Mom's Fashion Show Starring Her Pretty "Daughter"

by Mama's boy (San Francisco)

Ever since I was a youngster I had been a mama's boy. Clinging to her nylon clad legs and cuddling with her even when I get older. Mother didn't mind my possession of her soft body and especially her ample breasts.

She continued to allow me to wear her pretty things, panties pantyhose lingerie and even her high heels. One day mom wanted to have a little fashion show. I eagerly awaited the day.

The family was invited over and drinks were served. I was nervous at first this being my debut. But my mom gave me some pills to calm my nerves. More pills later to bolster my courage.

Mom gave me a nice bubble bath with sweet smelling soaps and used a new shaver to remove any stubble. Mom was soaping up my little thingy (at 18 it wasn't so little anymore) I was getting excited as mom kept diddling my 'lil clitty as she called it.

I was so giddy from the pills mom gave me. I felt so thrilled as mom cooed in my ear. "Mother's gonna make you feel like you've never felt before" My 'lil thingy was all hard and a clear liquid was seeping out the end.

"Mom, I feel so good" I expressed my inner most feelings to my dear mommy. Her breasts were in front of me, nipples erect.

"Suck mommies breasts sweetie" I gladly put my lips on her luscious breasts like before.

"Oh baby, yes just like that" Mom's body like mine was glistening with slick soapy water. I knew from before mom liked to be diddled like I did. I slid my index finger just inside my mom's pussy, feeling her own little clitty. Her 'gina was all wet.

I now knew exactly what to do from before. However, I was emboldened by the pills mother gave me. I wanted to explore further into this moment of delicious depravity.

At 18 I knew full well our relationship wasn't going to be typical. I heard of 'incest' before and was aware it was common but kept a secret among families. I had been having sex with my mom and it had become second nature to me.

I had become a true "Mama's Boy" in every sense of the word. Finding the pills mother gave me, I took several and dissolved them into some orange juice and made her drink it. In less than an hour she was alive with a giddiness and her eyes were wide with lust.

I instructed her to make herself sexy and slip into something more appropriate. I myself took time to slip into a pretty pair of shiny pantyhose I liked. You see mother had feminized me and showed me how much fun it was to be a bit slutty. I also took time to do my makeup and put on an expensive wig. Perfume too. I looked absolutely hot! Mom gasped when she saw her "daughter"

By now the drugs I gave mom were in full effect. Both of us very high, our lips met. We had fooled around before but nothing like this. I was in control but I wanted more. Knowing full well we were starting down a road of no return I asked mom if she was absolutely sure this was what she wanted. Her answer was: "Shut up and FUCK YOUR MOTHER"

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