Sissy Cherry Popped

by Emma Gonzales

For weeks after work I would go home and get dressed up in my girl cloths. I couldn’t wait to put them on and watch sissy hypno porn. I could fell that it was starting to have an effect on me. All I could think about was getting fuck like a girl all I wanted was a man to use me.

So I started to look for a guy that would do just that. It didn’t take long after getting dick pics and guy that was close that wanted to fuck that night. After getting all dolled up I went to his house. I was so nervous to let a random guy fuck me.

As I walk in his house we went down to his room. He laid on his bed as I slipped my boy cloths off to show the sexy black lace panties and bra set I put on. I made my way to his bed and layer down next to him thinking am I actually doing this, am I going to let him fuck me. He asked me what type of porn I liked to watch I told him shemale porn.

I could see he was already hard and ready to go. He pulled his underwear down and revealed his big cock. I could feel myself getting turned on. He started to jerk his dick off. I couldn’t control myself I moved his hand and started to jack him off.

Next thing I knew I was giving him head up and tell now all I ever sucked off was my dildo. His cock was warm in my mouth and tasted so good. I thought to myself I loved it. He started rubbing my sissy cunt while I was sucking him off.

Next thing I knew he was sliding a butt plug in my ass. I let out a moan like the little girl I was. Before I knew it he pulled that one out and slid a bigger butt plug in. I was enjoying this more than I thought I would. After giving him head for about fifteen minutes.

He told me to get up and turn around on all fours. It was time. I felt him push the tip of his cock to my hole, pop I felt him slide in me I pushed back against him as he thrust his cock in and out. Felling myself get wetter letting him fuck me tell he finished. I could fell his cum inside me and drop down the back of my legs as he pulled out.

Ready for round two he laughed. You have a nice ass sweet heart as slapped it with his still hard cock. I grabbed him and pushed him back on the bed. I jumped on top of him and slide his cock back in me. I bounced up and down on his cock e grabbed my hips saying babe slow down.

Let me treat you like the girl you are. I layed down on the bed spread myself wide as he got on top of me and put his dick back in me. I healed him close as he was fucking me good he started kissing me and grabbing my breast forums and bra he whispered what’s your name sweetheart. Emma I said.

Next thing I knew he was no longer fucking me he grabbed my clitty and start sucking it and licking my ass. His tongue felt amazing around my hole. My body was shaking as I cried out fuck me again. He ran his hands down my stockings and lifted my legs over his shoulders.

He put his cock back in. Waves of pleasure field my body. Don’t stop I yelled. Fuck me harder. I was in my full feminine self. I’m cumming as I felt him shoot another load in my ass. Shaking as he pulled out and layed down next to me. I couldn’t help but snuggle up in his arms.

As we started to kiss again he asked me to stay the night. I wanted nothing more. We feel asleep naked as he held me his naked cock resting between my ass cheeks. I never felt more safe in my life. Realizing for the first time I was a girl. My life was forever changed that night I now live as a woman and that guy well let’s just say I’m his wife now.

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