Taught Well, Mother And Father And Sissy Knew Well

by Kim Cummings (Clovis, Ca)

My family long ago was in the porno biz. In the '70's porn was a hot item. Nothing was off limits.

Sissy porno was especially popular and welcomed by men and women looking for an outlet to facilitate their particular fetishes and kinky sex.

The women liked to watch girls dressed up getting initiated into the world of girls 'n' older women. Some of these women were acclimated to teaching their girly pupils to please the teachers.

The youngsters loved the lavish praise given to them by the women. They often talked among themselves how much the little teens were coming along.

The parents seeked out these women to teach the girls to please and love their mommies and Daddies.

After a time the little darlings learned the rewards of obeying the instructors (Always referred to as their Mommy's) several of the young girls took it upon themselves to "get Mommy".

As time went on, the girls found it interesting that some of their daddies were "Mommy's boy's" They often converted their own sissy daddies into panty waist fairy's who were made to wear their sissy outfit's while fucking their daughter's eager pussies.

"Daddy's cock is all hard in mommy's nylon's!"

"Yes, sweetheart, your daddy's just a sissy bitch who loves a hard dildo in her boy pussy."

Mommy's gonna show her little girl how some daddies love being girls. The 35 mm films were distributed all over and were wildly popular.

Our family did well and we now enjoy watching the movies to facilitate our love of the family for each other.

Sissy Whore Moaning

I enjoyed fucking sissy whore, every time when I looked at one dressed sleazy and trashy, I am consumed with pure lust for sissy whore mouth sucking feverishly on my throbbing cock.

There is no better feeling than having sissy beautiful mouth wrapped around my swelling and aching cock, working her mouth up and down my very hard member.

I love having a sissy suck my cock because my sissy is so eager and so hungry for my cock, and I enjoyed glaring into my sissy’s face and eyes while she suck me and beg for me to cum on her face and mouth.

I love a needy sissy, a sissy who needs and worship my cock, and every time a sissy moan with my cock in her mouth, this always get me going, the sound of her manly voice makes me harder full of rage and makes me cum harder because I have no choice but to ravish her with extreme prejudice.

The sound of her kinky voice revealed what a true slut she really is, and in fact inviting me to USE her every which way like the whore she truly is.

There is no other sound that can make me CUM as INTENSE as the sound of a sissy moaning over my cock.

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