A very Humiliating and Degrading Thanksgiving

by Anonymous

I’m a 63 year old man who reads this website to jerk myself off. I have a lot of stories that I can put on the website but something happened on thanksgiving and was very very humiliating and degrading for me.

This thanksgiving I had invited an old friend and his wife to come and have their thanksgiving with us and I told them they can stay with us for as long as they wanted. They live in New York and I’m down in Florida so they asked if they could stay for a few weeks or so. I’ve been friends with Jeff since we were 14 years old and we were very close so I told them they can stay as long as they wanted.

They arrived the day before thanksgiving and we were drinking cocktails and we weren’t feeling any pain and my wife and Jeff’s wife got along like they were sisters and Jeff said he had something that he wants to ask me. And he said that this isn’t the right time and he asked if he could ask me tomorrow at dinner when all of us are together. I asked him could he give me a hint of what he had on his mind. He asked me how close am I with my wife and he wanted to know if I tell her everything. I told him yes we share everything with each other.

He said he’s going to say something about me that he thinks might be something he knows that I would never tell my wife about he wanted to know if I have something that happened when I was a kid that I’ve never told anyone about. I told him I did and I’ve never told my wife anything about it. He asked me why I didn’t say anything to him because we were very close friends. I told him I didn’t want to lose him as a friend and I asked him to tell me what he knows and he told me that 6 months ago Mr. S passed away. He saw my face go pale and he told me he knows what I was doing with Mr S and a few of his friends and he told me that his son had given him an envelope and he was asked to give it to me.

Jeff said he didn’t look at what’s in the envelope and he told me that his wife has been asking about what’s in the envelope and I told her it’s something about me when I was a kid. Jeff said his wife kept asking him if he knows anything she told him to tell her everything he knows and he told me he hasn’t told her anything but he told me she wanted my wife to be there when he brings up the topic of the envelope because it’s something that my wife needs to be informed of. He told me he has to do it like his wife told him or she will make his life miserable. I told him to bring it up at dinner tomorrow.

So knowing what is going to happen at dinner I opened and finished a bottle of wine and felt no pain and I was acting like nothing is bothering me and when we sat at the table for dinner I saw my wife and Jeff’s wife were half lit and my wife wanted us to tell everyone what they’re thankful for and Jeff’s wife said she hopes my wife will be thankful for what’s going to be said. My wife asked her what she was talking about and and she asked to be told immediately.

Jeff said okay and he said that he has something to give me and he put the envelope on the table and pushed it to me and my wife couldn’t take her eyes off of it and she told me to hurry up and open it and tell her what’s inside of it. I opened it pulled out several Polaroid pictures of me sucking the old men off my wife told me to pass the pictures to her I asked her if she could wait until after dinner she told me she wants to see them right now. I felt very humiliated by what she was going to see and the envelope had a letter that explained what was going on back then.

As I was reading it told about what I was doing and who was in the group that was involved and at the end it said that everything I did was all the things that I had wanted them to do and I saw my signature on the bottom line. I looked at my wife and she was showing Jeff’s wife the pictures and they were talking about them but I couldn’t hear what they are saying then she told me to give her the letter I had just read. I gave her the letter and I tried to say something that might excuse me but nothing was coming out from my mouth. Then I started to feel very euphoric about what she was reading about my biggest secret she is finding out about me.

Her first question went to Jeff she asked him if he had known anything about this when we were kids he said he had some kind of idea that something was going on but he wasn’t sure what it was and he said that his wife had told him his wife wanted my wife there when I give me the envelope he told her she said my wife should know whatever the envelope had in it no matter how bad is she needed to know. Then his wife said she never would’ve imagined the things that she saw and what the letter had written on it. She asked me if I felt submissive like it says on the letter I said yes I do and she asked me if I am as nasty as she read on the letter.

Then she said that I have a look of euphoria on my face and she asked if I was feeling euphoric about what everyone knows about me and my wife told me that this information was going to change our relationship and I asked her if she was going to divorce me. She told me no she wasn’t doing that but she told me she’s going to try and see how she feels about being a dominant wife and I asked her if she ever wanted to be a dominant wife. She told me she’s had a lot of fantasies about dominating me and now that might be something she would really enjoy doing and I asked her when she wanted to start her dominant role as my wife.

She told me she thinks it will be right now and she asks if it’s something I would like her to do to me. I told yes to her question and she wanted to know if I was going to obey everything she tells me to do no matter what she told me she wanted me to do even if she was going to humiliate me and if she degrades me in front of other people I told her yes I will do whatever she wants me to do and I said even if she wants me to do it in front of my friends or her friends. She told me she wanted me to address her as my mistress and she wanted me to ask her what her desires are when I see her and she wanted me to get on my knees so I can kiss her feet.

As she was telling me her wants I was getting more and more euphoric about what she wanted to be to me and she told me that when were done with dinner she told me to clear off the table and she told me that when I serve desert and coffee she told me she wants me naked and she wants me to stand behind her as they have coffee and desert and she and Jeff’s wife are going to have a talk about what I’m going to do with them. She told me she wanted me to serve them and I will have a very hard penis so they can slap and grab it .

When I was finished with serving desert she turned to look at me and said she wanted me to go over to Jeff and tell him that I wanted to suck him off and she told me she wanted me to ask him if he would like me to swallow his load because I will if he wants me to do it for him I said yes mistress I’ll ask him what she told me. And as I walked towards him she told me to come back to her.

She told me she wanted me to tell him that for as long as he is in the house he can ask me anytime to suck him off because she told me that I’m now the sexual slave of the house that will do whatever my wife and guests that stay here are my masters and they can have me do anything to please and service them for anything they need or want me to do or anything they want to do to me because they can use me as their entertainment because I love to be used like that.

He told me yes he does want me to suck him off and his wife told him to push his chair away from the table because she wanted to see me swallow his load and she told my wife that she thinks this is very hot and nasty having me suck Jeff’s cock. Then my wife told her she’s going to have me clean her hole out with my tongue after she’s done taking a pee and after she has a hole full of cum and Jeff’s wife asked her if it’s okay to have me clean her hole out or would my wife be upset about that.

My wife told her she can have me do anything she wants me to do for the time they are in the house and my wife asked her to come with her on Friday because she wanted to buy some clothes for me to wear. Jeff’s wife asked her if she thinks I need a few things that shows my submissive side and she told her that she needs somethings that she can use on my cock and balls for when I needed to be punished for not doing what she told me and his wife said they should go on the internet and find out about what she needs to do to show her dominance and how to humiliate and degrading things she had to learn to do.

My wife told her she needs to be watching Jeff because she thinks he’s about ready to blow his load down my throat and his wife told me that I’m such a submissive nasty goo gobbling sissy slut and Jeff’s is my sperm feeder for the time and she told my wife that she hates swallowing his load and Jeff is going to really love blowing his load down my throat and she told my wife that Jeff blows a very large load and she told her she hopes that I like a big load and she told her that she didn’t know if I did or not but they’re going to find out if I do in a couple of minutes.

My wife told me I will nod my head if I like how cum tasted and she told me she wanted to know if I like sucking cock and having an audience to watch me swallow the load and she told me to make sure Jeff’s penis was absolutely clean inside his hole and the outside was all clean so he can put it back in his pants and then she told me to go upstairs and bring down my bottle of Viagra to give to Jeff because he is going to really enjoy putting his penis in my mouth and feed me his load and then she told me she’s going to really enjoy having Jeff fuck her and have me clean her out and I was told that I am going to really love being used like that so I would really love her to use me.

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