A Sissies Story: Part 2

by Faye Valentine (Illinois)

This stranger I just met fuked my mouth into submission as I knew before him belly full of his seed I feel my 12 inch dildo starting to push against my hole, it wants to come out as that thought comes across my mind I feel his hand on the back of my head and he unties the blind fold and he says with a stern voice look at me bitch!

I slowing start moving my eyes up to his scared to see this man that just turned my mouth out scared to let him see my pathetic eyes but I had to so I did he was quite attractive for a man about 6'2" 220lbs dark skin Caucasian with a good physic black medium length hair a dark eyes. He smiles and helps me on my feet he then proceeds to sit and the toilet and instructs me to lay on his knees I do so and he say what see what we can do about that toy of your shall we!

He grabs my buttcheeks and start rubbing one in each hand he squeezes them together and runs them into each other then spreads them apart I can feel it it's going to come out then he squeezes them back together again I fell it go back into me a little then he spreads my ass as much as he can a days breathe I fell it it coming it's coming it fires out of my asshole with a trail of lube he says good girl a spanks me hard across my left check he then grabs baby wipes out of his pocket and wipes me clean it was very embarrassing but also I kind of liked it.

We get up and he takes puts his massive cock away and zippers his pants up and tells me to strip so I do as I'm told while he takes off his backpack and starts pulling out cloths first is a cute blue sundress and hands it to me I put it on then he hands me a tan sun hat which I put on then a pair of Victoria secret panties they where pink with a lacy trim he has a pretty beautiful pair of heels that where way to small so he tell me just put on my chuck Taylor's and final pull out a pair of large designer sun glasses the kind that you would see on a collage girl.

We clean up the bathroom and leave this is the first time I walk out in public dressed and i wasn't scared though i felt so comfortable with him buy my side we walk back to my car and put all my belonging in the truck. He then says are you ready baby I looked at him with confused eyes he grabs my hand and we start walking down the nature trail it's nice we walk for about half a hour till we find a place to sit we talk a bit then he pulls his backpack around and starts digging threw it and pulls out a large butt plug with a dog tail attacked to.

I try to tell him I don't think I like where this is going and he stands up angrily and orders me to bend over I beg please no and he grabs me a forced me to bend over a large rock and then grabs the back of my neck with one hand and the base of the plug with the other and makes me lick it until it's covered in spit then forces it into my ass so wide it makes me cry he let's go of me and grabs a o-ring gag and bandages my mouth open still crying bent over the rock he goes into the bag one last time and pulls out a white and pink dog collar and leash my eyes widen and I try to get a way but he grabs my arm and pulls me back and he says "listen sissy i told you i own you now your my bitch, you chose this there is no turning back so listen if you disobey me one more time I'll release the video of you gagging on my cock that I made when you where blindfolded and will beat you and leave you here with nothing I know what car is yours I know where your wallet is I will will destroy your life"! "So turn around and gt on your hands and knees bitch"!

I hesitantly get down crying and he places the collar on me. "Come my on little slut let's finished the walk" he walks me around the nature reserve for what felt like a life time my knees and wands hurting my mouth hurting with saliva dripping out my gage like a dog.

Then I here this looks like a good place he points at a large tree I look at him confused and he said "what are you waiting for you know what to do now go walk over to the tree and lift my leg and start peeing just like a dog I look over and he was laughing and recording me "omg what a pathetic stupid sissy bitch I cant believe you did it! What a worthless whore" he pulls my chain and says "let's go faggot".

He walks me like a dog again until we make it to another outhouse this one didn't have full walls we walk up to it and he ties my leash to the pillar on one corner of the out hose he then goes into his bag and pulled out a pair of pink and white cuffs that match the collar and then forced my hands behind my back and cuffs me and when he let's go of my arms my face falls to the ground with my ass in then air " wag bitch wag that ass like your in heat"!

I do what I'm told and then he grabs the tail of the plug and pulls on it just enough that it opens my hole without coming out then let's go my asshole slams closed around it and he does this about five times before wrapping the tail around his hand a giving it one hard pull I mean he says "good girl" my ass is gaping and twitching completely exposed he then unzips his pants and pulls out his thick cock he starts rubbing the walls of my asshole with his head he then slowing start burning his meat into my until pulls rest against me he say "you feel take your first cock in you pussy from now on you will refure to this whole of mine as your pussy because that is what it is my pussy to do what ever whatever I want with"!

He then says "fuck me fuck me with that slutty pussy you cum bump whore"! I start rocking back and forth on his cock for about ten minutes" you must be enjoying this your hip movements give it away" he was right it did feel amazing then he grab my hip and started fucking me with long strokes going completely out and going all the way in over and over my now pussy was starting to act like a really one, in and out in and out over and over again until he started to speed up and shorten his strokes my moans getting louder and louder as he speed up then again I felt that pulsing again and he groaned loudly pulled my arms back forcing me up and slayed my ass for about thirty seconds final one last large trust and I fell his speed bump into my pussy he stays in me to make sure all of it goes into me then he let's me go my face hits the ground.

I'm panting like a dog and takes when I noticed the cum shooting for my penis laughs "you are one sick fuck to get off like that" he untied my leash and took the collar off and unlocks my cuffs and placed them into his back he helps me up and says lets go so I pull up my panties over my column dripping pussy we start heading back to the parking lot I look at him while we are walking he says "why the fuck you looking at me like that"? I don't say a thing I just grab his hand and we smile together it's getting dark the park closes soon we make it back to the cars say are goodbye he slapes my ass one last time as I walk to my car and says "that's right" then we get into are cars and drive are one separate ways!

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