FIL Desired Me

by Francesca Vera (Dallas, TX)

My wife and I live about an hour away from her parents. They are in their late 50s. Her mother is 5'7, about 145, size 10 dress, size 7 panty, size 38D bra. She wears her hair long to her shoulders, has nice legs, she jogs everyday about 2 miles. Her father is about 6', 220, average built.

When I first met her mother, I knew right away her clothes would fit me perfectly. After 3 months of dating, they went on a cruise. On morning my GF asked me to drop by pick up a package that was being delivered that afternoon. She told me where the key was.

After work I went by and sure enough a package was on the front doorstep. I wasn't going to waste the ability to check out her clothes. They weren't over sexy but nice things, nevertheless. I took off my clothes and was in her panty, bra and dress in short order.

As I was snooping around, I found in her nightstand her 8" dildo. I made use of it licking it then inserting it, it helped me to reach my climax and blow into her panties. From that day I would wear her clothes until they came home. then it was hit or miss on when the house was empty.

Well, we got married and I continued to wear clothes from time to time. What I didn't know was her mother had figured out I was wearing things. She didn't say anything to me or my wife. This was now about 3 years later. They were off to a lodge spending a week there.

My wife had to go her company's headquarters for a couple of days. I took full advantage of exploring my MIL clothes. It was the second day of my wife being gone and 3rd day for my in-laws. I was in their bed all dressed up with dildo in me moaning like a cheap whore.

My eyes were closed, when a hand started to pump me with the dildo. I opened my eyes to find my FIL inserting the dildo in me. he finally said that is nice you look really good. With his free hand he undid his jeans and let them drop to his knees. His cock was poking out of his boxers.

He used his left hand to push his boxers down and as he kicked at his shoes and stepped out of his clothes. he was hard as bat then he climbed up behind me and pulled out the dildo and placed his hard dick into my cheeks and pushed into me. he wasn't really big about 6" and not to thick.

He placed his hands on my hips and got busy humping me. I started to moan again, he was saying things like you are my girl now, take cock bitch. That's when he held his fingers harder, and his nails went into my skin, and he groaned I'm cumming.

I felt each of his shots going into me. He fell forward with his weight pushing me down on the bed. he whispered in my ear you are better than Susan my MIL. He stayed on top of me. he was getting soft, but he didn't get up. I felt his cock sort of twitching and he got hard again.

He started to hump me again. It didn't take long for him to blow again in me. He turned my face and kissed me on the side of my face. He then said Susan knows about you wearing her clothes, she gets turned on by it. Her pussy gets real wet thinking about it. So now we both get off to you.

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