Mommy Wanted A Little Girl

by Mama's boy (Clovis, California)

Mommy, (she prefers this immature nickname) long ago told me she had always wanted a pretty girl instead of the little boy she had. I remember as a toddler she teased me about my curiosity of trying on her pretty attire. I also imitated her by putting on her makeup. Mommy allowed me to be with her as she would prepare herself in the morning for work.

I also at night would slip into bed with mommy. It was so cozy and mommy would cuddle and molly coddle me with hugs and kisses. Her bed always had pretty soft cool satin sheets that felt nice. Daddy had left to run off with another man long ago. Daddy was in love with a young man. Daddy showed me about what men sometimes did together. In fact he long ago taught me how to pleasure him. He first would tickle me and fondle my little "thingy".

At 18 he caught me masturbating in mommy's nylons and sniffing mommy's pretty silky wet panties. Daddy himself often wore mommy's pretty things too. Mommy said daddy had something called a "fetish". She also said daddy was a "tranny" I didn't know exactly what that meant but later I learned about it and daddy and mommy encouraged me to follow my feelings.

Daddy said some men (and boys) often learned that they had special urges about needing to explore their sexuality with other males who often felt attracted to other males. Often, those men (and boys) learned usually from their mommy's about expressing their femininity by wearing women's clothes.

Daddy said his mommy let him dress up in her things too. That's why daddy wasn't angry at me when he caught me wearing Mommy's pantyhose and using her pretty panties. Daddy before he left showed me about how nice it would feel to have another man (or boy) play with each other's "thingy's". Also I already knew how nice mommy's soft pretty nylons and silky panties felt against my legs and especially on my "thingy".

That morning, I was caught in my room after stealing some of mommy's pantyhose and her expensive French silk panties. I guess daddy hear me as I was excited and breathing hard. We also had a vibrator that made a humming sound. I forgot to close my door all the way too. My computer was on and the sounds of people having sex was in the room. The internet was so awesome. I never knew exactly about the things people would do.

I quickly learned about "forbidden" things you shouldn't watch because it was sort of like alcohol or drugs. Mom and dad though used prescription drugs because I would find them in the medicine cabinet. Mom was a registered nurse and always had a ample supply at hand. Mom said she had headaches and sometimes couldn't sleep so she simply wrote her own prescriptions. Daddy gave me several pills the day he caught me in mom's nylons watching porn. He said they were special "vitamins" I later found out they were amphetamines and Viagra.

He said they would "help". I found out that indeed they did. A half hour after dad gave me the pills he came back with mom to check up on me. Mom and dad had been drinking and were talking fast and very excited. (dad's thingy was hard beneath the nylons he was wearing. Nylons like mom wore too. Except this time mom's nylons were obviously wet. She kept rubbing herself like daddy was rubbing his thingy through mom's nylons he was wearing. I saw daddy before wearing mom's nylons around the house and got the idea from dad and mom always wore her around the house too.

I figured it was okay to wear them because everyone else did. I asked mom before why so many people wore nylons and high heels. Mom said "It’s because people enjoy the look and the way they made their legs look more beautiful. Besides mom said, her legs hurt sometimes and the nylons gave mom's legs support and also the other nurses all did. I asked dad why he liked wearing nylons and he just said "because I like them". I suspect he liked wearing them 'cause (like me) the nylons feel so nice on my "stiffy".

That Saturday as I was being admired by mom and dad with my hard penis in my hand using the vibrator, I got a little nervous but the pills dad gave me made me feel so incredibly horny and also gave me courage I never felt before. I felt so very happy and even proud that I could freely wear mom's nylons and experience such intense and uninhibited freedom from the beforehand guilt I often had about wearing mom's pretty pantyhose-and I even felt fine about using the vibrator in front on mom and dad.

I had often peeked in on mom and dad as they had sex. It was so exciting to listen to them as they grunted and mom would squeal and utter naughty expressions telling dad of her "special needs". Mom always wore her sexiest pretty things and even her high heels! Dad also wore mom's nylons and heels too. I wondered why? I quickly discovered why. Some of the older boys in the neighborhood "borrowed" some of their mom's and sister's pretty things.

