'Caught' In Moms Bedroom: Chapter 8

by Brenda Gova (Lisbon Maine, USA)

Chapter 08: My ‘Real’ Birthday Party

In the bathroom, I got cleaned up as good as possible with soap and water. I thought I got everything off except for my ‘Mascara’ (it turned out to be ‘Permanente’ Mascara) and just wouldn’t wash off. Oh well, maybe my friends wouldn’t notice my nice, long, ‘Girly’ eyelashes (or the faint trace of lipstick on my lips which I also missed).

Leaving my panties and ‘training’ bra on (I’d been wearing them so long now they seemed part of me) I put my jeans and a plaid shirt on, to complete my ’boy’ look. Mom how do I look? OK? Son you look fine, just like my little boy, but not as good as my little girl (giggle). Then the door bell rang and I ran to open it (I didn’t know it but I was running just like a ‘girl’).

There was Steve, Dave and Robert singing ‘Happy Birthday To You, Happy….’. OK guys you can stop now, I hear you, come on in. Those three were my favorite ‘boy friends’ (oops, I should have said ‘male friends’) we did almost everything together. Then the door bell rang again, it was Karen and Sandy.

Karen immediately gave me a big kiss and a hug and said out loud ‘Happy Birthday Patty’ (I cringed in horror, luckily the boys were in the kitchen and didn’t hear), Then Sandy was next to give me a hug (and what a hug that was, she had a set of DD’s) and whispered in my ear ‘Happy Birthday Patty, you sweet thing’. Mom had set up the party plates and cake in the dining room so we all went in there.

We all had cake and ice cream and the boys gave me my present, a Daisy Red Rider BB Gun with 6 packs of BB’s. Wow guys, thank you, I love it! Karen then gave me a really ‘girls’ card, on the cover was a girl in a poodle skirt saying ‘Happy 14th Birthday’. Inside Karen had written ‘you’re almost a woman now Patty, I’ll give you your present when the boys leave’. I just gave Karen a big knowing smile.

Sandy also gave me a birthday card with a boy on the cover ‘Hunting’ and inside she had written ‘Hunting for a dress can be hard work, tee-hee’. I think I love you Sandy (giggle). We sat around the table talking and telling jokes for another hour (it was almost 8 o’clock and getting dark), when mom asked my friends to leave. The boys and girls were at the door to go when mom asked the girls to help clean up. As mom predicted the boys ran for it, and the girls said OK, and stayed behind.

Can we give him our presents now ‘Mom’ (all the girls in the neighborhood called my mother ‘Mom’)? Of course you can girls, the boys are out of site. Karen was the first to get hers and give it to me. It was in a large box and I knew what it was as soon as I saw it. ‘It’s a dress’ I guessed and pulled out a beautiful purple full skirted dress with a white flower print. Oh its lovely Karen, I love it. I love you Karen!

Then Sandy stopped me by handing me my present, it was a in a small box. Oh Sandy thank you my dear. Opening the present I found a Butterfly Pin, a Butterfly Necklace Pendant and a Butterfly Bracelet all in gold. Oh their beautiful Sandy (actually they were just like the Butterfly in my panties (giggle)) thank you dear. Now go try them on and model them for us son.

OK mom (actually I really wanted to do that) I’ll be right back, and I headed to my room. On the way to my room I was stripping so I could change as fast as I could. I was almost naked when I got there and picked up my petticoat and slid it on. I loved the feel of the stiff crinolines on my legs. Picking up my beautiful dress I slipped it over my head and ‘Yike, ohhhhh, ohh’ my butterfly went off. ‘Karen stop that’ I yelled! There was a ‘roar’ of laughter from the other room.

I finally finished dressing and was putting Sandy’s Butterfly jewelry on, touching up my make-up, and combing my hair when my Butterfly went off again. This time there was no surprise and I didn’t yell, just enjoyed it and smiled. Come on Brian we want to see you.

OK girls, here I cum (giggle, that was a play on words). I ‘pranced’ down the hall, swinging my hips to get the maximum effect of the full skirt and petticoat, well, how do I look? ‘Ohhh’ they all ‘cooo’d’ ‘Brian you are my daughter’, Karen added ‘That dress looks so good on you Patty’, then Sandy piped in ‘and the Butterfly jewelry is the perfect accessory’! We all love you Patty!

We all sat at the table telling ‘girly’ stories. Sandy had the best one about how Earl had taken her ‘parking’, and with his hand in her blouse was feeling her big tits up, and she was getting really ‘Hot’. She was breathing heavy when his hand moved to her leg and up her skirt to her steamy mound. ‘Ohhhh, oohhh’ she said ‘I love you Earl’ with her arms holding him tightly to her.

But when he started to climb on top the ‘spell’ was broken and she yelled ‘no, no Earl, get off of me!’ That was the end of the story, but I thought to myself I wouldn’t have stopped there (Giggle). Karen told a similar story, but I had nothing to add explaining to all I had only been a ‘girl’ for a week. They assured me I would have plenty to say as soon as school starts. We all giggled at that (I didn’t know what was in store for me).

Then mom said we had to break it up for tonight, it’s getting late, and Patty and I have a big shopping day tomorrow. But we’ll all get together and do this again soon as Patty has some stories to tell (giggle, tee-hee, giggle). The girls left and mom told me to go to bed saying ‘and don’t forget to take your vitamin Patty’.

Well that was my 14th birthday, what a day! And fashion shopping with mom, in public, is going to be great tomorrow! Putting on the pink babydoll mom had loaned me, and taking my pill, I jumped into bed. Oh, I had such sweet dreams that night.

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