'Caught' In Moms Bedroom: Chapter 4

by Brenda Gova (Lisbon Maine, USA)

Chapter 04: The ‘Butterfly’

Every day, for months, was almost the same. Going to Karen’s, putting on her lingerie, Karen washes my hair, puts me in curlers, and picking out a dress for the days play with Barbara.

I didn’t know it but today was going to be different. How different you ask, be patient my lovely, today hopefully, after reading this chapter you’ll cream your panties. Karen opened the door and told me we had to hurry.

We have a lot to do today Sissy. I knew better than to ask what she had in mind and just did as I was told. Karen picked out a nice red full skirt dress, a full slip and crinolines, along with my Mary Jane’s (I had worn them so often that they only fit me now). Karen was in such a hurry we had to skip my shampoo (I always looked forward to being pampered by Karen).

I wasn’t even going to be able to play with Barbara today. Karen looked me over, gave a nod of approval, and said ‘you look wonderful Sissy Brian but I can’t call you that where were going, so what do I call you’?

How about ‘Patty’ I offered (I knew a girl that had a great ‘rack’ named Patty) OK, Patty, umm she paused, Patty Pussylips is it then. Patty Pussylips, hummm, I liked that name, it fits me.

Then leaving me for a moment she went in her mom’s room. When she returned she was holding a small package. Handing the package to me she said ‘it’s a present Patty for being such a good girly-boy.’ I opened the small box and saw a 2” Butterfly and something else. Oh Karen, it’s beautiful, thank you.

Take it out and put it in your panties Patty, put where your clit should be. I didn’t understand, in my panties no one would see how beautiful it is, but I did as I was told. Then Karen took the other thing (the remote) from me and turned it ‘on’.

Ohhhhh Karen, ohhhh, ohhhhh it felt so good my ‘Little Soldier’ was cumming to attention. Ooohh I just knew I was going to soil mom’s pink panties. Karen turned the ‘G’ Spot Vibrator off, looked at me and smiled a ‘knowing’ smile.

You’re ready now let’s go shopping Patty. I was horrified, shopping in public, everyone would see me, no, not me Karen. All Karen did was ‘flick’ the remote switch and I yelled and jumped out the door. On our way to the store (it was only 2 blocks away) Karen explained to me that no one would recognize me in a dress.

Patty, you look just like any other little girl shopping. Then she gave me a jolt from the Butterfly as a warning to be good (she ‘Giggled’ and I ‘Tee-hee’d. We were like two school girls)

The store Karen had picked for me was a Junior Boutique packed with skirts, dresses and lingerie. Karen what are we buying, I don’t have any money. That’s OK, I’ve got $20 dollars from babysitting Patty, and I’ll buy you something nice. Let’s go to lingerie dept and see what you like.

So off we went, me swishing my way down the aisles, to the panty section. I stopped at the ‘Full Cut Panties’ and Karen went on to the ‘Lace Trim’ section. I guess I lingered too long cause Karen gave me a ‘Jolt’ and motioned me down to her (Karen sure knew how to get my attention).

She had picked out a pair of ‘White’, and pair of ‘Pink’, panties with lace trim in size 5 for me. Holding them up, for the whole store to see, she asked ‘Do you like these Patty?’ I was so embarrassed I couldn’t talk so I just nodded (secretly I was the happiest little girl in the store).

Dropping the panties in my shopping basket she led me over to the bra section. I stopped at the ‘Full Cup’ section and Karen went to the ‘Lace Cup’ display. In a moment I received another ‘Jolt’ from my butterfly (I should have learned by now to just follow Karen, but I actually I liked the ‘jolts’. It felt like someone was fingering my clitty.)

She had picked out a white and a pink lace bra, size 34B, that matched my panties. Oh Karen their beautiful, thank you so much. I couldn’t help it, but I started giggling uncontrollably, then Karen started in. This got the attention of a salesgirl who came over to see what was going on. Are you girls alright. Yes ma’am we replied in unison, she (Karen pointed to me) just told me a silly joke.

We left the area and headed for the checkout counter. I had to pull each item out of the basket and place it on the counter (oh my face must have been beat red I was blushing so hard). I watched as the cashier put my new bras and panties in a bag and handed it to me, I said goodbye Miss and thank you (my first words in public).

Walking home Karen and I made plans for another shopping trip. We’ll have to skip school for the next trip will be longer (we giggled all the way). Damn Karen wouldn’t stop ‘jolting’ me with the butterfly (she didn’t know but I loved my ‘butterfly’, giggle).

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