Encounter on the Farm: Part 2

by Stevie (Ohio)

The sun was shining and Albert woke me a cup of coffee and when I opened my eyes there, he stood looking fabulous in his pink nylon nightie and sheer grannie panties so I could clearly see his beautiful pendulous mushroom cock with his hair in curlers and pink chiffon scarf.

MMM I thought so feminine, I could not help myself and put my head up under his long nightie took his cock out and kissed the fabulous head as it twitched into life, I kept the huge head in my mouth until it had grown fully and started to suck it lovingly as I wanked his huge shaft in my mouth slurping lewdly.

Albert said he could not believe his day was starting this way got on the bed and we got into a 69 position sucking each other's cock in our nylon heaven.

The noises were amazing as we both gobbled and slurped and sucked each other's cocks mmm I wanted to go on forever then I felt Alberts huge cock twitch as jets of lovely cum filled my mouth god I loved his taste and I came to.

Then he got up sat astride my face and dangled his great balls in my face and I took each one in turn and sucked the huge balls one at a time coating them in his lovely creamy white spunk with his huge cock laid right across my face.

Albert said wow you are so sexy, we had better get up as we have work to do kissed me passionately and said can't wait until tonight.

We had breakfast still dressed in our long flowing nighties curlers and scarves and he said how do you want to dress today as I have so much ladies attire and you look so girlie.

I giggled and wiggled my butt at him he said don't be naughty or I shall have to fuck you with this I said I can't wait and we kissed again.

He put his finger in my butt and I pressed back on it, oooh I cried then he bent me over the table raised my long nightie slipped my grannie panties down and rubbed his huge mushroom cock around my anus.

He was leaking profusely and he slowly pushed forward and the huge head of his cock slipped in and with a thrust back from me he passed through my sphincture to paradise and very slowly fucked me then we slowly sped up until we were as one thrusting to each other, then I almost collapsed as I came as his huge jets of spunk filled my insides.

I started to cry, Albert said why I cuddled into him and said I am so fulfilled I never thought life could be so fantastic and dreamy living like this in a nylon heaven with you.

We kissed passionately for ages then realised we needed to shower for the day ahead, but what an amazing start of the day.

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