Sordid Affair: Part 2

by Malcolm (UK)

I put on one of my wife's coats and put some things in a handbag. I posed before the mirror as a final check. The false breasts felt so good, I loved feeling the weight of them on my chest. It was getting dark outside which meant I could slip out of the house unnoticed and into the car. I checked the address Derek had sent me and headed off.

After years of crossdressing in secret 'Carol' was about to meet someone, a man who messaged me on Craiglist.

30 minutes late I was parked around the corner as instructed. Thankfully the street was quiet as I stepped out. I knew I was passable only at a distance. My heels clicked on the pavement as I walked around the corner, a cool air flowed under my dress and I felt it between my stocking and panties.

I went to the back door of the house. It was a relief to see Derek waiting at the open door. I did fear walking up to the wrong house.

He beckoned me inside and I stepped into his kitchen.

'Welcome Carol, glad you could make it'

'Yes, I found it no problem' I replied as I got my first good look at him. In his 60s he was taller than me and bigger than he appeared in his photos, almost obese.

He stepped forward and holding my waist planted a kiss full on my lips. As man, Malcolm would have been repulsed being kissed by a man like him, but as Carol I wanted a big man , an older man to take me in his arms. I tilted my head back and responded moving my lips against his, feeling his hot breath and the rub of his stubble on my smooth face.

'Your shaking. Nervous?' he asked

'Yes a bit, never let anyone see me dressed before'

'Well there's no need. You look gorgeous. Let me take your coat'

I passed my coat to him which he hung up together with my handbag.

'Pretty dress' he remarked as he held me again pressing his groin against me.

'You've got me so horny Carol' kissing me again he took my hand and placed it on the front of his jeans. I rubbed up and down feeling his erection through them. His hands went under my dress and he felt my stockings and my panties bottom.

He stopped and said 'Come on through and let's get a good look at you'

I followed him into his living room. It was untidy with clothes and other stuff scattered about. In the corner a TV was playing porn with the sound down. A naked blonde was kneeling giving a blow job to two guys. Derek pulled down his jeans and shorts and sat on a grubby old sofa. His cock stuck out in front of him.

'Give us a twirl then'

I paraded before him twirling my dress, raising it to show of my stockings and suspenders. I reveled in flaunting myself before a man seeing the effect it had on him, my eyes watching him stroking before him.

'Take it off' he commanded and I did so slowly like an erotic dancer. On the screen I saw myself. Unknown to me Derek had switched on a camera. I was so in the moment I just carried on till I was down to my undies and heels.

'Come here' he motioned me to get down before him.

I placed my hands on his knees and he held out his cock for me. I could smell its stale aroma, see every detail the swollen knob all wet. It felt so dirty here in this grubby room, so sordid, and yet that made it so erotic. I reached out to take his cock and opened my mouth around it. It was in my mouth. I was sucking it. I had stepped over a line, I was indulging in a sex act with another man. I was now forever a queer, a homosexual.

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