Steered Sissy

by Janae (TX)

My name was John. I am a 28 yr old nerd that had inherited my parents fortune and their home. They lived in a rural area and I being a computer nerd had no friends. I was alone except for Maria our Mexican maid. She had been with my parents for several years. She is 40 yrs old and lives in the maids quarters on the far end of the house.

She keeps the house spotless. She dresses in a traditional maids uniform and performs her duties well. As I was always alone Maria and I began having conversations. I have been a crossdresser but was able to hide it from my parents. One evening I was talking with Maria. After a couple glasses of wine told her I had always wondered what it was like to be the maid. Maria laughed and told me maybe she should show me.

A couple days went by when Maria confronted me about my comment. She asked if I would like to wear one of her uniforms. I do not know why but I said yes. Maria took me to her room and after about 30 minutes I was standing in one of her maid uniforms. She took a couple pictures of me and I changed thinking nothing of it.

The next afternoon Maria approached me and ask me to dress again. I really did not want to but agreed. This time though she took more control of me. I hardly ever had to shave but she coaxed me into shaving my legs and armpits.

She gave me a Spanxx girdle which held my already small penis and balls up into myself giving me a smooth crotch. Taupe pantyhose, Playtex bra with some stuffing gave me a feminine body. Then the maids uniform and a pair of her 3" pumps. She set me down at her vanity and put some make up on my face.

The final touch was the little maid cap. My hair was long and the cap fit perfectly. I could not believe what I saw in the mirror. It was no longer me. Standing there was a cute uniformed maid. Maria told me I looked very proper. She said we could not waste this opportunity and I should help her with her chores.

So for the next several hours I did just that. At the end of the night I was tired and fell asleep in a nighty she gave me. I woke up the next morning to voices. Maria came in my room followed by a man! She told me this was her father Jorge. He was 65 yr old and 6'1". Much taller than my 5'5" frame. Even Maria was taller than me.

Jorge walked over to me and grabbed my arm. So you like being a pretty maid? I said no but being I was still in makeup and in a nightie told otherwise. He had Maria take me and freshen me up in one of Maria's maid uniforms. She brought me back to him and he smiled. You are going to be our maid John. You will now answer to Tina.

I rejected his words and that was a mistake. He took me and put me over his lap. He pulled back my dress and began spanking me right in front of Maria. Even through my girdle and hose it hurt bad. He beat my ass for several minutes leaving me a crying sissy. So after that night I did take my new role as Tina the maid. Jorge moved in and took the master bedroom.

Maria took my old bedroom and I was moved to the maid's quarters. Since Maria and I were the same size I inherited her entire wardrobe. Panties, Bras, everything. She used my credit cards to purchase herself a whole new wardrobe. Jorge became the man of the house.

Any out sider would have seen us as a father and daughter living together with a live-in maid. Jorge had me sign the house, cars and all my money over to him. I was given C cup breast implants. The same size as Maria so all her old bras fit me. I was also given permanent make up so I looked fresh all the time.

Jorge and Maria made several friends and I found myself serving many parties and get togethers. No one ever the wiser all this used to be mine. I now serve them 10-12 hours a day. Finally getting used to working in pantyhose and high heels all day. Maria and Jorge treat me as just a common maid. I am now trapped living the life of Maria's past.

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