliding glass doors. He made a couple of Strawberry Daiquiris and we enjoyed just being a couple of girls having a drink.

While the drinks started to take effect, I leaned into him, pressed my bra covered chest into his, wrapped my arms around his neck with my hands on the back of his head and pulled him to me. Our lips met and he shoved his tongue in my mouth. I flicked my tongue with his and he started reaching for my cock. He was rubbing me through my skirt and as I was growing harder and harder, he reached under my skirt and pulled my pantyhose and panties down in front. He grabbed my dick and started to beat me off.

It felt so good I didn’t want him to stop. That was when he lifted my skirt up, then put his mouth on my cock. I let out a little gasp and slowly said “that feels so good, keep sucking me off, just like that, I love your mouth on me like that.” I felt like I was about to explode, then told him to "drink me up lover". As I pumped my cum in his mouth, he began to gulp it all down, He kept his mouth on my dick until I got soft and shrank in size. He then kissed me again and I could taste my own cum on his lips.

I told him that I love him and now it’s his turn. He smiled and turned his back to me allowing me to hug him wile I reached around to his front, grabbed his bra and his groin at the same time. I started to kiss the back of his neck and behind his ear then felt him melt in my arms. He ended on the floor on his stomach. I lifted his dress up off his ass and the sight of that panty covered butt made me hard again.

I started to pull his panties down but left them on his legs at the knees. He said to me,” I love this but please use some lube first”. He reached back and in his hand was a tube, I squirt a healthy amount in my hand and rubbed it on his ass. I was fingering his hole pushing the lube inside of his puckered hole. When he started to moan with pleasure sounds, I climbed on his legs, rubbed my dick up and down his ass crack. I felt it find his loosening hole and gave it a little shove. The head popped in and he gasped and said, “oh my, you are so big right now.” I told him “just enjoy the fucking you’re getting my love.”

As his butt hole was getting looser and I was getting in deeper and deeper, he said “oh my, that’s it, fuck me good and long, just like that,”, “I love your dick in me like this”.

As I was about to cum, I told him he was getting his ass full right nowwww, and I came inside his ass, just then he shouted, “I’M CUMMING TOO” and his body started flexing like he was pushing out a load of cum.

I lay on top of him a wile then we got up and sure enough was a large glop of his cum in the carpet. He turned to face me, we kissed and held each other in our arms and just relaxed. He kissed my ear and whispered, “I love you” and kissed my ear again. I said, “I love you too.”

We both agreed that for the rest of the week (9 more days before his mom Sheila and sister would get Back home) we would only dress as women that included makeup, nails (both fingers and toes) and even wearing a bikini when we swam or sunned. His sisters BFF helped us with becoming women and teaching us a few things that girls do differently than guys like how to walk and sit femininely and keep our knees closed tightly or crossed. She taught us to giggle and cover our mouths instead of laughing out loud.

By the end of the week, we had very visible bikini lines where our tops and bottoms fit us. Both of us felt like we were becoming women, I know I liked the knowledge and thinking how I can now satisfy men and women no matter what they want. It is kind of sexy feeling like that.

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