Showing My Son About Being A True Mama's Girl

by Mama's boy (Clovis, CA)

At the start of high school my transitioning from Male to Female started in earnest. My psychiatrist started me on feminine hormones and I began dressing like the true girl I wanted to be. I was just 14 but after several months on estrogen and progesterone my skin grew softer and my voice changed.

My dad at first didn't understand why I wanted to be a girl. He thought it was something he did. I explained to him that it wasn't anything he did and mom supported me.

I loved my mom and dad so much and comforted them frequently. Cuddling in bed with my mom was cozy and mom bought me really comfy silky nighties and negligees. Also, my mom put cool satin sheets on our beds.

On my 18th birthday dad and mom decided to buy me breast implants! I wanted nice breasts and we decided on 38 C cups. I was sore for awhile but the Dr. gave me some pills for the pain and felt better.

After my breasts healed my mom was very proud of how I was progressing. I talked to mom and dad about keeping my phallus (my penis). Dad said it was my decision and if I did keep it I could have children.

The hormones however rendered my penis flaccid and I had trouble getting an orgasm. My mom was concerned that it would be a problem. Dad too wanted me to be happy. I was curious about if I should be with boys or girls though. I liked both but with dad's Viagra I could have orgasms.

My mom took me shopping for some pretty things and I was giddy with excitement. The salesgirl saw how tall I was and suspected I was a biological male. At 6-3 it was obvious I wasn't born female.

A older sales lady took over and soon I was being measured for bras and other things. The older lady noticed the bulge in my panties and made a remark. My my what do we have here? She rubbed my penis until my panties got wet. Soon she was sucking me. My mother was outside and I tried to not say anything as the woman finished swallowing my ejaculate.

I exited the changing room after putting on fresh panties and pantyhose. We left with several outfits complete with matching bra and panties and about 6 new pair of nylons. I was excited about my new things but the older sales woman had sucked my sissy clitty and gave me a really good orgasm.

My friends from school are transitioning too and we share alot of time together trying on intimate attire and makeup. Even though they have penises it's okay because we enjoy the way the silky panties and pantyhose feels. My nipples get hard sometimes and my girlfriends like to suck them. It gets me all excited about things and my sissy clitty gets hard and my panties get wet!

Dad likes my girlfriends and they like my dad too. Dad has a really nice penis and my girlfriends think he's handsome too. My girlfriends don't have vaginas but they do have sissy pussy's like I do. Daddy likes to involve himself with us and shows us how to best pleasure a man. We take turns licking daddy's penis and when daddy's good and erect he will show us how to accept him.

My mom however misses dad's affection and turns to me and my girlfriends cocks for her pleasure.

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