Dressed For Glory Holes

by Whorw (Los Angeles)

Im a latin male smooth body and love to dress in womans clothes.

I dress alone take photos and post on line i always loved to sit back and read comments of the men who would leave me dirty detailed mail, one male who caught my eye offered to take me and watch me suck and ride cocks at a gloryhole.

I did some research and found a few in my city i ventured out to check them out see what kind of people i would meet if i was to dress and really go through with it.

About a month of visiting this one i decided that i would do it...its friday night im all clean and dressed nervous but excited i get into my car and drive 30 mins i arrived parking some what full my hands are sweating heart pounding i exit my car and walk in.

I'm greeted by the cashier with a hello im in a short skirt nylons heels and garter, he exchanges my bills for coins and i begin to walk down a long dim hall way i hear the moans from the movies.

I'm looking for a booth when a male appears from the side he looks me over as im stuck in shock his long thick cock was hanging from his pants hey you want some i could not answer and he knew i was a first timer, let me show you around, he took me to a wall where a list of the videos were playing.

I focused trying to adjust my eyes to the dark letters out of no where i have 3 men all tight close to my back side i felt a hand grope my ass then a smooth hard cock brush up against my ass withing a few minutes i enter this little booth close the door and took a deep breath.

My hand shaking to put in tokens shit i drop a few as i look down the floors cover in cum and smells of it i found a box of tissues hanging and throw some on the floor.. ok im getting my self ready i know what to expect i pull my panties off and lube my hole i see some finger pop through and wonder if im supposed to just put my ass there or what.

About 5 minutes pass then a knock i open the door and its a male hey im ready he said i didn't know what to say besides its my first time here he laughing and asked to come in so he did know its smaller in this booth let me help you.

He taps on the wall and like magic there is this cock poking through i take a good look at it and he says well he is waiting may i watch sure i took it in my hand and reach for a condom as im bent over looking in my bag he slips a finger in my lubed ass i didnt say anything just let him finger me loosen up you will enjoy it better.

I find the condom and slip it on them i turn to line up i slip it in and just hold my ass against the wall im getting fucked fast and hard then he cums slips out and im like already look another one so i turn to the other wall same thing a few pump cum and gone im looking to get.

Fucked good im thinking and these two already cum a few short minutes pass and he asked if he could have some i bent over and he mounted me fast his cock felt amazing long very thick and his balls clapping on mine i was expecting a quick fuck but about 30 mins then his moans im cumming he pushes deep into me hitting my head on the wall and keeps pumping moans of pleasure he pulls out the condom was full of cum he peels it of and puts on another.

Then he slipped back in more rough then i like hes holding with a grip i cant move fast and hard it hurt take it bitch my hole began to hurt i wanted him to stop please it hurts i tell him i got scared as his cock still in me he stands up nearly ripping me i feel him cum then he just walked out the door next another man entered the booth and forced me over there is a line for you quickly he jams his meat into me name calling and forcing his meat hard in me.

By this time i was done i got my bag and walked out then three men drag me to a bigger booth im being held down and they take turns all cumming in my ass no condoms im walking out cum dripping and sore ass.

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