My Friends Lovely Mom: Part 1

by Stevie (Wisconsin)

I have a long friendship with a girl I grew up with but she is older than I but we still hang out now and then and she has a lovely mom who is always fun. Her husband has always worked in the oil industry and is away a lot but she never seems to moan about it as the pay is exceptional. a couple of times when I am passing her way on my way home from working I call in to see her mom this time she was doing her vacuuming in her undies as it was very warm.

She is attractive and fifty and looked lovely in her lovely huge semi sheer pink grannie panties and matching bra with her hair tied up in a lovely pink turban, she has a good figure with a lovely ample rounded shaped but and nice big breasts. She smiled as I had seen her like that many times over the years growing up. She made me a coffee and as she passed me she cuddled into me and let out a big sigh with her head on my shoulder I said what is the matter Pamela she said I feel lonely today, I dont feel like this very often can you give me a cuddle which I gladly did as I have always loved her.

She looked at me and said you have grown into a fine young man and kissed me on the cheek and I kissed her back then she took hold of my face and planted a kiss on my lips only this time open mouthed as I responded and kissed her back as she lifted her leg at the knee behind her and appeared abandoned. Shev was moaning and said ooohh Stevie would you make love to me I just nodded then she took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom then undressed me.

She knelt down in front of me and slid my shorts down and my cock sprang up and hit her under her chin, she said wow that was a hard hit, it is very big and thick isn't it and was leaking mmm she cooed as she took hold of my cock and exposed my huge mushroom head and rubbed m y precum all over the head. She said I have wanted to do this with you for a long time then looked up at me and placed her lovely red lipstick lips over my big glistening cock head.

MMM she cooed smells and tastes wonderful and so big as she took more of my cock in her mouth and slowly wanked it as I put her hands either side of her head on her lovely silky scarf and pushed my cock in until she could take no more then she bobbed up and down slobbering as she wanked me. OOOh Pamela that is wonderful, I have also wanted this for a long time and dream of you sucking me off like this with your lovely silky scarf on in your lovely silky undies .

Then she stopped laid back on the bed, I said leave your lovely silky panties on a while as we smoothed each other and kissed passionately. Her lovely big panties were getting very wet and her aroma was intoxicating, I kissed her lovely great breasts and sucked her big nipples as my cock rubbed up and down her sopping wet silky gusset. Then I slid down to her wet panties kissing it and smelling it.

This is so erotic I said, she said you love my big panties don't you I nodded, she said you have tried them on before haven't you my love. I noticed a few times when you have stayed here with my Jenny my dirty panties and also my silky scarves had been worn and could smell semen on them and I knew it was yours and licked my gusset andmy scarves longing to taste you properly in my mouth. She slid them of and said put them on if you like which I did hastily.

She took a beautiful pink silky scarf out of her drawers and tied my long wavy hair up in a silky turban, there she said very sexy then wanked my cock some more in her big panties. Then she turned around planted her sopping wet fanny lips on my face grinding into my mouth and sucked my cock again, she bobbed her head up and down as she forced down on my face her huge lips covered my face and nose as I lapped her gorgeous fanny then she let out a huge cry as she shook cumming in my mouth loads of her juices.

She got off then we embraced kissing, she pulled my panties aside then raised her legs over her shoulders and placed the head of my aching great cock at her cunt and said I want that lovely cock up me now as I pushed forward and entered her oozing hole. She let out a big cry ooooooh fuck me Stevie as we were locked together mouth to mouth as our thrusts met, we fucked till she came again then she said n ow I want your spunk in my mouth.

Then she sucked gobbled and wanked me as she fingered her clit, then I shot spurt after spurt filling her mouth as she writhed cumming again. She came back up and kissed me as we swirled my spunk between mouths kissing. Wow she said that was amazing wasnt it, I said it was and I have never known anything like it especially partly dressed in lingerie. Pamela said you don't have to go yet do you I said no I will stay all night if you want as it is Friday night.

Good she said no need to get dressed again as it is getting late. Jennys away so she wont be coming around this weekend. Pamela said would you like to put on more of my lingerie I just ooooh please I said. Pamela I said a few years ago when I was 15 I came around you were talking with friends and my mom about a wedding you were going to you brought out the lovely full dress and fabulous lingerie and stockings you were going to wear to the wedding to show my mom and you looked straight at me rather sexily and smiled, my cock went rigid mmmmm I thought I could imagine you in all that attire and when I went to bed that night I could not get the vision of you wearing that lovely lingerie and stockings out of my head and wanked most of the night dreaming of you.

Mmmmm she said I still have it all and said I will, put it on in the morning for you, now what shall we dress you in tonight, how about a silky soft pink sheer full length nightie then she said raise your arms and slid it down over my arms, I shuddered as it slid down over me, Pamela said mmm you loved that feel didn't you as my cock went rigid again, my she said we will have to do something with that again and laughed. She put her nightie on also we went to bed and cuddled in together with my cock like a tent pole then Pamela got up under the nightie and put my cock in her mouth again as I slipped my finger in her lovely big silky panties and played with her slippery clit until we both came again. We fell asleep in each others arms.

Part 2 will follow

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