A Growing Time at Gran's: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

I don’t remember the specific time I first fell in love with women’s panties but they totally control my life today! Every chance I get I search out a woman’s dirty panties to smell and lick them while I stroke my penis. Of course it began with my mom's dirty panties!

I had just graduated college and headed to my grandmother’s to stay. She was now 62 and while she was a little heavy she had the best smile and a sexy look about her!

Helping her around the farm turned out to be the best job I had ever had AND also the best opportunity I’d ever had to be around her dirty clothes! Gran loved to wear dresses and as I found out she also loved to not shave! Her hairy armpits were quite the sight! The hair on her legs was brown and very plentiful.

It was around the third day when we headed out to check on the fences around the field. We had been at it for about 2 hours when I watched her drop squat! I mean she lifted her dress, pulled down her panties and squat down and began to piss . . . right there not 5 feet from me. My eyes were fixed on her hairy pussy now soaked with her pee flowing all over the place.

“Bobby,” She said, “Don’t be such a prude! Surely we have seen women before . . . I mean your seen a pussy before right?”

Gran had caught me not only starring at her hairy pussy but I had also begun to rub my crouch. “No actually Gran I haven’t,” I replied, “I mean I have in books but never in real life!”

“Well I’m sorry if I shocked you so please forgive me.” She asked as she finished her pee, stood up, pulled up her panties and lowered her dress. We continued to work on the fences which allowed me to do my pee too. I actually had to drop my jeans to get to my penis because it is too small to be able to get out from the zipper. As I was peeing I heard Gran comment on how cute my butt was!

Back at her house we entered the basement and Gran told me to strip off my clothes.

“Bobby,” She said, “There could be ticks and others bugs on our clothes which I don’t want in the house, so strip off here and I’ll start a wash.” I followed her instructions and I was pulled my underwear off and handed my clothes to her. Once I finished I walked to the shower stall and began to wash.

All too quickly I watched Gran strip too leaving me to see her now completely naked. I watched her walk over to the shower as she handed me a towel . . . still fully naked in front of me. As I dried off I watched her soap up her hairy pits, her pussy and her ass. Then she finished and asked me for a towel which I gave her.

A couple of days later I stayed home while Gran headed over to a friend of hers. Once she was gone I got a chance to check out her dirty clothes hamper. Sure enough I found some of her dirty panties and dirty they were! Large pee stains in front and even some brown streaks in the rear!!! Oh how wonderful they smelled.

I got so turned on I stripped from my clothes and found myself pulling on the dirtiest pair of her panties. They were too large on me but I pushed them between my butt cheeks to help them stay up. Oh they felt so nice and soft again my body and because of my tiny penis the front was nice and flat! Then it only seemed natural to pull on one of her slips which sort of acted like a dress!

“Oh my Bobsie,” Gran began, “Don’t you look so sweet.” I thought I would die. Not only was Gran standing in the doorway but right next to her was her neighbor Tom!

“Tom doesn’t she look just too sweet?” Gran asked Tom.

“She sure does Bessie!” Tom replied, “Good enough to eat . . . I mean yes she is quite pretty!”

“Bobsie,” Gran continued, “I knew you liked my panties but I never knew you would enjoy them so! Why didn’t you get out a clean pair to wear?”

Again I was caught and almost speechless! “Gran please forgive me,” I pleaded, “I was just smelling . . . I mean I was just looking at them and . . . and . . . well they tasted . . . I mean they just felt so nice and soft!”

“Yes I know the panties do feel nice and the slip is soft too right?” She continued. “I tell you what . . . how about we get you cleaned up and then we’ll find you something that will fit you so much better!”

Before I knew it they had stripped me naked and I was now in the tub. Gran had left saying she would find me some clothes to wear so Tom was left with me in the bathroom.

“Here Bobsie,” He began, “Let me help wash you.” He picked up a wash rag and began to wash my legs, back and chest. Then I watched him drop the wash rag and soap up his hands. He next began to wash my penis, rubbing it nice and gently! Then he turned me around and pushed he soapy fingers between my butt cheeks. I felt him touch my butthole and then pushed a finger into my ass!

