Continuation of Surprise at Grandmas

by Steve (Ohio)

Further to my surprise at grandmas my stay was extended to finish the rear garden and back yard. After a hard day on the garden, I showered and grandma treated me to a total feminising evening like the previous day. Around 8.000 pm a pick up came up the drive, grandma said do not be alarmed as this is a dear friend of long standing.

The door opened a large guy about 45 yrs of age got out and the greeting to grandma was very nice and introduced me as Angela her niece, his name was Ronald he came in and we had coffee and a chat I could see grandma was more than comfortable with him, this is something I have not told you about as she nestled in to him.

She sat on the floor in between his legs we had a couple of glasses of wine as we all got acquainted. Granda was caressing his big legs as he had shorts on he bent down and kissed her, I could see her hand moving up as she caressed a big bulge in his shorts and after a few minutes I could see a huge mushroom headed cock protruding below his shorts I thought mmm that looks beautiful.

Grandma kissed it and raised her index finger and gestured me to come to her. I knelt beside her as she exposed more of his huge cock and said come Angela you know you would like to kiss it to. I was a bit wary then he raised his hips and grandma slipped his shorts down his legs.

I was very surprised to see he was wearing very big sheer pink granny panties his cock reared up it was magnificent . Grandma put it in my hand and as I stroked it she put it in between her lips and sucked it then she pointed it to me and said smell it ,taste go on you know you will love it as she guided into my mouth.

I loved the feel as this glistening great cock moved in and out of my mouth and the feeling and sound as my lips passed over his huge glans popping as it went i n and out of my mouth as grandma wanked him in my mouth. I was moaning aloud as i was lost sucking his beauty.

Then grandma got up turned around with her back to him as she rubbed his great cock up and down her pussy then she put it at the opening of her oozing pussy and sat back on it with aloud moa, and began to ride up and down then she said come here took his big cock out and said suck my juices off his cock.

I did not need to be asked twice as she fed it into my mouth then she rode him again stopping every now and then to let me suck her juices of his cock. She shuddered as she came her juices oozing from her pussy as I licked her as his co ck moved in and out of her lovely wet pussy then back into my mouth.

Then she said swap don't be afraid I told him about you yesterday as she took my aching great cock out. I did as she did and offered my butt to him Grandma put some lube on my rosebud and his cock I moved back and felt his big cock at my rosebud as he gently eased forward and the big mushroom slowly eased in, wow it was wonderful, grandma kissed me passionately as his lovely knob slipped further in and after a few minutes I felt the urge to push back for more of his big cock as it got easier .

I built up to a rhythm until I was bucking like mad Ohhn fuck me I cried then I realized this is what I want living in a slippery nylon world dressed in lovely soft feminine clothes with a huge cock up me.

Then we both turned grandma over with her but in the air Ronald fucked her while she sucked my cock. I was in heaven then I came in huge spurts into grandma mouth and Ronald shot spurt after spurt up grandmas big pussy, then she made me lick her out we all kissed passionately swapping each others juices, wow what a surprise.

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