Carol Crossdresser: Part 1

by Malcolm (UK)

I am a closet crossdresser. Whenever I get the chance I love shedding my boring male clothes and slipping into panties and bras. Occasionally my wife goes away for a few days with her family which gives me a greater scope for my secret pleasure.

Last year she went abroad for a whole week and I took some sneaky days off work that were owing to me.

Leading up to this week, I had been shopping buying makeup lipstick a pair of heels and some new clothes to add to my growing wardrobe.

On the Friday morning I waved her off and went into work.When I got in that evening the house was empty. My heart was pounding as I brought out my girly clothes. I told myself to relax and enjoy the process. I took a shower and shaved my body, something my wife had got used to me doing, thinking I had an obsession on cleanliness.

After my shower I put a matching set of bra panties and suspender.It felt good sliding a new pair of tan stockings up my legs and fastening them on. I donned one of my wife's dressing gown and sat in front of the mirror. I carefully applied my makeup, I was still learning but my technique was definitely improving I had got my eyeliner and mascara just right. My wig came next.

The soft brown curls flowing over my shoulders gave the soft feminine look I desired. I went to the full length mirror on the wardrobe and posed checking my appearance. I was now Carol my femme persona. I chose a foral dress with a flowing skirt. It came just above my knee and I enjoyed swishing about in it, twirling about exposing my stocking tops.

I put my feet into my court shoes with their 3 inch heel. I know some crossdresser liked higher heels, but I wanted something a bit more practical as I could master walking in these without falling over. I walked downstairs. It was getting dark and I closed the curtains at the front before turning on the lights not wanting to expose myself. The rear of the house was not a problem as we had no near neighbours overlooking us.

I went about the house imaging how it would be a housewife. I did some tidying and sat reading one of my wife's magazines looking at fashions, reading makeup tips and I even read the whole of an article on menstrual problems immersing myself in the world of womanhood.

I went to the bathroom to empty my bladder and then took some surgical tape and tucked my bits between my legs. I had trained myself to suppress my sexual excitement and think of myself as a real woman.

I was deep in my thoughts when the phone rang and I jolted back to the real world. Was it 10 already?. I picked up the receiver and said hello to Sheila. For the next half hour we chatted about our day. I told her about work and said I was just chilling . She told me about her journey and the place they had dinner. All the time I kept glancing over at my reflection. It gave me a buzz of naughtiness sitting chatting away as if everything was normal in my girly clothes.

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