Aunty gives me Surprise Present

by Stephen T (Bristol)

It has been 3 weeks since my last weekend with my 70 yrs old aunty and I am going to stay bathers again as my wife has gone to Cornwall again.

I drove to auntie remote house and could not wait to be in her arms again, she opened the door and kissed me passionately dropped to her knees and said I want to suck, gobble and slobber that beautiful big cock now as she undid my jeans and flopped my cock out.

She did it for a couple of minutes then stopped and said let’s not waste any of that gorgeous cum lets have it for later as I have a surprise for you.

Shoved me into her bedroom laid out on the bed were a new white full pull on suspender belt and tan fully fashioned seamed stockings, fabulous voluminous white super soft huge grannies’ panties, beautiful super soft full slip, soft bra and breast form and a lovely long light blue chambray button up dress and a very silky pretty super soft silky headscarf red white and blue and white stilettos for you my darling as we are going out to Bath for a surprise.

Oh thank you I said as I pulled her to me and kissed her squeezing her lovely ass. Lets shower and wash your hair as we always do but this time aunty laid me back in this chair she had bought with my hair over her dressing basin took my raging cock out of my own big grannies’ knickers and got astride me and impaled herself on my huge cock while she leant forward over me washing my hair with her huge bare breasts and nipples in my face.

It was a very sexy moment as she bounced away on my cock while I sucked and played with her lovely breast while she washed my hair when she finished my hair she got of sucked my cock clean and washed it again. We need to go so we both readied ourselves, aunty dressed me as she always did dried and brushed my hair and fashioned it with the scarf in a turban, made me up beautifully she dressed very similarly then we left.

Aunty drove as she was driving I undid a few buttons on the dress to give my enormous erection some room and aunty wanked it some while she drove. She said are you nervous going out dressed I said no as I was now very used to dressing and acting like a woman while with aunty.

We arrived at this big house and were met at the door buy a mature very classy sexy lady, she led us upstairs to this suite and poured a drink as we relaxed wondering what this was about. There were big doors in front of the lounge chairs which slid back revealing a space with a couple of holes in the wall with soft cushioning around the big holes.

I said what is this aunty she said wait a minute and all will be revealed then I heard a noise and lowly this huge black mushroom of a cock appeared slowly coming through the hole. When it was all the way through it was at least 12 inches and wrist thick, aunty squeezed my hand and said happy birthday.

My heart was beating strongly as I took in the sight of this wondrous cock, I moved to it dropped to my knees and took hold of it as it throbbed into life lifted it to feel its weight and slowly wanked it with both hands.

It started to leak a big stream of precum as I used my thumb to smear it all over its beautiful head then dipped my head and slipped it into my mouth moaning lordly as I savored the wonderful smell ,feel and taste of this beauty and wanked it into my mouth. The site was too much for aunty as she joined me on her knees taking it in turns to suck and slobber this beautiful cock.

Aunty got very carried away so I slipped under her dress with my head between her legs she sat back on my face as i licked her sopping wet fanny while she sucked this huge cock until she squirted in my mouth I did not miss a drop. Then she got up and changed places as I sucked that monster again as she sucked my cock.

We stopped for a moment aunty quickly undressed to her underwear took her huge wet knickers pulled them down over my head and backed onto the monster cock taking it all in forcing back on it. Then another huge cock even bigger appeared in the other hole so I immediately had to suck this 16 inch monster.

We kept swapping then aunty said go on you know you want those huge cocks in you, she lubed my ass then guided backed me back into the first big cock as she slowly guided it in.

After a couple of minutes I was managing to take the full 12 inches and was bucking furiously back on it as aunty backed back onto the 16 inch beauty the noises were incredible as we were both lost in cock loving every second then we swapped as I wanted to fuck that 16 inch cock.

After awhile theses cocks needed to come so we both got down in front of them and wanked and sucked them like crazy until you could feel the huge shafts stiffen twitch and their huge beautiful balls tighten as they both spewed out great spurts of beautiful cum in our mouths completely covered are faces and hair, we had just gone to heaven.

We licked all the cum of them and sucked and caressed their huge lovely balls then aunty said I want you to fuck me now so we fucked until we were spent kissed held each other until we came back down to earth. Luckily there were showers and towels so we cleaned up and went home. Aunty said that was a glory hole and we will do it again sometime I just cooed.

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