Surprise Encounter with Lady Next Door: Part 1

by Stevie (Wisconsin)

I was alone working at home as my wife was at work and sometimes I like to dress in her lingerie as she is same size as me while I work, I was dressed in a pink and black basque with stockings and a big pair of sheer black panties and my long wavy hair tied up in a silk scarf and a sheer black robe with bright red lipstick on parading about.

I stood in the back doorway as nobody overlooks us in the sunshine when all, of a sudden our neighbour appeared out of nowhere right in front of me, I must have left the entrance to or back gate unlocked, Pat is a lovely lady about 67 well put together and a very lovely and tidy and my wife and I get on very well with and often pop round each others for a drink and to eat.

My she said I was startled as I did not expect that to happen, wow she said what a surprise, I was very embarrassed she said please don't be you look very sexy like that and moved forward, is this what you like to do when your wife at work or away red faced I said yes.

Can I come in Steve I said yes if you really want to and as she came through the door up close to me she gently smoothed my cock in my panties mmm she cooed, I thought what is she going to do then she smoothed my now growing until it made a huge tent in my panties as she gently began wanking my cock gently as my cock began to leak.

She said can I suck your lovely big cock then she eased me backwards and down into the big winged chair behind me and lifted each leg over each arm of the chair then eased my panties aside and let me engorged cock spring out.

MMM she cooed such a lovely big head then put her lips over the head and slid it into her mouth, she slid her lovely panties down and they were now very wet and put them over my head and said taste that while I suck you as she bobbed up and down on my cock then rubbed some of our juices in her fingers and rubbed them round my butt hole as I squirmed onto her fingers.

I think you like that don't you shame there is nothing else available, she looked up and there in a basket on the table was a huge cucumber then she said hang on a moment took the cucumber out and looked at me and said would you like this very sexily.

I was completely in the moment and just nodded not knowing how it was going to be then she said watch as she slid the huge cucumber up in and out of her as she sucked my cock, then she took it out and placed it at my butt all slippery and juicy, raise your but up she said as she put the cucumber at my butt rubbed it around then put it in a bit and eased it back and forth.

It was a new sensation to me but amazing as she gently slowly worked it in and out further each time and I was now thrusting back for more moaning as she fucked me with it and wanked me at the same time, I was loving it Then she stopped stripped the rest of her skimpy clothes of got up turned around and sat back on my cock.

It's so big I have got to fuck you as I held her lovely huge breasts from behind as she bounced up and down on my cock right to the hilt each time then she shuddered let out a loud moan got off then said Stevie I want your cum in my mouth and sank, down sucking my cock, like mad frigging herself all the time then I could not hold on a let go spurt after spurt filling her mouth as she moaned loudly, then she got up kissed me like never before as she swirled my cum in my mouth as we drank it all.

She then said let me get in the chair opened he legs wide and said lick me so I did then she said drink my juice as she squirted right in my mouth as I slurped it all as she came again. She said wow that was amazing , I never would have thought that you could be like this now I want more of it as we held each other spent, she said can we do this again I nodded, she said you no my daughter is a lesbian and I am little like that but you could be my very special girlfriend if you would like I nodded.

My wife goes to stay at her mom's often she said when she does you can come to me, I will dress you as we are similar size and I will make you up properly. Is there any thing you would like I said yes one thing I have never done is a lady wash my hair and put it up in curlers and a lovely chiffon scarf before I go to bed in a long soft silky nightie and stockings.

Good she said my daughter has some lovely big dildos in her cup board strap on as well so we can fuck each other all night, I can't believe my luck having a lovely sexy sissie girl to love right on my doorstep let's hope we don't have to wait very long.

To be continued

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