Girdle Fetish And Nylons

by Anonymous

Mother has a nice selection of luscious lingerie. her little plan is to buy me sexy expensive girdles, nylons and associated silky smooth articles that she knows will interest me.

Already, i frequently use her racy lacey panties and decidedly shimmering pantyhose, her seductive character includes some choice reading materials that advocates family liaisons.

Her coaxing and selected garments ( including very high heels) are well established to make me want to be dressed to please my mother. she has already hit on me to pleasure her while dressed like a fem fatale.

Her luscious breasts call to me, her wet panties too indicate she's ready to rock my world. I’m a true mama's boy in every sense of the word. she understands my needs and desires too.

Mommy so needful and requires continuous reminders that her sissy son is ready willing and able to wear the exquisite and expensive lingerie and the hot "fuck me" high heels she buys me.

Her juicy panties and pantyhose moisten as a reminder of her effect i have on her. We often will assist each other in preparing to get all pretty and feminine.

I usually get very excited as mommy's new lingerie and pretty high heels have their effect on me, mother always makes certain our outfits match.

My bed like mom's are fitted with cool smooth satin sheets. the incredible feel of them increasingly augment the hot fetishitic feverishly family fuck fest we so enjoy and long for.

Because i'm a true mama's boy and a sissy, mommy makes certain my needs are carefully met. she will incorporate new and exciting variations of our "special times" together.

It’s vitally important to make sure mommy is well warmed up. her nipples erect like my sissy clitty indicates her readiness to begin. Caressing our silky nylons we remind ourselves of the past engagements so very naughty but so very nice.

Mommy likes to called that because it reminds her of early days of initial mommy/son interaction, her hold on me is absolute.

I have absolutely no reason to go elsewhere because mom knows exactly what to do and say. her language is intentionally very much to the point. She’ll say things that she knows will get me incredibly hard and hot.

My fetish for dainty delicious expensive and luscious lingerie is satisfied by mom's newly acquired attire she continues to select and offer me.

My little soldier always stands at attention as my mother smoothly assists me when we dress for the occasion. Our nails and makeup are perfect as mommy's reminders of how pretty and feminine i look get me all interested into the cumming attractions.

I am so very amenable to my mom's needs and often her demands include for me to fully admit what a little sissy mother fucker i am! Her nylons will slide on hers as we talk nasty and get very kinky indeed.

Our lips barely make contact-instead mommy loves to French kiss, mommy will increase the excitement by grinding her hips into mine.

Our silky undies feel so sensitive and mommy will take her time in assurance of my overwhelming desirable duty to get mommy all wet and accepting of my tongue on her most sensitive areas.

Her squealing makes me also squeal like the sissy bitch i am. Mommy says:"Be my little sissy girly-boy."

I immediately admit to it as she continues to further initiate the seductively feminine charms to drive me insane with a fire of luscious lust in silk and satin.

Her language now is raw as she admits she wants her own biological sissy son's cock.

"Mommy, tell me more"

I need her voice telling me to go further, to include various acts of forbidden lusciousness.

Her hands are busy smoothing my sexy nylons and working me up to a feverish frenzy of incestuous depravity. I need to be hers, no other woman satisfies me like my mother.

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