'Caught' In Moms Bedroom: Chapter 9

by Brenda Gova (Lisbon Maine, USA)

Chapter 09: Fashion Shopping

When I awoke that morning I felt funny, and my chest was itching. I gave my little tits a ‘tits’ a passing scratch and proceeded to get dressed. Pulling on a pair of yellow nylon panties, embroidered with a rose, and my matching embroidered bra (funny how the itching stopped when I put the bra on) and looked in my mirror.

I was really beautiful (I thought) and it seemed my tits were bigger. Putting on my ‘Bobby Socks’ and my petticoat I looked again, satisfied, I started on my make-up. First eyeliner and mascara, then face powder, and last my ‘Cum Fuck Me’ Red Lipstick. Now it was time for my new purple sundress and Mary Jane shoes.

Just then my mother called, ‘son, hurry up, it’s almost time to go’. OK mom, I’ll be right there. Sliding into my Mary Jane’s and throwing my dress on, I went out for mom’s inspection. First she looked at my make-up ‘very good son, after only one day just a little too much face powder but OK.

As usual dear, you did perfectly on your dress, but you forgot your new jewelry and ‘clutch’ purse. A girl never goes anywhere without her ‘clutch’ (and ‘Kotex’, I found out later) dear. I ran back to my room to get my clutch and jewelry and ran back to mom. She had set a kitchen chair out for me and told me to ‘sit’. I’m going to style your hair now into a ‘Page Boy’, watch closely now, you’re going to have to do it by yourself when I’m not around. It only took mom 10 minutes to finish my hair, but it looked great! Oh mom the ‘Page Boy’ looks great and I gave her a big hug and thanked her.

Then she helped me with my necklace, clipping it in the back, and pinning the butterfly pin appropriately on my shoulder (just above my left tit). Then she stepped back and looked at her work. Well Brian I think you’ve finally made it, you’re now officially my beautiful daughter, Patty. Before I could say anything the doorbell rang, and who was there but Karen and Sandy. Mom, Sandy and I were talking and we’d like to go shopping with you and Patty. Sure it’s OK with me and I’m sure Brian would like someone his own age there to help. Sure, you can help me pick out the right styles for a ‘virgin little girl’ (they all ‘giggled’).

They all looked me over and gave me their final approval, ’You make a lovely girl Brian, er, Patty’. I didn’t tell them my bra was starting to hurt, it was only ½ ‘A’ cup training bra and it was way too small. I whispered to mom ‘I think my bra’s too small Mom. It hurts’. Oh (mom was smiling), we’ll fix that first thing we get in the ’Lovely Lady’ Boutique Patty.

Mom was ‘smiling’ because my ‘Girly Vitamins’ were working (Giggle). OK girls lets go, Brian needs some new fashions and lingerie, so out the door we went giggling and laughing all the way to the Lovely Lady Boutique. We window shopped for a few minutes looking at the new styles of dresses. Then mom said ‘Let’s go girls, Brian’s got a lot of shopping to do.

I had to contain myself and walk to the lingerie counter ‘like a lady’ (I wanted to run and get a bra that fit). Mom and I looked through the many selections of bra styles and sizes. Finally mom picked out a full cup bra size 32B and handed it to me saying try this one on son. Mom!! Please don’t say that so loud, I’m Patty, your daughter! Grabbing the bra from her I ‘swished’ to the dressing room, opened the top of my dress.

But try as I might I couldn’t get it on, I was too small! ‘Mom’ I yelled from the ‘cracked’ open door as I held the bra out, ‘it’s too small, please get me a larger one’. ‘Larger cups son, or a larger size’ she asked. ‘Larger size, 34’ I said meekly. Mom got one and I put it on immediately, ahhh, relief, my little boobs were at last in ‘prison’. Stepping out I handed mom my old bra (we had to pay for something) and she smiled. Karen and Sandy handed mom two more pretty bra’s (one in pink) in size 34’c’ and 34’d’ saying ‘he’s going to need these soon (they all giggled).

Then off to the ‘junior’ dresses we went. Sandy picked out a full skirted sundress for me, Karen picked a plaid jumper say ‘he’ll look good in this’ try it on. Dutifully I headed back to the dressing room. I got out of my dress and slid into the jumper. It fit well but it was ‘scratchy’ (I needed a full slip). Stepping out to model it for them I let them know I needed a full slip. They loved the way the dress ‘hugged’ my curves and promised to get me a slip on the way out.

Mom had picked out an ‘A ‘line dress and again I headed back to the dressing room. Oh it fit like a ‘glove’ and was made of ‘silky’ material so it was also comfortable. Modeling for them they remarked that it really hugged my T&A (Tits and Ass) and giggled. The dress had a really tight skirt and mom noticed I was having a hard time walking. Don’t worry son just take ‘mincing’ steps (I guess she meant ‘smaller’) and you’ll be fine.

Sandy picked up a full slip, with plenty of lace, for me on the way out. Wait, Karen yelled, what about the ‘Freshmen Cotillion’ it’s the dance of a lifetime for a new girl (or boy) giggle. Oh Wow, I forgot all about that, we’ve got to get him a proper gown. And a petticoat, Karen added. Tying on the beautiful gowns was a real thrill for me, ‘swishing’ the huge ball gown skirt was really a challenge for a boy, but not for the ‘girl’ I am, I finally made it move with my hips (I am a ‘girl’ now).

Then the sales girl, seeing our arms full of fashions, arrived with a basket saying you’ll need this girls. Then she turned to me and said ‘you’ll be the ‘Belle of the Ball’ in that lovely gown dear’. I just stood there and ‘blushed’. Then mom said ‘Brian (I almost had a heart attack), er, Patty, walk over to that counter and back’ let me see how the dress moves. Swishing my hips I ‘sissy’ walked to the counter as I was told. Oh it’s beautiful dear, absolutely stunning!

I got changed into moms ‘A’ line dress and we went to the cashier to pay for my new fashions. Seeing all the new dresses and ‘things’ the cashier just looked at me and said I was indeed a lucky girl. Then she reached out and pulled a tag from my dress (I had forgotten to take it off) and rung it up. I had worn it for the walk home (I had to practice my ‘walk’ you see). The girls and I had a great time shopping today mom. Can we do it again soon? Maybe dear, if you’re a good girl, maybe (giggle).

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