My Sister Helped Me Become A Gurl: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

The next morning Debbie had plenty of time after both Becky and her mother left for the day to just set and talk. Debbie asked me how I was doing and I shared how both Becky and her mother had helped me but also had become sexual with me!”

“Bobby sweetheart,” Debbie spoke, “Yes I have shared with both of these ladies about your desire to wear my panties and bras and both of them seemed to embrace it like . . like hay whatever we can do to help Bobby the better! BUT you have to believe me that none of us spoke about what any of us might do with respect to trying to help or encourage you!

To tell you the truth honey I’m just sort of making this up as I go . . I’m mean I don’t have a book about little brothers getting off on their older sister’s dirty panties or even wanting to wear their underwear. You don’t happen to have any information do you dear?”

“No Debbie I don’t . . . I’ve never even spoken to anyone about my desires or . . well you know my getting off on smelling or tasting your dirty panties!” I began to cry! “Debbie I’m sorry I know I shouldn’t do this but it seems to be so natural for me to want to smell like you and dress like you . . . can you help me sis?”

“Bobby don’t cry . . . I do want to help you and that part I sort of figured out . . you know about how my smells were like how you wanted to smell! I’ve have spoken to a few friends and some have told me about their family members getting off on their dirty panties from brothers to sisters to fathers, mothers, aunts and uncle’s . . even one Grandfather! SO I understand that you like how my pussy smells and even taste!

So let’s just start there, can we? First how did you like getting to smell and taste Rachel’s pussy . . I mean Mrs. Thompson’s pussy yesterday . . . was that too much or did it finally get it done for you . . I mean I know Becky played with you clit . . well let’s talk about terms dear! Both woman . . even I call your . . your little thing . . you know your clit because you wanting to be a girl it would be your clit . . just like I have a clit . . does that make sense sweetie?”

“Debbie I don’t even understand what a clit is so how does that help me?” I asked her sadly!

“My God Bobby I didn’t know . . well let’s fix that right now!” Debbie told me! She stripped out of her clothes and laid down on our bed! “Honey you get between my legs so you can understand all the parts of a woman! Ok so the big lips on the outside are called Labia major and the smaller lips . . go ahead and touch them . . just inside of them are called Labia minora! Most everyone just calls them pussy lips!” She told me. I was lost at this moment because not only could I see her pussy in front of me but I could smell Debbie like never before . . so I just pushed in and started licking her pussy!

“Ok honey . . well . . yes let’s just get this out of the way!” Debbie whispered as she pulled me in ever harder! “Bobbie please enjoy yourself and once you are satisfied we can continue our class!” I licked and sucked on her for several minutes then I could heard her begin to moan and then I felt her thighs close against the sides of my head . . then it happened! “O God . . oh yea . . oh Bobby yes . . out shit yes!” Debbie cried until her cum flowed out into my mouth! “Shit Bobby I didn’t think that was going to happen . . man oh man . . you can do that anytime you desire love . . oh yes sweet love!”

“Ok if you’re ready now . . you see that bump sticking out at the top . . . oh go easy when you touch it honey!” Debbie continued trying to instruct me. “Well that is my clit and that is what makes . . . or helps a girl to experience an orgasm!”

“So do you pee out of it like I do out of my penis Debbie?” I asked.

“No sweetheart my pee comes out of a hole that . . well take you fingers and pull my pussy lips apart . . you know real wide! That’s it,” Debbie continued, “. . see that hole right below my clit . . well that is my Urethral opening . . just like the slit in the end of your little penis! And while you have me pulled open you see the opening at the bottom . . . that goes way back and is really wet right now? That is my Vagina. That is what people are really talking about when they say pussy . . you know that hole. To most a pussy is where a man puts his cock to fuck a girl and that is where . . he shoots his cum . . well his sperm to get a girl pregnant . . but let’s go into that later ok!”

