The Appointment

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

I woke up early, it was Saturday and I was going to be alone in the house when he called to keep secret arrangement. It had been going on for a few months and showd no signs of going stale, he certainly loved it and I was never disappointed after he left.

I bathed, dried and powdered myself, shaved what needed shaving then went to my bedroom and sat at the dressing table. I opened my makeup case and started to prettify myself, first he foundation cream, then some lightly applied powder and blusher for my cheeks.

My eyes I did very carefully, knowing how much he loved the blueness set in the darker eyeliner and false lashes. My lipstick selection was plentiful and I chose a slightly darker red than I generally used. Makeup completed I picked out my most seductive undies.

A pale blue bra, lace edged and full cupped I hooked myself into, then came my matching suspender belt and my special open wide knickers which I knew he adored because they were open from the front of he waist right under to back of the waist thus leaving all the interesting bits fully available to him.

I drew on a pair of black nylon stockings and anchored the tops in my suspender clasps, slid into a pair of blue high heeled shoes and went to select either a dress or skirt and top. All this preparation did nothing to deter my mind for what was to come, I always got in a hot state as I dressed because my arousal grew even more when he would gently reverse the whole thing until he had me naked, vulnerable, submissive, and compliant to his every wish or demand.

For his comparative young age he was very experienced and he had strength, stamina and staying power, besides being a repeater so I knew I would always be flooded with plenty of spermy essence. I shivered and held myself at the thought of what was to come. I decided a skirt and loose top would complete my ensemble and to finish I simply tied my hair back in a ponytail and then tidied up the bedroom before going down stairs and pouring myself a drink.

I jumped when the doorbell went but I knew who it was. I teetered into the hallway and opened the door and there he stood, smiling. He came in and closed the door then grabbing me in his arms he kissed me his tongue pushing into my mouth and sending tingle of excitement flickering through me. I was swept up in his arms and her carried me upstairs and into the spare bedroom and dropped me on the bed, then the game began......

"Strip me, bitch."

"Yes Darling"

Piece by piece I undressed him, carefully folding his sweatshirt before kneeling to unfasten his waist belt, then I unzipped his pants which fell in a pool around his feet, he stepped out of them and I folded them and put them to one side.

"I love your 'Manties' darling you fill that pouch delightfully" He was wearing a pair frill edged pink man panties, the latest thing for panty loving men.

It was true the specially designed pouch was certainly well filled with promise and it made me squirm expectantly.

"Unpack it then, see what I've brought you, you fucking slut"

"Yes sweetness, whatever you say"

"Cut the fucking chatter you cock happy whore, just do as you're fucking told"

I was trembling now, his coarse language always had that effect on me. With shaking hands I slowly and carefully peeled his nylon panties down until.....Out sprang his turgid beef bayonet, thick, curved and fully ten glorious inches long waving and jerking inches from my face.

"What are you waiting for, you cock sucking whore, suck my cock, get it down your fucking throat"

This was what I loved, the language he used got me in a fever and I set to and leaned to take his meaty cum gun in my mouth. He put his hands on my head and skull fucked me till I was gagging and my eyes were watering, thats when he threw me clear and began removing my clothes. My top he just shredded leaving me with some tattered remains hanging off my shoulders. He unhooked my bra and then tweaked, twisted and pulled my poor nipples cruelly, but I love it because they were hypersensitive.

He then snarled...

"I don't have much time today so we'll have to do away with the preliminaries", and saying this he got me laid out on the bed, rucked my skirt up around my waist before flipping me onto my front and saying...

"On you hands and knees whore and fucking brace yourself"

It was semi rape, if it needed description at all, No sooner had I obeyed him than he was behind me and cramming his big long thick cock into my poor defenseless arse, deeper and deeper making me cry out, not just with discomfort either, until he moaned and pushed firmly against my bum cheeks and I was filled with his big beautiful cock.

"Ohhhhh GOD God God!!" was all I could gasp as my insides felt as if they would drop out, the hard bulk now lodged in my body was sending me to some kind of mental screaming ecstasy

"Fuck me darling, fuck me, hold me tight and shag me, make me scream, fuck me fuck me Oh God, oh God its so good, so fucking good......."

How long he fucked me for I don't know, I was in another world and it was exploding in my head in blinding flashes. He drove on pistoning in my arse his cock making me gasp and pant and wait at each thrust.

And then,

"Aaaarrrrggg! I,m gonna cum, gunna cum darling shitshitshitshit, unnnh unnh uh uh uh"

Then he was convulsing deep inside me his cock spasming at each shot of his warm gooey essence filling my bowels. I was squeezing tight trying to hold his 'Pork Sword' inside my clasping hole but it started softening and slithered wetly out at which he pulled me onto my knees and thrust the floppy 'Mutton Dagger' into my mouth ordering,

"Suck, suck you spunk gobbling slag, clean my dick up, suck it suck you cock struck cunt"

Obediently I bent to my task, loving every moment and devoured him as I knew I would, it began to harden again and block my throat making gag anew. I sucked for all i was worth until he groaned and gasp before giving out a choking groan and once again discharged a long load of warm sweet tasting spunk which I let run down my throat into my tummy.

I fell flat on my back then and in spite of my efforts to keep his first load of goo in my arse, I felt it oozing out and soak into the bed sheet beneath me. He rolled off the bed and moved to get dressed saying that as he had so little time he had to be on his way and he sorry for a rush job but thats the way it fell this time.

I stood up and got his attention....

"Aren't you forgetting something sweetie", saying which I pointed down to my stonking erect cock, all 8 inches of it jerking in expectation.

He grinned and sank to his knees to pay his respects before taking me n his mouth and repaying me for the delicious abuse he had subjected me to. It only took a few minutes before I was erupting copiously in my cocksmans mouth and which he swallowed willingly before getting to his feet and preparing to leave. In the hall he kissed me fondly and fondled my still leaking cock before saying with a smile.

"Your makeup is wrecked honey, you look as though a regiment of Zulu's had just shagged you." and then he was gone. Oh well! us Cross dressers have to put up with this off some guys, but its worth it to have a cock like his reaming my arse out and creaming me.

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