'Caught' In Moms Bedroom: Chapter 13

by Brenda Gova (Lisbon Maine, USA)

Chapter 13: Amelia’s ‘Doll’s’

The next morning, still wearing our nightgowns, we walked out to the kitchen looking for our breakfast and gabbing just like little girls do. Amelia was already there ‘Hungry Girls?’ she asked, ‘Cream and breakfast sausage is almost ready’.

‘Cream and breakfast sausage’ I thought, what kind of breakfast is that? But before I could ask Brenda interrupted ‘Mom, where are my clothes?’ I was going to get properly dressed but my clothes were gone, what happened to them mom.

Don’t worry son, their safe, the clothes I want you to wear today are on my bed dear. Now girls eat your breakfast and I’ll get your dresses, then you can choose. ‘Brenda’ started right in but I hesitated (it was the biggest ‘breakfast sausage I ever saw. About 3-4”around, and 6” long, about the size of Brenda’s dick (chuckle).

Oh what the hell, I’ll try one (actually I had 4). Dipping the sausage in the cream I had to smile, it looked like a ‘dripping’ dick, and when I placed it in my mouth, oh it was so sweet, it was just like Brenda’s cream, and it fit. I had 4 Cream Sausages they were so good.

I had just finished when Amelia walked in with two Little School Girl dresses, one Pink, and one Purple with yellow flowers. Well boys, which dress do you want, the Prissy Pink one, or the Purple Passion. Oh the purple one was so pretty I grabbed it immediately, ‘good choice Brian’ Amelia said ‘you’ll look so precious in that one dear’.

Bob was just standing there in a daze (he didn’t have a clue what was happening) when Amelia handed him the dress, ‘you’ll make a pretty little girl too son’. That broke the spell, ‘but mom’ he stammered (to no avail). Get dressed boys, we’ve got a full day ahead.

I ran skipping to Bob’s room, I couldn’t wait to try on my new dress. Bob on the other hand was in no hurry and still didn’t understand what was happening. Amelia had laid out two ‘Petti-slips’ on Bob’s bed (Petti-slips are silk full slips with a Crinoline skirt on the bottom).

Sliding into one, and feeling the stiff crinoline on my legs gave me a ‘hard on’ (how un-girly of me (giggle). Amelia had also left out Saddle Shoes and lace trimmed Bobby Socks for each of us. Looking in the mirror I was satisfied that my hem was straight and the bodice was accenting my little boobs (actually my boobs looked bigger, mmmm).

Walking out, I went immediately to Amelia for ‘Sissy Inspection’. Oh, look at my precious darling, and then she grabbed me and gave me a big hug. Then, almost as an afterthought, where’s your sister? Where’s Robert? I’m here mom, I’m coming.

Then, as Bob entered the room, Amelia told him to go and stand by me. Oh you girls are a beautiful sight, now stand still and smile. From her pocket she pulled out a camera, and ‘click-flash’ she took our picture, this is for my dresser so I can see my beautiful dolls every morning (giggle). Let’s take one more with you kissing so you can remember this day forever.

The rest of the morning was spent in a photo shoot with Brenda and me as the models. She had us posing hugging, kissing, holding each other’s tits, and picking up our sissy skirts. I guess she was saving the sexy pictures for later (giggle).

While the girls were outside Amelia was thinking, I’ll name this album ‘My little dolls’, and she giggled at the thought. I can show it to all my friends, and maybe to Bob’s new girlfriends to show them what he likes (tee-hee). Oh, and Brian’s mother should have a copy also (giggle).

Thinking, I should get going it’s almost noon and I want these pictures developed today. Stepping outside she called Patty and Brenda together and told them what her plans were and why she needed more photos. They liked that idea until she led them into the back yard and told them what she wanted.

At first they ‘balked’ at the idea, then Patty talked Brenda into it saying ‘Brenda this could be fun Honey, think about it’. Brenda thought for a moment, and slowly a big grin appeared on his face, then he said ‘mom the only way I’ll do it is if I get a copy’. OK Brenda, I’ll make sure both you and Patty get a set. From then on ‘Mom’ was the director guiding us thru each shot.

The first shot she had me sucking on Brenda’s little tit (‘A’+), then Brenda had to suck my much larger tit (almost a full ‘C’, ooohhhh, that felt good). The next scene she had us kissing with one hand under each other’s skirt (that was good also, oh yes, it was good). But by now we didn’t need much direction, we were doing what came naturally.

Now the photo shoot just had to get better, and it did (oh yes, it certainly did). Amelia pulled up Brenda’s skirt and directed me to climb under, which I did without hesitation. Brenda lowered her skirt which effectively hid me (hid all except my legs and petticoat). I played with Brenda’s ding dong until I heard her moan, then I stopped (mean wasn’t I, giggle), then I heard Amelia tell Brenda to lift her skirt.

I looked over to Amelia for approval and heard ‘go ahead Patty, put it in your mouth’. She didn’t have to say that twice, I put it in my mouth, smelt his sweet perfume, and slid it all the way in and down my throat. He didn’t have any more to give, I was licking his balls trying to get that extra ½ inch, when he exploded.

Ohhh, nice sweet baby juice, gallons of it shot down my throat (Ohhhhhh). As he drew it out of my mouth he left the last shot of baby juice for my face. I turned and looked at Amelia for approval but she was still taking pictures saying ‘beautiful baby, beautiful’. Oh wow Patty, I got some great shots of you in action dear, your mother is going to be so proud of her little girl.

Then looking at her watch, Oh dear we have got to go, the pharmacy closes at 6 and it’s already 2 O’clock. Brenda and I followed his mom to the store where she turned the film over to the counter girl saying ‘this is special film please take good care of it’. ‘Yes Ma’am’ she replied then looked at Brenda and I in our sissy dresses and smiled a knowing smile (Oh dear, she knows, I was panicking).

Amelia looked at me and seeing my panic whispered in my ear ‘don’t worry little doll, you’re beautiful Honey’. ]We roamed around for an hour, went to the soda fountain and got a milk shake, then picked up the film’.

As soon as Amelia had it in her hands we begged to see it, but she said ‘you’ll have to wait till we got home sissy’s’. They stopped begging, Amelia was a real loving mommy to her dolls, but she believed in ‘tough love’ discipline, they knew they would have to wait.

At home we went right to the kitchen table and Amelia opened the packet of photos. The photos were all in order so we had to look at the ‘nice’ ones first. Brenda and I kissing, Brenda and I petting each other, Brenda and I sucking tit, etc…. Then we got to the ‘good’ ones of Patty under Brenda’s skirt (Remember Patty’s our Star (giggle).

Patty ‘Jacking’ Brenda’s ‘ding dong’ off, Patty giving ‘Head’ to Brenda, Patty gives ‘Deep Throat’ to Brenda’s little ‘Peter’ (to the point that she almost had Brenda’s balls in her mouth also). By this time Amelia and Brenda were both cheering me on, and then came the ‘final’ group (5 or 6 shots).

These were all of Brenda pulling out of me and shooting ‘baby juice’ all over. But the last photo, me looking at the camera with ‘Juice’ running down my face and a ‘Shit Eating Grin’ on my face, was definitely the ‘Winner’.

We all liked that one and Amelia said she was going to frame it and put it in the living room. We all laughed and giggled at that, oh and of course we were kissing each other too (I loved to kiss Amelia, and I would love to kiss her breasts (38dd’s). Then Amelia said ‘Well Patty I guess you’re my favorite ‘Cock Sucking’ Doll Dear (giggle), now go play Honey’.

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