“So sweetheart your little penis . . what you call it . . well I know you hear me call it . . and that Becky and Mrs. Thompson called it you clit because yours is small like a clit and there really isn’t that much to it . . you know it is quite small . . you know well your seen dad’s penis right? Well his is giant . . I mean its large even when it is soft . . you know right?” Debbie asked me.

“Not really I guess I just haven’t in the right place at the right time . . you’ve seen it Debbie . . I mean in real life . . you know?” I tried but couldn’t get the words out right!

“Yes sweetheart I have seen dad’s cock many times . . trust me! Sometimes I think he does it on purpose . . leaving the bathroom door open so when I walk by I see him standing there peeing and his cock sticking out in front! A few times he has run into me in the hallway and let’s his towel drop showing me his cock . . I mean right up close! Bobby once I reached down to pick up his towel and when I was raising my head back up and actually ran into his penis . . . I mean it was right in front of my mouth! He stood there for a minute and then took the towel back from me and continued on to his room!” Now Debbie was breathing hard!

“Did you like seeing it . . I mean being that close to it Debbie?” I asked her.

“Yes Bobby I did and sometimes when I am rubbing my clit . . you know to make myself cum . . I wish I had just sucked it into my mouth . . you know like a blow job . . you know when you suck on an cock to . . well you don’t know about this do you?”

While this conversation continued on; Debbie did finally have to go to class and only Mr. Thompson was home.

“Bobby,” he called out, “my wife just called and said her and Becky were going to be later that she had thought . . so she asked me to change your surgical dressing . . is that ok?” Mr. Thompson told me to hop on their bed and he grabbed the medical stuff. “Bobby I forgot but Rachel said you needed to strip down so I can clean you and finish this little job up!” He told me. So I stood up and pulled down my pants and then reached for my panties. “My God honey, those are some very cute little panties!” Mr. Thompson shared. “Sweetheart why don’t you just call me Fred!” With that Fred reached out and slipped my panties down seeing my little clit . . well my tiny penis head just sticking out! He lifted me up . . kissing my clit . . then laid me back on the bed where he took my bandage off and cleaned my wound. “So do you share panties with you sister . . Debbie right . . or are those your own sweetie?” Then he put the medicine and the new bandage on as he listened to my reply.

“These are my panties . . I mean Debbie gave them to me to wear.” I replied.

“Honey if you don’t mind I am getting really hot doing all this stuff . .” Fred quite talking as he stripped off his jeans and his man shorts. Right there in front of me . . I mean hanging down between his legs was a really big cock . . right there I mean! “Sweetie are you looking at my cock . . I can see that you are . . well don’t be embarrassed . . hell with little panties like yours I just knew you would like to hold him . . shit I bet you would even like to suck on my old man . . wouldn’t you little sister?” I watched Fred move alongside the bed and push cock towards my face. “Just open your sweet little mouth and let me put my big ole cock in there for you to suck on dear!” I was sucking on his cock and he . . Fred was pushing it in and out of my mouth the entire time. Next I felt him begin to pull on the back of my head and then he filled my mouth with his cum . . lots of cum . . not just a little drop like I had produced! “That’s it sweetie just shallow it down . . oh yes please keep sucking him . . keep nursing little girl!” The entire time he was pushing his cock into my mouth he was also pinching my clit . . it sort of hurt . . but also felt sort of good . . I mean It must have because he licked my cum off of his fingers! Just as he was pulling cock out of my mouth at that same time Debbie walked into the bedroom.

“Dam it Fred!” She yelled, “I knew you would act stupid when Rachel shared she had asked you to help Bobby . . my God you asshole . . a grown man taking advantage of . . well of . . taking advantage of my little sister . . shit! Put that dam thing away . . do it now before I kick you in your nuts buster! I watched Mr. Thompson run out of HIS bedroom carrying his pants and his shorts! It was sort of funny seeing how his big cock seemed to get so small as Debbie was yelling at him . . I mean it began to look about half the size it was before!

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