True Story First Crossdressing Experience with my Wife: Part 1

by Stevie (Wisconsin)

When I was a young man experimenting I used to love to slip into my moms huge silky panties suspenders and stockings and her multi layered nylon nightie wearing my hair up in a silky scarf and red lipstick when she was at work or away with friends and play for hours.

I stopped when we married but always loved the feeling, I used to buy my wife all the latest matching lingerie so she had many outfits. Occasionally if she was out for the evening I would slip into her undies but not very often.

I often asked why she did not wear stockings and suspenders as she had so many , she said if you love them so much you wear them.

One evening we had the same conversation and I said if I wore them you would think me gay she just dismissed it and went on to bed, I showered and when in the dressing room I saw her lovely big silky sheer panties and thought I may put them on then I found her matching suspenders and stockings and a bra and long slip.

I put it all, on then went to the bedroom and slid in beside her she snuggled in then suddenly said what have you got on then explored and said you have my underwear on, I said you told me to she sounded cross but was smoothing I just nodded then she kissed me at the same time then felt my huge erection.

MMM she said this has turned you on hasn't it I just nodded and said wow this is so relaxing such a wonderful feeling then she kissed me very passionately. She slid down took my cock and wanked it in the big panties for a while mmmmm I said that is so erotic then she took my cock in her mouth and sucked me as she smoothed her hands all over the silky soft nylon.

She said shame you don't have nice big breasts then opened a drawer took out some tights rolled them and stuffed them in the bra. There she said looks and feels better as she kept smoothing them then said wait a minute then got up went to the dressing room and when she came back she was also dressed in full lingerie then snuggled back in as we caressed each other in out lovely nylon heaven.

Then she sat on my face her big fanny dripping with her juices and sucked me again, wow she was very turned on then rolled off and said fuck me quick you lovely girl. The feeling was electric as her stockinged legs wrapped around my stockings as she pulled me in and fed my cock into her, I never knew her so wet and sexual and her kisses were off the scale as she shuddered and came moaning aloud.

Then she got up and said she wanted to 69 again then she sucked and wanked me until I spurted jets of cum into her mouth then she got up kissed me again with a great mouthful of cum in her mouth and swirled it into mine then she gurgled and swallowed. MMMM that was wonderful lets do that more often can we only this time we will think about it more and I must get you some proper synthetic breasts and a lovely big dildo.

More to come...

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