by Janae

My sister and her husband were killed in an aircraft accident returning from a vacation. She was 38 and I her brother am 40 years old. My name is Henry and I live alone. I am short at 5'6" but in good shape and weigh 145#. I have made a large fortune buying and selling real estate. I live in a 5000 sq ft home in a secluded wooded area and keep to myself.

Not having any friends I am a loner. I had a maid until recently she left to take care of her aging father. So my sister had a 18 year old boy named Scott. We were not close with my sisters husbands family. I was really the only place left for Scott to go. He was 6' tall and big for an 18 year old. He also was in trouble a lot.

So Scott came to live with me and it did not take long for things to go wrong. Being he was so much bigger he constantly bullied me. He lounged around and I had to take care of him. I did his laundry, cooking, cleaning and even kept his room up. Well this had to stop so I was checking military schools to send him to and he saw the notes on my desk.

We were both watching T.V. one night and after a glass of tea I passed out. When I came to Scott was next to me naked. Without warning he pulled my head into his crotch and his cock filled my mouth. I could not believe how big it was for his age. I struggled but was no match for him. He held my head and began pumping his cock in and out of my mouth.

He was moaning and saying how he could not believe I wanted to suck his cock. After a couple minutes he tensed up and exploded into my mouth. Cum went down my throat but also all over my face. I pulled away and while catching my breath saw Scott laughing. He was looking at his cell phone. He had recorded me giving him head. He played it back and it was a very incriminating video.

So now Scott began the blackmailing. My maid had left several uniforms in her quarters which Scott had discovered. I was to move into the maids quarter and give Scott the master bedroom. All my male clothes were put in the cellar. Scott was to become Master of the household and I would be his maid. Any resistance and his video would be placed on social media.

My maids uniforms fit me very well and she had even left some panties, pantyhose and 3" black pumps. With make up she also left behind and curling of my shoulder length hair my nephew had me looking like a common passable maid. So life began with me taking orders and giving Scott complete control of the house. But then it got worse.

The doorbell rang one afternoon. Scott told me I better answer it. When I did My ex wife was standing at the door. She stepped by me laughing and told Scott he had done very well with me. My ex Tracy and I had a very bad divorce and she hated me. Scott and Tracy made me call my banker and tell him I was going on a extended trip and would be gone at least a year.

Paperwork was sent over that gave Scott and Tracy control of my finances during my absence. Tracy really went to work on me and I was given new uniforms and a full wardrobe. Scott and Tracy said I could no longer go by Henry. My new name was Anita. I was kept busy 18 hours a day always in my maid uniform and 3" heels. I was forced by Tracy to have permanent make up tatooed on my face. Also my lips were plumped and I was turned into a blonde.

Scott made me give him blowjobs almost everyday while Tracy watched. By now I could not recognize myself. I was just a cute maid. Scott and Tracy began having parties and I would be forced to serve all the guest. No one ever suspected I was the maid. I was treated and talked to like a common servant. Tracy complained there were times I had not performed well at my duties.

As punishment I was dressed in leotards, tights, legwarmers. By now I had D cup falsies glued to my chest full time. I was then put in 4" open toe pumps. A butt plug was inserted in me along with a penis gag in my mouth. I was placed on a treadmill and handcuffed to the handles. I would be left for hours having to walk in these killer heels.

At times they would set the speed so high I was almost running. The butt plug caused me to learn to wiggle when I walked. The penis gag made me breath through my nose and helped my oral cocksucking ability. Needless to say I became very comfortable wearing high heels all day. Also my butt and legs became very firm and curvy.

Later I found out Tracy was feeding me estrogen. I had lost all touch of reality and even thought of myself as nothing more than a maid. The final humiliation was Scott hiring a full time Gardner. He is a large black man in his late 20's named Marcus. His room is adjacent to the maid quarters.

Scott and Tracy told him about me. He has started making me come to his room at night. He has me dress in thigh high stockings, heels and a babydoll nighty. He kisses me so passionately. It was so weird having a man run his tongue into my mouth.

After I suck his black monster he spreads my legs and pounds my ass until he unloads. It feels like a garden hose going off inside me. After I clean him up he kisses on me some more and then he wraps his arms around me. That is how we sleep.

Little did I know Tracy had a camera installed and loves watching her ex husband being made love to by a strong black man. What is worse is I think about Marcus all day. It scares me as I believe I am falling in love with him. It looks like Henry may never return from vacation.

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