They admitted to me that they were "gay" and thought the girls were always stuck up and anyway they wouldn't let the boys even make out. "At least you would think they would let you finger fuck their pussies" one guy said. "They are nothing but prick teases" The guys said all they do is walk around in their short skirts high heels and nylons flirting with everyone then they never deliver."

Anyway back to the story- there I was high and horny with mom and dad smiling and watching me with my erect cock under mom's nylons the vibrator humming. I had temporary halted my stimulation of myself. I wondered what would happen next. There mom and dad were both clad in mom's pantyhose and obviously excited and quite frankly I was too as the pills were doing their job well. The tension was high like mom and dad and me.

Finally mom looked at dad and said:"show our son". Dad nodded in agreement and mom made me promise not to tell anyone ever about this and that once I had experienced what was going to happen there would be no going back. Being so incredibly high I promised and was again erect my nylons tented dad picked up the vibrator and turned the speed on the lowest setting and placed the tip on the device just barely on the tip on the head on my jutting penis that was straining through mom's nylons I had sneeked into my room and that I unashamedly now wore like so many times before.

Mom and dad both sat on both sides on my bed and then mom instructed dad to go slowly and carefully. I was so excited that the vibrator almost made me EJACULATE! Dad withdrew the device quickly when I warned him. Mom admonished dad and said "We can't have you cum just yet, you have so much to experience." "Dad is going to show you what to do" "Dad, mom told dad- you best tell our son what to do now" "Yes mother" he acknowledged her instructions.

Mom told dad to start caressing my erect penis specifically while concentrating on using the nylons as a kind of way of exciting my hardness more so as he also had me explore his erect cock over his silky nylon clad penis. Soon the speed of dad's hand stroking my cock over the nylons increased. I grew more excited as I secreted pre-cum wetting the pantyhose. Dad intermittently would slow the speed and intensity of his manipulation. I was so stimulated and wanting to understand more about this. Why, I asked myself hadn't this happened sooner? All I knew now was it felt really good and I didn't want it to ever stop.

But stop they did. I asked why-why did you stop now? Mom explained that I would soon understand why. Relax son, mom told me. "Close your eyes". She left for a minute returning with a glass of juice. "Drink this all down sweetheart" My mouth was dry and it tasted refreshing. Some bits of sediment were at the bottom of the glass but I finished it all. Mom and dad both popped several pills and washed them down. "Vitamins" mom said. They left saying they would soon return.

I went to the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet and knew from experience the ones to take. Dad's Viagra and of course the dextro-amphetamines. Better take six this time I thought. A half hour later the Viagra had my cock rock hard and the uppers had me super excited and oh so very horny. Before leaving the bathroom I found some of mom's choice imported silk panties and more of mom's pantyhose too. Nice and wet too. Getting back into bed, I slipped into her nylons and brought the lace and silk pretty pink panties to my nose.

So incredibly sweet I thought to myself. The pantyhose felt so soft and smooth against my legs and hard penis. I started again to begin to slowly wank my cock this time using a pair of mom's panties as a enhancement. The pills had me now verbally expressing my unbridled language of lust. "Oh yeah, oh good!" I didn't care anymore who heard me. I now was increasingly experiencing a wonderful high.

Mom eventually returned without dad. I could hear the clicking of her high heels on the hardwood floors as she approached. I quickly pulled the covers over my erection. Sitting on my bed she kissed me telling me how much she and dad loved me. "Still mommy's girl?" "Yes mommy" "Let's see" Mom pulled back the covers revealing the glistening sheer pantyhose and the French bikini panties I had put on over her nylons. My penis was poking out creating a noticeable bulge. "Is someone happy to see mommy?" I nodded as mom reached down and smoothed out the nylons finishing up rubbing the silk and lace silk panties with her soft supple nimble hands.

Her nails were absolutely perfect, mom's hands so soft as she teased my erect member. "Like that son?" "Oh mom- Please, please don't ever stop" "Son, mommy isn't ever gonna stop from now on" "Mommy, you mean we're always gonna do this?" From now on she assured me. She pulled out several pairs of nylons and proceeded to tie my hands and feet to the four poster bed. "Mommy, why are you tying me to the bed?" It's for your own good she said.

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