“Hold still Bobsie,” He spoke, “Bessie wants me ensure you are good and clean!” He continued to finger my ass. He began to push in and out . . . now using two fingers! All too soon he pulled his fingers out and started to pour water over my head. He ran his hand over my naked body ensuring all the soap was gone!

Gran returned and told Tom to get me dry and bring me to the bedroom. Once there Gran handed me a pair of yellow panties with flowers on them!

“Bobsie,” She shared, “These clothes belong to Kathy, your cousin, it’s great she is so much your size!” Then Gran told me to lift my arms as she slipped on a pretty dress with spaghetti straps. The dress came down to my thighs which did cover my panties! “Sweetie,” Gran continued, “I know this new outfit will feel so nice against your body!”

“Hell Bessie,” Tom spoke up, “She looks so sweet, good enough to eat . . . I mean to take to town!”

“I know Tom,” Gran cut in, “Go easy for now, Bobsie will need a little time to get used to her new clothes before we go to the next steps . . . oh yes!”

I was able to continue to wear my girly clothes around the house and even outside when we worked. It felt so nice when the breeze blew up against me and under my dresses! We were in the garden as her neighbor Rose stopped by.

“Bessie,” Rose spoke, “Your garden is looking great this year! Oh my who is this with you dear . . . is that Kathy?”

“Oh hi Rose,” Gran answered, “No no . . . this is Bobsie my nephew . . . I mean my niece and Bobsie this is Rose!”

Rose continued to walk right up to us now standing right between Gran and me.

“Well well Bobsie,” don’t you look so pretty! Are you a sister to Kathy dear?” Rose asked.

“No,” I started to answer, “I’m a bo . . .”

“Bobsie,” Gran cut me off, “Please sweetie let us remember our deal. When you are in your pretties . . . you are a girl! Remember you’re a girl with your pretty panties and you even squat down to do your pee pees . . . . remember!”

“Yes Gran,” I replied, “Rose I am a girl. See my pretty panties.” As I lifted my dress to show her my little blue lace panties!

“Bobsie,” Rose answered, “Yes my dear your panties are very cute and they fit you very nicely!” While Rose spoke I realized that my panties had pulled up completely in my butt crack . . . leaving my butt cheeks naked for the world to see!

“Bessie,” Rose asked, “Bobsie is being so much help do you think she could come home with me and help me in my garden too?”

“I don’t see why not!” Gran answered. “Just let me pack her a change of clothes and off you two can go!”

By the time we arrived at Rose’s house it was already supper time. She fixed us a good meal and then we watched TV for a while. Once she said it was time to get ready for bed she took my hand and led me to her bedroom.

“Bobsie,” Rose spoke, “Bessie is a very dear friend of mine so I want to ensure I take very good care of you. So let’s put on this pretty little night gown.” After she stripped me Rose took me to the bathroom, hand me set on the toilet and told me to pee. This time I had to poop too so once I finished she had me stand up, bend over so she could wipe my butthole nice and clean. Once she finished I was really surprised as she kissed my butthole and told me she loved me!

During the night I felt someone slip their hand under my night gown. It was Rose and she began to rub my little penis and began to whisper into my ear.

“Bobsie,” She whispered, “Bessie is so right to help you enjoy your love of girly things! I want you to also enjoy your time with me! “

With that Rose pushed me down between her legs and then pulled me up against her hairy pussy! Wow, what a wonderful smell! Gran’s dirty panties were nice BUT this was something else! Rose told me to kiss her pussy and then to lick her. I licked and licked drinking in her smell and the juices flowing from her pussy!

“Now give my butthole some sweet kisses Bobsie,” Rose told me.” Which I did! Oh my, her pussy for sure was nice and tasty . . . but her butthole was far from just washed! The smell was wild and as I began kissing I found it to be a little coated with . . . well her poop! Never in my life had I even smelled my poop even though I had smelled Gran’s streaked panties!

After I had clean her nasty butthole Rose rolled me over, slid up my night gown and went to work on my butthole. After she kissed it for a little bit she began to slip a finger into me! Wow this felt really nice . . . Rose sliding her finger . . . now fingers into my butthole! She was so much nicer and sweeter than Tom was that was for sure! Then I felt her pull her fingers out me and rub something that felt cool onto my butthole. THEN I felt Rose begin to push something much larger than her fingers into me!

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