'Caught' In Moms Bedroom: Chapter 2

by Brenda Gova (Lisbon Maine, USA)

Chapter 2: The next step

Over the next several weeks things were normal (if you can call ‘normal’ a 12 year old boy running around in his mother’s panties). I would rush home from school and literally run to my mom’s panty drawer.

I even got so bold as to wear her panties under my jeans when I went outside to play. Oh what fun I had. If the other boys knew I had panties on they would de-pants me and make me walk home. But they never knew my secret, thank goodness.

One day I decided to see what else was in her dresser. I guess this was the ‘normal’ progression of events for a ‘sissy’ boy.

The next drawer I opened was her ‘Bra’ drawer. Inside I found all different kinds of bra’s (I didn’t know the names of them then, but over time I will learn) in all the colors of the rainbow.

Pulling out a white one (matching my panties) I slipped it on. I had a little problem with the back hooks but finally I got them. Surprisingly it almost fit except for the ‘cups’. But I could fix that easy enough.

‘Stuffing’ the cups full of panties I turned and looked in the mirror. I was amazed, I had a ‘girlish’ figure, all that was missing were the ‘hips’ (but they would come, oh yes). This ‘cute’ ‘little girl’ was gazing back.

Putting my jeans on and my plaid shirt I went to the door. I peeked out the back door to see if anyone was out there to see me. I should mention to you that we lived in a large apartment complex and we didn’t have a private back yard.

If felt like my mom’s bra was pulling me out, ohhh. I stepped out and was relieved to see no one was there. Throwing caution to the winds I ‘puffed’ my chest out, showing my new tits, and ‘pranced’ around the yard.

Wiggling my hips I practiced walking like a girl. I was just dancing around with abandon when I heard someone ‘giggling’. Turning I saw Karen, my neighbor, standing behind some bushes. She had her hand over her mouth but I could still see her huge grin. My secret was out ugggggg.

Karen walked over and said ‘Well Brian, aren’t you just a cutie’. But Karen, I stammered, I was just playing. I can see that and your having a good time too aren’t you ‘Sissy’. I just hung my head in shame.

Come here Brian! Grabbing me she gave me a big kiss and pushed her budding breasts against me. Ohhh, she felt good. Still kissing me her hand went to my ‘panty padded’ left tit. Oh she was feeling me up, oh, oh, ohhhh. Now I knew what it was like to be a real girl.

Taking my hand she led me over to a garden bench and we sat close together. She said that I’d need some training if I was going to be a real sissy. If you come to my place I’ll let you play with my dolls and I might even loan you a dress if you play nice.

Oh Karen, do you mean it. Oh Brian you’ll be so cute! I can’t wait to dress you like one of my dolls! We made plans to meet the very next afternoon. Since Karen’s mom worked the same hours as mine we would have the whole house to ourselves. I giggled to myself. My secret was out but I didn’t care (giggle).

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