Obeying Mommy

by Anonymous

Now that "mommy" as she loves to be called, is used to me trying on her sexy things, we started shopping together as her "husband".

We always make appointments with the lingerie stores and the high fashion shoe stores to make sure we are accommodated.

The manager and the salesgirls know that I am her son/lover but we spend so much cash there that they pretend we are married.

Luckily, mommy and me wear nearly the same sizes in most lingerie. I am tall at 6 foot 3, mommy is almost 6 foot 2. She is big boned too. We wear almost the same size high heels.

Mommy wears 11`s , so do I. We both love Wolfords neon 40 tights, (pantyhose). Both XL's. We have a seamtress that tailor our attire too. Our manicurist does our nails and feet together.

They are from Thailand and employ "ladyboys". They are so cute and pretty too. We buy online mostly from ebay and amazon. They have sissy panties and pantyhose that have "special openings" for easy access to our "pussies".

The pantyhose have a pouch of nylon that I love as I have like mom a serious nylon fetish and I love the smooth feel on silky nylon as it enters my mom's heavenly areas. Also, mom has learned of the smooth special taste of my ejaculate is all too good to be wasted.

After I deposit all of it in mom's mouth, we often "French Kiss" and swap the delicious sperm with our tongues. Sometimes, mom likes me to shoot it on her nylons and then we rub the silky cum all over each other's pantyhose.

Mom loves to get me excited by taking an expensive pair of her satin and lace panties and rub them on my panties until I’m good 'n' hard. She loves to talk filthy with me putting me in my place.

"Little mommy's sissy gonna need to wear her pretty slutty lingerie for mommy, you pathetic motherfucker? "

"Such a naughty, naughty boy.... Come to mommy, let mommy help pretty my sissy gurl up."

"Yes, mommy, I'll be a good little sissy for you."

I swat, mommy slaps me and I whimper and ask for more.....

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