My Love

by Michelle (Atl, Ga)

When I was 18 I watched my big sister have sex with our neighbor he was about 35 or so basket ball coach 6.7 265 lbs my God his cock was huge Rhonda was 19 blond 100 lbs 5.2

I'll never forget how that monster opened her up I was so turn on that I came in my shorts two or three times when he pulled out of her and put it in her mouth I wanted that cum so bad.

That night was the first time I had sex with sister I think from that moment I began to fantasize about big black cocks and the pearly white cum

About a month later I was back at coach's house getting high when he ask me if I had ever had sex I told him that ever since he fucked my sister she had been making me put on her clothes and putting her finger in my ass.

He told me that he would like to put his dick in to see me in her panties and that I spend the night with him God knows I wanted to but I was scared after we got high he told me to take off my clothes.

He undressed and started playing with his cock and then he told me to turn around so he could see my pretty little white ass I started to cry when I felt his hand on my butt but my little dick was so hard it hurt.

He slid his finger up and down my crack while he stroked my dick as soon as his finger pushed into me I came so hard I just wanted to get away from him but knew I would always wonder what it would have been like to have that BBC in me.

I have dreamed of being with a black man every day since then when I was 40 my wife and I was watching porn there was a beautiful girl telling how married men were her best customers.

I told my wife that the girl was so beautiful that I would suck her dick when that bitch turned around she had a big hard cock.

Lisa laughed and asked if I would suck her dick and I told her that I would suck her off and take her in my ass.

She woke me up 2 hours later with 2 fingers in my ass, my dick in her mouth I came the 2nd time while she was making me drink my own cum out of her mouth, she swore she was going to make me be a black man's bitch, I'm waiting for you.

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