Encounter on the Farm: Part 3

by Stevie (Ohio)

My 3rd day at the farm I awoke with Alberts huge cock draped across my face, good morning my darling as I inhaled the lovely aroma and velvet feel of his huge mushroom cock under my nose across my lips, I brought you a cup of tea. I yawned and let his huge mushroom fall into my open mouth mmmmm much better than any cup of tea.

I sat up and enjoyed my morning tea as I felt the weight of his lovely huge balls and caressed them lovingly and lent my head against his abdomen as he stood beside the edge of the bed.

I watched mesmerised as his lovely cock kept growing and I slipped my hand up its length smoothing my fingers feeling his beautiful velvet pink mushroom head I slowly wanked it as I drank my tea until his cock was leaking profusely, pulled his foreskin back up until a huge pool of fluid pooled on his cock head, then slowly eased it back again so his lovely juice coated all of that big beautiful knob opened my mouth and slid his huge cock head between my lips.

Mmmmm I cooed as my tonged licked his cock head all over relishing the taste, your cock head has me in a spell Albert as he stroked my hair as my head started to bob up and down wanking it the same time for a while until I felt the huge shaft spasm and jets of his copious delicious cum filled my mouth I moaned aloud as I tried to swallow it all as some dribbled down my chin.

Wow what another start to the day he said then bent his head pushed me back down on the bed took hold of the huge silky tent in the sheer nightie wanking me then when my cock was really wet he sucked the nightie covered cock in his mouth, what a lovely feeling being sucked and wanked with your cock draped in silky nylon, then he took the nightie away and sucked me until I came in his mouth.

When we finished, we got up for breakfast still dressed in our nighties and curlers and pink sheer chiffon scarves on our heads we cuddled numerous times as we passed each other engulfed in our nylon heaven. Albert let's have a day off and what shall we do today, I would like to give you a proper makeover I just nodded, we showered together lovingly washing each other especially the lower ends. We dried each other creamed each other.

Albert put a towel on my head twirled it up on my head on Let's make black todays colour. He then produced a full top silicon breast form pulled it down over my head wow the breasts were at least a size g they felt amazing as I swished then from side to size feeling them move.

Then he produced 2 sets of black sheer silky penoir set full robe and also gave me a huge pair of black sheer grannie panties and matching suspender belt said put these on. Then albert led me to the big hair drier in the bedroom and sat me down into the comfy dressing chair then he applied some hair treatment and proceeded to put my hair up in big rollers and placed the head of the hair drier over my head.

The feeling was amazing all dressed up in black silky nylon then as my hair was drying he lifted each leg in turn rolled up a pair of lovely black fully fashioned stockings and gently rolled them up each leg and attached the suspenders. That was so erotic watching Albert slide the stockings up my legs, my cock was making a huge tent in my lingerie as Albert said give me your hand and set about applying fals nails.

After he finished, he moved the hair drier to one side knelt down in front of me put his hand up inside the big panties wanking me I slid back down in the chair as he lifted my legs up to my shoulders took my cock in his mouth sucking me lovingly then he caressed my butt licked his finger and inserted a finger into me.

ooooh Albert I cried please fuck me now I want that huge mushroom head up me as he positioned himself and rubbed his leaking cock around my anus. Albert had almost bent me double as I took hold of his beautiful cock and pushed the head slowly lovingly into me as he wanked me.

Albert said my your cock is almost in your mouth as he pushed it forward and said open your mouth he moved me a bit and my cock was in my mouth go on suck it he said as he fucked me as I found I could suck myself with ease that was a first for me and I loved it as he started to thrust in and out of me his huge cock finding my depths, did he fuck me and I came like never before.

Albert changed places with me with his legs up to his shoulders I took his huge cock and sucked it then I pushed my cock into his lovely round butt slowly then I watched as Albert was also able to suck his own cock and watched it easily slide in and out of his eager mouth.

So sexy watching him suck it like that, I fucked him like crazy until I came then I watched as his cock twitched and his cum filled his mouth mm didn't take it all took his cock out of his mouth an let it spurt over my face until he was spent , never seen so much cum then we locked in a passionate kiss for ages. Then we cleaned up to decide what to do with our day as we can't fuck each other all day.

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