Mom's Little Sissy Mother Fucker

by Kim Cummings (San Francisco, California, USA)

Mother dresses me up in frilly lingerie for the experience of having incest both dressed like hot lesbians. Long ago I told mom i enjoyed wearing her things. She encouraged me and soon we were having sex. Mom knows the key is getting me all worked up and telling me I'm born to be a sissy mother fucker.

I understand that now and even though I'm only 18 we carry on having incestuous sex in luxurious lingerie. Mom insisted I do this for her. I'm all too glad to slip my erect penis deeply inside mommy's fuck holes. Mom began testing the waters earlier. I found her wet satin panties full of mom's cum at 14.

I knew that I had to go for it. Little by little mom's behaviour fell towards flirting with me. Soon we were practicing mutual masturbation. Mom is a insisting bitch. I gave in to her twisted ways. Even though it was very naughty, I wanted my mom's loving touch.

I began wearing mom's nylons and panties and then gradually mom helped me do my makeup until I learned from mom. Once my personal feminine attributes were completely done mom showed me "other" things too. Soon, after mom would tell me that I was meant to be a little sissy mother fucker and I was to give myself to her only.

That's fine with me because mom always knows exactly what I need and want. I'm unable to have sex with anyone but mother and only dressed i exquisite lingerie. Mom says I'm pathetic having only a five inch clitty cock. But mom utters certain phrases that get me all excited and very willing to pleasure her.

"Mommy's gonna make you want her now". She makes sure we are looking very hot dressed in expensive pantyhose and very high heels.

She says "Mommy's really ready to have her babies sissy cock" I feel mommy's nylons against mine and soon my 4 inches of sissy cock is like a steel piston.

Mom continues her dominance of me telling me I'm useless without her. She says I'm very beautiful but her mouth is uttering tidbits of erogenous little things like "Mommy's gonna use you to satisfy her incestuous desires".

Soon my mom's mouth and tongue is working its magic on my little sissy clitty cock. She tickles my tip on my clitty unrelentingly. I'm beside myself all completely anticipating her next move. "My babies so hot looking and very feminine looking".

Mom knows exactly what to say to keep my attention on her. Mom's breasts are luscious, her nipples responding to my loud sucking. I continue to pleasure my lovely mommy, our legs clad in our expensive pantyhose are making a swishing sound as we scissor our "pussies".

The gussets are removed from our pantyhose to allow me to diddle mom's clit and slide a vibrator inside of mom's nicely lubricated vagina. I'm getting bolder as mom's demeanour is one of brazen incestuous lust now. I use my own little phrases to initiate mom's lurid mood.

"Mommy, gonna have to soon put my mother fucking cock deeply inside of your steaming cunny".

"Please baby, put that 4 inches of sissy cock in MOMMY'S PUSSY!"

I immediately find the opening in mom's pantyhose and slowly initiate the perverted incestuous connection that will continue non-stop for a white hot night of fucking both dressed in the most exquisite lingerie imaginable. Mom takes over the unholy but extremely satisfying depraved union of mother -sissy son incest.

Mom is squealing like me. We are two hot lesbians in heat. Her hands are busy caressing my silky smooth pantyhose making remarks about how sexy I look. We are fully dressed completely En Femme enjoying the cool satin and spandex and nylon encasing our bodies. Mom calls me a pathetic sissy who is inadequate to satisfy her.

I tell her that she's gonna take me up her little tight ass now. She squeals as I turn her over and finger her ass with my precum. She's thrashing around and wants my sissy cock in her ready to fuck ass. The pantyhose gusset gives way to my modest 4 inches and I see mom's mouth opening as she utters

"Oh fuck my ass son"! I'm taking my time enjoying the immense pleasure of plowing my mother's ass. My hands are busy diddling my mom's clit. She's bucking and angling to allow my full 4 inches deeply inside her oh so tight rectum. I feel the urge to ejaculate and immediately pull out of my mom's ass. I remove the condom and mom takes me in her mouth again.

"Oh son.... You always make your mommy get all hot and really ready for more!"! Mom takes a pair of silk panties and wraps them around my little clitty cock.

"Feel my silky panties on your sissy cock son"! I feel the expensive luxurious panties titillate my hard rod.

"Mommy's panties feel nice?"

"Oh fuck yeah mom!"

I want my full 4 inches back in the place I came from.... My own mother's incestuous pussy paradise. Mom's remarks again rendering me her personal fuck toy to pleasure her again and again.

"I never get tired of my son's hard sissy cock in mommy's pussy!". I start slithering in and out of my own biological mother's vagina once more.

"Mom, I'm addicted to your luscious pussy!"

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