Messing Around With My Auntie And Got Her Pregnant, I Was 18 Years Old And Mom Knew About Us

by Myron (South Dakota)

When I'm home alone I'm Always Wearing a NYLON Nightgown, Matching PANTIES and Silk Stockings.

Mom is Awesome because She Let me dress like a Woman, Mom even Bought Me My Own NYLON Nightgown's and NYLON PANTIES. I was Wearing My WHITE NYLON Nightgown, My PRETTY, SEXY, NASTY, SOFT and SILKY TURQUOISE ACETATE PANTIES and My Older Sister's WHITE Silk Stockings.

Our clothesline was about 30 or 40 feet behind the house, I had hung out my clothes after I washed them, All My PANTIES and Nightgown's too.

I was laying on the couch checking out MY PLAYGIRL magazine, Mom bought me after BEGGING Her I Wanted it. I Always felt NASTY when I would hang out All My PANTIES I wore for 2 weeks. 14 pairs of My Colored ACETATE and NYLON PANTIES, plus 3 of My NYLON Nightgown's hanging up with My clothes.

As I was getting HORNY looking at All the Naked Men, the home phone starts ringing. It was Auntie and She was looking for Mom but I was home alone. I stole Mom's vodka a day before, Auntie needed a drink and asked me if Mom left any drinks at home. I told Auntie I had a drink but I was drinking it. I knew Auntie when Her voice was desperate for a drink.

Auntie hung up and ended up coming to the house. When Auntie showed up and saw the way I was dressed, She got mad at me but I told Her Mom let's Me dress up like a girl.

Auntie was going to call Mom and ask Her if She really did let me act like a girl. I had My vodka in a cup and told Her I will give Her some drinks if She didn't call Mom. My dressing up and pretending I was a girl was Me and Mom's secret.

Auntie agreed so I gave Her the cup of vodka, when She drank it up and wanted more, I told Her I will give Her more Only if I could BUN Her. I laid Auntie down on the love seat, pulled Her pants off, She was Wearing the PRETTIEST NYLON FLOWER PRINT PANTIES I ever saw.

I pulled them off, spread Her legs, OMG Auntie has a Thick HAIRY PUSSY. I LICKED and SUCKED on Her HAIRY PUSSY until I was so HORNY My COCK Hurt. I pulled My COCK out of My PANTIES and started BUNNING Auntie.

In the middle of BUNNING Her the phone kept ringing but I wasn't going to stop BUNNING Auntie. I had Her MOANING LOUD the Faster and Harder I BUNNED Her. I CAME in Auntie so much I collapsed on Her.

I continued BUNNING Auntie 5 more times until Mom came home. Auntie was totally passed out that She didn't hear Mom when She was home. After 15 minutes when Mom laid down I started BUNNING Auntie again and again, CUMMING 3 more times inside of Aunties HAIRY PUSSY.

2 weeks later Mom told Me Auntie was pregnant, it had to be My baby because Auntie was single.

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