Mom is Demented and I like it That Way

by Kim Cummings (San Francisco, California, USA)

Mom has been diagnosed with early onset dementia and is oversexed. Dad left and i have power of attorney over mom's estate. This provides me with ready cash for hiring help to take care of her and myself.

Mom was always a bossy angry woman. It’s no wonder dad left long ago. Always bitching over everything constantly. Now well medicated she's still oversexed openly masturbating in front of me.

When she's on her antipsychotics she's more sane but not as much fun. I exchange her meds with better ones that creates a more fun time for myself.

Mom’s just 47 but her condition is one of being delusional and can't be believed by anyone. She’s under the belief that I’m her daddy.

Apparently her father and her were in a sexual relationship that was consenting. Now she has retreated into that mood once again.

As her "daddy" she believes she's just a child and expects her daddy to "take care of her". I certainly do. A petite woman with a recent boob job, mom's breasts are like that of an 18 year old. Her previous caregivers weren't accommodating enough so I got rid of them quickly.

Hiring nursing personal is expensive but i found a nurse about my age to procure drugs along with a doctor who knows how to circumvent the laws. Mom’s meds from her other doctors just made mom sedated and not the hypersexual made to fuck mom I needed.

The nurse knows why I’m paying her an exorbitant amount of tax free cash. she's very good at "taking care of mother" her duties include wearing her short nursing uniform with 4 inch heels and looking hot and ready to follow instructions.

She procures the pharmaceutical drugs for us and is good at giving injection. Our little family is well stocked with a dispensary including cocaine hydrochloride, desoxyn, midazolam, and various other pure pharmaceutical drugs to enhance our little fun times.

In the morning my personal nurse wakes up mom for her meds. An injection of methamphetamine gets mom going and ready to rock. I take my meds and get dressed. By that I mean I get cross dressed.

My personal servants do my nails hair and assist me in looking especially hot and perhaps just a bit slutty. Mom’s made to look hot in her vast assortment of lingerie too. Mom’s always looked hot and as a youth I lusted after her. She was such a bitch preferring young girls to dad's cock.

Being previously a definite "daddy's girl" now she has a "chick with a dick". Mom’s awake and she's been masturbating. Her demeanor is very wild and her language is raunchy. She’s calling for daddy.

I’m already hard from the nurse polishing my cock. I go to mother.... her legs spread I tie mom down with nylons. She’s smiling as I tell mother that I’m here to make her feel special.

"Oh, daddy I’m ready" she says. I apply a vibrator to mom's wet pussy and she's immediately asking for daddy's cock. Feverishly in heat and obviously just needing my cock, I tease her unrelentingly.

She’s anxious to have her daddy's dick but I torment her first.

"Mother I’m not your daddy" I explain. "I’m your son"!

I tell her directly I’m going to fuck you and you're going to love it. A look of astonishment appears on her face as she has a moment of clarity and recognition of her son is realized.

"Oh my god, oh my baby.... please, help mommy." I help her to beg for her son's incestuous penis.

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