A Sissies Story: Part 1

by Faye Valentine (Illinois)

So for this story I'll jump right in after posting a few thing I would enjoy doing on a few adsites I finally got a responds from somebody that didn't total scare me and that I trusted to meet up for my first in person sissy trial.

He emailed back and forth and final agreed to meet at a forest preserve and at the particular one there was a out house with full walls and a looking door inside is just a toilet a urinal and a trash can I've stop there a couple times so I knew it had very few visitor's normally.

So the plan is I bring a dress a thong and a wig, he brings a toy we discussed which he said is very large, we would park when I see his car pull in I would walk into the out house and change and wait for him and he would follow.

The time comes and everything goes as plan he pulls in I get out and go into the out house strip off my male clothes and slid a black thong up my legs and into my ass Crack then slide on a sexy red string strap dress and put on my wig I also pulled out my double ended dildo and put in on top of the garbage can, I turn and face away from the door and bend over with my hand against the wall as if a police officer was about to search me.

He comes into the bathroom and I feel a cool wind blow through my legs and I start to shiver maybe because of the draft maybe because I was scared then i heard him walking up to me and kicked my legs a little farther apart and then grabs my ankles and slowly glide his hands up my legs and started to play and fondle my ass cheeks. Then out of no where I feel one hand slap on my ass cheek it hurt but It made me get aroused he let out a small chuckle "pussy bitch" he says with a kind of laughing tone.

Next he slowly removes my glasses by reaching around my head as not to show his face, next thing I now everything goes red then black he tied a blindfold around my head and I hear a cap pop open which I could only assume was lube, next he pulled my thong out of my cheeks and I fell the cold head of my 12" double ended dildo running against my hole up and down there was a lot of lube on it and to makes sure it would go in with ease as he poured down my ass crack.

Once he thought it was enough he started to push the head into my lubed up eager hole slowly he gets the head end and pulls it out repeating over for a good minute or so then starts going in deeper still going slow he works in for what had to about twenty minutes going deeper and deeper until finally he got almost all the way in.

Then he pulled it almost all the way out just the tip was keeping my hole from closing and he slapped my ass so hard I tip forward and almost smashed my face into the wall but he wrap one arm around my legs and pulled me back on to my dildo and all 12" went straight into my my asshole slammed closed and a pain shot through my body like never before but yet I felt more aroused he let go of my legs and I fell to my knees.

He instructs me to turn around and I did so it's hard and painful to do because of dildo lodged in my ass and I hear a zipper open and fell a large cock drop on my forehead and he said "you know what to do little sissy faggot"!

So I start licking the head of his very big cock and then up and down, he starts to get hard after a minute or so then I processed to wrap my soft lips around his head and at this moment I realized what a man he was, he was so thick I thought I might have bitten off more that I can chew.

I start going down further and further until my mouth has full I sucked and bobbed on his cock for a couple minutes comfortably until he said "that's it sissy" he then grabbed the back of my head before I could take a breathe he slowly pushed my head deep onto his massive cock.

He proceeded to fucking my mouth hitting my tonsils until he finally broke through and his cock slowly push down my throat until he was ball deep I was gagging and didn't now if I was going to puke, suffocate or both then he pull out completely letting me take a few breaths and then slowing but with one thrust entered my throat again.

Again and again he did this slowly picking up speed every time thrusted back in until he filled my throat, this lasted a couple of minutes until I felt his cock starting to throb and I knew what was coming he started going so fast that his balls were slapping my chin with such forced that it hurts.

Then he held me all the way down and came, he poured so much cum into my mouth I didn't think it was possible but he just kept dumping down my throat and he say "this is going to be a lot of fun hope your ready you stupid sissy faggot bitch you mine now"!.......

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