Surprise Encounter with Lady Next Door: Part 2

by Stevie (Wisconsin)

Having had a surprise shock encounter with neighbour she invited me round when my wife went away to her mom's for the week to look after her. She said come as you would be dressed normally so I showered and went to her house knocked the door, come in she said sexily and kissed me, mm she cooed we have all the time in the world we sat in the kitchen talking over coffee.

She was dressed beautifully in flowery summer flouncy silky dress stockings and stilettos and her hair in a beautiful scarf all made up and smelt good enough to eat. She took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom and said let's start at the beginning, take your clothes of I said I had just showered already then sprayed some of her lovely perfume on me then opened her closet and said what shall we dress you in, opened a drawer full of beautiful big full pastel coloured panties and selected a lovely soft pair of peach panties and a matching step through suspender belt which I stepped into then she slid them up my legs.

She opened another drawer it was full of lovely silky stockings opened them then rolled one at a time and slid them up my hairless legs and attached the suspenders, my cock had now started to twitch with the fabulous feeling. Then she selected a matching bra from another drawer full, of delights and filled it with large breast forms then said slip this silky full slip on and so I did, she led me into her very large ensuite and placed a special hairdressing chair she has placed in front of the basin and said sit back.

She said do you want me to wash your hair and put it up in rollers like you said the other day I said oooooh yes please then she said put your head back as she lovingly washed my long hair, mmm it was a fabulous feeling as she was washing my hair dressed in lovely lingerie. When she had finished rising it she put it up in a towel for a minute then towel dried it, brushed it a bit then started to put my hair up in rollers, my cock was making a huge tent and leaking profusely in her big panties, she stopped put her hand in the panties and wanked it a bit then licked my juices of her fingers then finished putting the rollers in my hair.

She then slid a huge hair drier on a stand and put it over my head. Oooooh I cried this is all so feminine and relaxing good she said I knew you would love my ministrations then she knelt down in front of me and took my straining cock head in her mouth, it was killing me doing all that as I so badly wanted to suck your cock as she fingered her wet fanny moaning. She stopped as my hair should be dried now then took the drier away and put my hair up in a peach chiffon scarf.

Now she said if I can keep my mind on what I am doing I shall finish you. Can I make you up properly I just nodded and she applied the foundation and all the other make up then completed it with lovely red lipstick then said give me your hands then applied red nail varnish then did my toes also. She had some peach coloured stilettos being a large lady luckily same size as my feet slipped them on me, now stand and look in the mirror, wow I was amazed at the transformation and very excited.

Now she said I have a lovely full flared silky summer dress for you like mine and I stepped into it carefully. Now she said let's finish your hair as she stood in front of me there she said after about 20 minutes. I was shocked at what she had done to me as my long hair was a mass of beautiful curls right down my back like a film star.

Pat said wow the effect is stunning as tears ran down my face it was like a dream come true I never wanted it to end, she said my this is a profound sight seeing you cry like this and kissed me, I said I would love to look like this forever but I know I cannot then she guided me back to the char she turned sat in it legs over the arms then said now l want you to lick my aching fanny my darling.

I nuzzled my nose into her soaking sheer pantie gusset and tasted her then slipped them aside and lapped at her fanny savouring it. We were so engrossed I suddenly felt a hand on my cock in my panties, Pat held my head buried in her fanny and said don't be alarmed just carry on as the hand wanked me then my dress was raised up and my cock was surrounded by another pair of soft luscious lips sucking me as she held me tight.

She said it is my daughter and her partner, I arranged a treat for you so don't be shy then I felt my panties being pulled down from behind and all of a sudden, I felt a wonderful feeling as a tounge licked my bud. I have not told you my daughter lives with a really beautiful hermaphrodite she has beautiful breasts a fanny and a lovely huge cock also. Then I felt my bud being applied with a soft liquid and a wonderful feeling as a huge soft cock head was rubbing my bud.

I looked over my shoulder and she really was beautiful and a lovely smile, oooooh I cried as I took hold of her cock, my it really was huge smoothed it as she rubbed my bud as it grew and grew rock hard and the head was huge. I could not help myself as I placed it right into my bud and pushed back slowly on to it.

I have never done anything like this but my did I want that cock up me, OOOh please fuck me with that beauty as it slowly entered me as I lapped Pats gorgeous big fanny, then she pushed forward sinking her huge cock in me as I slowly started to buck and lick at the same time. Wow what a feeling licking a lovely big wet fanny while someone sucks your cock with a huge cock fucking your butt all at the same time.

Powerful feelings like never before swept through me as I came with that huge cock right up me and Pat came squirting into my mouth. All I wanted now was to suck that huge cock and let it fill my mouth with cum. I got up laid back, on the bed with my head over the edge so she could slide her huge cock right in my mouth and Pat got on me straddling my still rock hard cock as she impaled herself on my cock as she fucked me for all she was worth.

That cock was fabulous I loved it sliding in and out of my mouth then I felt it tremble as jet after jet of her delicious cum filled my mouth as I drank it gurgling in heaven. Wow all this and hardly a word spoken between us, so when we finished, we had a lot of talking to do about the next time.

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