'Caught' In Moms Bedroom: Chapter 12

by Brenda Gova (Lisbon Maine, USA)

Chapter 12: Bob To ‘Brenda’

Bob and I have been having fun for almost a year now (I’m 151/2 now) and we’d done just about everything. Tonight we were doing one of my favorites, going parking at a place Bob knew where we could see the entire town (a romantic spot for sure). I sat as close to Bob as I could, his arm around me holding a ‘tit’, mine in his pants holding his ‘man-meat’, as we drove up to his ‘spot’. When we parked his arms immediately went around me and his tongue drove deep into my mouth (almost to my throat), I moaned ‘Oh Bob, you’re so sweet to me my love’.

But while I had my arms around Bob’s neck and was busy kissing him, Bob was also busy. He had unbuttoned my blouse and pushed my bra up exposing both of my ‘Milk Bags’ and, until his hands caressed them, I hadn’t realized he had done it. I couldn’t stop him (nor did I want too) all I could say was ‘Oooooohhhhhh Bob’. I’ve got something for you dear, and he took my head and pushed it down to his ‘meat’. I eagerly opened my mouth and engulfed his huge tool.

Oh the feel of his meat in my mouth was wonderful, like a baby coming home, it was something I had been missing. I was savoring the taste and smell of his tool, just waiting for him to ‘burst’ and give me his ‘Sweet Cream’ topping. Then I felt it, the throbbing, oh boy here cums the flood, the sweet cream is cumming. And it came, and came, and came till I couldn’t swallow it all, and as always happens, the last shot went all over my face. Bob then picked me up, started kissing my cream coated lips, and licked my face clean. We (I) giggled and (he) laughed at the mess he had made of me.

On the way home we made plans for the rest of the evening. We laughed and giggled a lot and before we knew it we were at Bob’s house. Bob held my hand as we entered, and he led me to the living room couch. Sitting down his hand went right to my knee, and slowly up my leg, to my mound. My arms went around his neck, and I was sucking on his tongue.

Then the kitchen door burst open and there stood Amelia. She had fire in her eyes and a dragon tongue when she said ‘Bob, what are you doing, and who is this ‘Bitch’? Uh mom, this is Patty a girl from school, what are you doing home? I came home early because I wasn’t feeling well, and I’m glad I did. Now bitch, pull up your skirt Bimbo, and let me see if Bob’s nailed you yet. I started to object but was stopped short ‘Well there’s no stains on your panties, and you’re not dripping, but……’. Then she said in a commanding tone ‘what’s that bulge there (pointing to my little ‘peter’), drop your panties sister’. I was red as a beat but I did as I was told, exposing my Ding-Dong (which, by the way, was standing at attention).

What have we got here Bob, a little Sissy to play with (tee-hee). Umm, I think we’ll keep her for a while. What’s your mother’s name, phone number, and where do you live Sissy Girl. I stammered ‘Thelma’, 875-9820, and I live over there (pointing to my apartment). Amelia went to the phone and called my mom (their conversation went like this). Hello Thelma, I’m Bobs mom, Amelia, and I just got home from work and I found sissy ‘Patty’ and Bob fooling around and….. Oh, ‘Patty’ is really your son Brian (when I heard that I cringed) and you’ve known for some time that they’ve been ‘playing’ around.

Well do you mind if I keep him for 3 or 4 days and teach him some things a ‘good girl’ should know. Well thank you, and yes, I’ll be sure to stop by for coffee and a long ‘chat’. Bye-bye. Well Patty it looks like you’re mine for the next several days. You’re going to get to know me really well sweetheart. Then looking at her watch, she remarked ‘It’s getting late, it’s almost bed time, go get changed for bed Bob, Patty come with me.

I followed her to her bedroom which was absolutely beautiful (I had never been in there as many times as I had been to Bob’s house). Flower wallpaper, flower bedspread, and flowers and dolls everywhere, a ‘true’ girly room (I loved it). First she got pink slippers, with a ‘Pink Pom Pom’ on the toe from her closet, then she pulled a ‘Pink Babydoll’ out of her dresser and handed them to me saying ‘get dressed for bed honey’ and left the room. I got out of my dress, slip, bra and panties and slipped into the babydoll (oh, it was so cool and soft, so feminine) and walked out to Amelia. Oh you look lovely dear, pink is your color. Then she yelled ‘Bob, what’s taking so long’. Mom, do I have too. Get out here son.

Bob came out of his room and sheepishly walked toward us (wow was I surprised). He was wearing a pale yellow, mid length, night gown and a blonde wig.. Now Patty, you can see you’re not the only ‘Sissy’ in the room. My son is also a ‘Sissy’ and his name of choice is ‘Brenda’, now go give Brenda a big hug dear. I gave ‘Brenda’ a huge hug and whispered in his ear ‘why didn’t you tell me Honey?’. Bob, err, Brenda just looked at me and gave a crooked little smile.

Amelia said go sit on the couch ‘Girls’ (Giggle) and I’ll get you a bedtime snack. I gave Brenda a big, tit piercing, hug and a little kiss on the cheek and whispered in his ear ‘It’s alright dear, this’ll be our secret (tee-hee)’. Just then, Amelia returned with our bedtime snacks, chocolate éclairs, Brenda and I both burst out laughing (We must have been thinking the same thing, they looked like ‘Big Dongs’). These are just the bedtime snack for little sissy-boys, now eat up and head for bed. Patty, you’ll be sleeping with Brenda tonight Dear. Oh Wow, I hadn’t expected that, sleeping with Brenda all night, WOW.

As soon as we got under the covers Brenda started caressing my boobs, I just laid there enjoying the ‘fun bag’ attention (giggle). After some time I decided it was my turn to have some fun and pushed Brenda off of me and on his back, I rolled over and sat on his tummy. I could feel his ‘hard-on’ in the crack of my ass. Oh that feels so good Brenda, but when I put my hands on his tits (there was more there than I expected, a lot more) he let out a low moan, ooooohhhhh Patty, oooohhhh. I’ll bet his tits were at least ‘C-‘. Where had he been hiding those ‘hangers’?

As I slid back to suck his huge, gorgeous, rock hard nipples, Brenda’s huge ‘Baby Maker’ slid comfortably into my ass. I was so engrossed with his nipples, licking and sucking them, I didn’t know he was deep inside of me until I was filled with warm, sticky sweet, Baby Juice. Brenda let out a loud moan of sexual excitement (so loud that I knew Amelia must have heard) Oh Patty, thank you, thank you my darling. Then from Amelia’s room came uncontrollable giggles, and steps heading to Bob’s room.

The door opened slowly and Amelia peeked in (we were still coupled) and asked if we wanted some company (giggle). ‘No Mom’ we answered in unison, we’re going to sleep now (as Brenda pulled out of me and we both turned over). Amelia said ‘Good night Girls, sweet dreams’ as she closed the door. We kissed a good night kiss and fell asleep with a smile on our faces.

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