The Summer Girls

by Deni (CA)

Barry was very nervous. Just the thought of going out in public dressed as a girl was extraordinary.

Dylan seemed much more confident about it. So there the two of them were. It wasn’t like they had tried to be overly girly or anything.

They had just dressed like ordinary girls, in jeans and t-shirts and flip-flops. The thing as, they had both combed their hair into as girlish style as they could, put on some eye makeup, and had painted their toenails.

Surprisingly the both made very passable cute looking girls.

Still, just doing that at home and for fun was a whole lot different than actually venturing out in public that way.

“Come on.’ Dylan urged.

Barry drew in a deep breath.

Together they marched out the door and down the front walk of the house, gong all the way to the sidewalk. Fortunately there as no one around to see them, and this provided a moment to get used to being outdoors in their girl guises.

They started to walk down the empty sidewalk. Each moment felt better.

After going some distance and nearing the end of the block, it no longer seemed so scary. It was becoming fun. It was great to have painted toenails and be playing at being a girl.

Not that either them wanted to be a girl as such. They were both quite happy being a boy. Just that it was fun to play at it and to see what it was like to be a girl.

They saw an older couple walking towards them. They both tensed and bravely marched on. When they passed the older couple they did not even receive a second look. They had passed for girls. It was so great.

Encouraged they walked another block and went to the small neighborhood park. There were a number of people there, courageously they walked on through the park and in front of dozens of people, and no one gave them an odd look. They were taken for being two girls. That was so fantastic. They spent the entire next hour walking around as girls and enjoying it.

Then they had to get back before Dylan’s mother got home from work, so they could take off their makeup and nail polish. It was best to keep their foray out in public as girls a secret.

“That was great!” Barry exclaimed as he used a cotton ball with some nail polish remover on his toes.

“Yeah,” Dylan agreed. “Let’s do it again tomorrow.”

“Okay. But let’s get started earlier … and maybe go downtown,” Barry suggested.

They were both looking forward to this and the thought of being summer girls.

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