Permanent Stand In

by Janae (TX)

My wife Cindy had gotten tired of me being around constantly. Since being laid off during the pandemic we were on each others nerves. Until one day her best friend Debbie called and was telling her about a Mexican man she had met. His name was Miguel and he was going to be deported. As they talked Debbie made a comment that I could pretend to be Miguel's wife to stop his deportation. Debbie knew I loved to crossdress.

Cindy laughed at first and then told Debbie, why not! It would do him good to help out Miguel and give me some freedom. Debbie and Cindy confronted me with the idea and I rejected it as crazy. Then Cindy used divorce as leverage. She would divorce me on the grounds I was a crossdresser. I did not want that to come out and Cindy controlled most of our money through a family trust solely in her name. So I reluctantly agreed to become Miguel's pretend wife.

Debbie and Cindy dressed me for my meeting with Miguel. My hair was permed, spanxx shaper held my small penis up inside me. D cup breast forms glued on and my ears pierced. A 18 hour playtex bra, L'egg's control top taupe pantyhose, knee length shirtdress and 3" pumps. Makeup and painted fingernails and toenails in hot pink. Miguel showed up and I was instantly worried about my decision. He was at least 6'5" and very muscular. Even in my heels he towered over me.

Miguel spoke English and told Cindy and Debbie I was great for the part. He grabbed me and said let's go honey. I had not understood Miguel intended for me to live with him 24/7! Debbie and Cindy laughed as Miguel loaded my suitcases into his car. Then we were off to his house. Miguel told me my name was now Mary Rodriquez. He was renting a little house just out of town. When we got there it was a mess. I found out quickly Miguel was very dominant. He grabbed me and pulled me to him.

Before I could act he was kissing me. His tongue was probing my mouth and I felt so weak and controlled. He released me and told me I was going to make a great wife. Then he instructed me to unload my suitcases and clean the house. I unloaded my suitcases which were full of lingerie, dresses, shoes and makeup. Then I cleaned the house as I was told. After cooking supper and cleaning up I was called to the living room. Miguel had me change into a babydoll but keeping on my girdle and hose.

He pulled me up close to him on the couch and started kissing me again. He was so strong I could not stop him. He began telling me that soon I would enjoy being his wife. Miguel was getting money from friends to avoid the law. This meant he was with me 24 hours a day. He constantly had me cleaning, cooking and looking the part of a housewife. It only took a couple days and my sexual duties as a wife were expected. Miguel had me on the couch. I was in a skirt, lace top and heels.

He told me to unzip his pants and take out his cock. Feeling helpless I complied. His cock was big. A 8" monster flopped from his pants into my hands. He then had me start stroking it. He began moaning and calling me Mary. Then without warning he grabbed my head and pulled me down. It happened so fast and his strength was to much. I felt his cock passing my parted lips filling my mouth. He began forcing my head up and down on his cock. I could not believe it.

Miguel was using my mouth to masturbate. This went on for at least 10 minutes before Miguel let out a manly grunt and blew his cum down my throat. Setting with him on the couch as he held me in his arms I felt so weak. This man had just fucked my mouth and his cum was now in my stomach. At the same time he began fucking my ass when we went to bed. He would put me in doggy position and pound my ass for hours.

Eventually I was filled with his cum. Feeling his hot cum gushing into my insides ended all resistance. Cindy and Debbie never came around and my questions on how long I needed to be his wife were unanswered. Then one day a friend told Miguel that immigration was coming after him. That night Miguel drugged me and i passed out. He took me to Mexico City and we live with his parents. Having no ID or passport I am stuck.

Miguel's mother makes me do all the housework. Miguel and his father work construction. I am being taught Spanish so I can communicate. His mother is working to buy me ID cards as Mary Rodriquez. Miguel says he is going to keep me as his wife. He is even planning a real wedding ceremony to make me his legal wife. Trapping me into this life.

Cindy had no idea where I was and never would find me. I will remain Miguel's obedient, dutiful wife forever. Eventually Miguel had me go through sexual reassignment surgery. He now fucks me as a real woman. As I lay on my back with my legs open and Miguel filling my vagina, I begin to wish I could one day carry his child. Never know!

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