A Sissies Story: Part 3

by Faye Valentine (Illinois)

A week or two have past sense my park encounter and it just keeps playing in my mind I cant hardly sleep or focus the people around notice and try to help not know the cause of my behavior, I still don't know how to deal with myself I ashamed and disgusted with myself a man should never be in that situation, but I cant lie to myself some part of me loved everything about that day.

Without even noticing my hair was starting to get longer and my outfits where starting to change from Jean's and tshirt to sweat pants and tank tops. I now spend my free time watching love stories instead of going out.

One night after watching a movie I log into my Yahoo account and notice a few messages from a familiar stranger I read the first message "Hello my deprived dirty cock sucking pet Fayevalentine2001 cute so you go by fate, well my little cum slut I want you to download this video call app on your phone so we can play followed his user name.

I close the message and read the other there all about the same calling me useless, slutt, where, sissy, pathetic and other degrading this he was mad I hadn't responded to these emails I close my Yahoo and take a bath I lay it there and I start getting irritated by how hairy my body is so I start shaving my legs next my chest then my balls and ass I get up and look in the mirror there's only one more thing my bread I shave it off I'm now completely clean my long hair resting on my back I stare at myself for a couple of minutes before getting into the bath one I get out some lotion and rub myself down.

Filling clean I put on my tightest pair of sweets on and a large t that I tried the bottom into a not and poor myself a drink I'm bored I go back and log into my fayevalentine2001 account and read the messages again I make another drink the more I read what he said to me the more upset I get and the more I drink I cant take it anymore.

Who the hell does he think he is I think to myself I'm going to tell him off I write back to my him and wait. A couple of hours go by no response its drives me crazy, your not going to ignore me so I download the stupid app and request him immediately he accepts and sends me a video request I accept ready to tell him off but before I could say anything the screen turns on and I can see is the back of a curvy women with his cock in her right asshole he having SEX wtf why would he show me this he really going into her and she is going crazy for it I pissed but cant stop watching he eventually cums in her ass and flips the camera over to his face and smiles then puts the camera back to her she pulls of his cock turns and sucks his cock clean she asks what he's doing on the phone she has no idea I'm watching this he says nothing and finishes sucking his he comes again and then the video ends.

He messages me on Yahoo and ask what I was doing and compliments my hair. We message back and forth for awhile he says why don't you come over and this point I'm really drunk and turned on by watching his fuck that women's ass. I accept he tells me where something cute and send me his address.

I get into my car and stop at a clothing store on my way I buy a pair of black leggings and pair of bear paw boots, and a layered shirt red with white layer and a pair of red boy shorts. I get dressed in the car and head to his house. I arrive scared, ashamed, excited, confused, made, and horny all at one a great combo when your drunk off tequila. I finally get the nerve to go to the door he answers the door with a huge smile a diligently pulls me in the house is nice but dark he plays "sorry for the darkness I'm just been on my computer in my office".

He shows me around then we get to a closed door he says ready princess I look at him with a eager but puzzled look he opens the door and I see a computer set with all types of editing and recording equipment on one wall and a arsenal of dondage equipment and toys he says don't be scared I step in and I hear "God Damn" "Holy Shit" "Yeah" "this is going to be great" I freeze there is a group of men behind and i can only imagine what they are there for.

He walks into the shitting and locking the door behind him and say what did I tell you boys. I'm shaking in fear and they can tell he walks up to me and hands me a pill and tells me will help I take it knowing there is no fighting what's about to happen.

He orders me to knee doggy style on a round table I go to do so but it moves it has a spinning top he helps me on it and tells me to arch my back and bring my elbows to my knees I do so he grabs some bondage tape and tape them together. He then hand all the men blue pills the take them and slowly spin the table to inspect me they rub me all over until he says ok boys let's have fun they all strip and he goes to his computer and hits record there are multiple camera facing me I'm screwed I cant believe this as a million thought go through my head i barely notice one of the men putting his large stickbcock on my lips.

He starts slowly pushing it into my mouth "suck it faggot" he goes deeper and deeper with every trust this stranger is face fucking me in front of a group of men all while being recorded the one of them is still rubbing my ass and all of them are verbally humiliating me, the man starts to fulling fuck my face I can hardly breath there is spit dumping out of my mouth and I gagging at the same time.

Then he grabs the back of my head and pushes his cock in deep and cums in my mouth he hold me there for a couple of seconds before letting go and order me to shallow "we will beat your ass if you letting any cum go to waste tonight got it" I look at him shamefully and gulp his seed down tears running down my face "good slut".

The table spins until another cock is on my lips this guy was not as nice he grabs the back of my head a just goes to town "stupid filthy whore" he say fucked my face hard his cock smashing into my tonsils he cums quick but it's a lot my mouth is full he says swallow you sissy cum dumpers" again the table spins again another cock one after another they keep spinning the table and fucking my mouth load after load they just cant stop and they just keep getting hard again and again finally they take a break I look at the clock on the wall they have been using me for just over two hours I can feel the sperm in my belly.

Then the man whom invited me over pulled his cock out he was by far the largest he says to me "let's see if you can still deep throat I pushed it in slowly all the was in the first try "good girl he proceeded to deep throat fuck me until I felt his meat start to pulsate he pulls out and shoot his load into my face and the all laugh I feel so week and can hardly breath he say don't worry My Sissy slut this is only the beginning!

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