High Heels, Hosiery, "Family Time"

by Mama's Boy (Clovis, Ca, USA)

Mom runs a chic Boutique. She carries sizes for tall women. Mom is herself tall as am I. Mom's 6 ft 2 inches and I'm over 6 ft 7 inches. Occasionally, a tallish transvestite will strut in her store looking for something that fits.

Mom lets me serve the "special clients" because I KNOW exactly what they want. The "girls" spend a lot of cash in the store because Mom knows where to find the quality lingerie, pantyhose, and high heels in the sizes they need.

Mom knows I enjoy serving their particular needs and desires. In particular, if I nod to Mom she will know this "girl" will undoubtedly require extra attention to detail. By the time I have shown her everything' she will always cum back for more.

A beautiful tall transvestite about 22 or so came in looking for nylons and high heels. I gave Mom the signal and took charge of the customer. I of course had to take her measurements.

In the dressing room I mentioned how feminine and pretty she looked. She smiled. I whispered in her ear...Love your shoes and your nylons are so pretty too. I ran my hand down her leg and she whimpered....

Undoing my pants I revealed I was wearing pantyhose and pretty lace satin pink panties. She pulled out some lip gloss and applied it to both our lips. We kissed and our tongues met.

Mom knocked on the door and came in as I was sucking her nice cock.

"Well, son- don't you have anything for your Mom"?

I took my mouth off her cock and approached my Mom. Mom was tapping her foot with her hand on her hip.

"Well, what about it?" Mom, can't you see I'm doing something I told her.

"At least you could try and comfort your own Mother son!"

"Yes, Mom...I went to my mother and kissed her gently.

Her tongue sought mine, Soon I was sucking her right breast as my new girlfriend sucked the other. Soon Mother was taking turns sucking both our cocks.

"Your Mom sucks good"

Yeah, she fucks even better I retorted. My tall girlfriend is a regular customer and Mom gets a double dose of hot searing sperm down her ass and cunt.....

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