Mother Made Me Do It!

by Mama's Boy (Clovis, Ca, USA)

Caught red handed wearing my mom's nylons and openly sniffing her womanhood from her pretty pink lace panties (good and wet) my mom intentionally barged into the privacy of the bedroom just next to hers.

"I thought so! I wondered where all my good nylons and my best panties were?"

"But,Mom...I just...I just-you know how it is?"

"Well, I do now"!

"You're nothing but a Mommy loving panties pervert"!

"Mom,you don't understand"!

I think I understand quite well you little sissy, my mother uttered to me stating her obvious glee in finding me in such a position of overwhelming surprise,my cock erect, wearing her nylons,sniffing them.

"You like wearing your Mom's things? sniffing my panties"?

"Mom, I just see you in them and"...

"You what,you pathetic sissy"?

"I don't know Mom"

"Your mother knows exactly son"

"I think you'd like to be close up and personal with your own mother, wouldn't you son?"

"Mom, what are you saying, that I want to be with you here dressed like this, us doing something together?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying, you're nothing but a sissy mother fucker wanna be"!

"Mom, that's absurd, I could't do that"! Son, my Mom explained, incest is something society just regards as a concept atypical of most families. In reality it's quite common and practiced by millions.

"But Mom, please don't make me do this"!

"Do what?"

"Sniff my pussy"?

"If you like sniffing my panties, why don't you just sniff the real deal? Your cock is already hard isn't it?"

My mother had always been demanding and assertive. She wasn't about to take no for an answer now...not with my cock hard and with her panties on my face.

"Show your mother what you do with my panties"!

I began to rub my erect cock through the nylons, pre-come now wetting the pantyhose I had worn so often unloading my pent up cum into.

"Oh,God Mom"

"Let Mommy do that son"! My mother lewdly licked her lips as she jacked me of in the confinement of the cocoon of smooth, silky nylon.

"Mom, stop this, it's so wrong-it's so... My cock liked it- my mom liked it- I was ensnared in a silken trap of nylon!

"How's that feel son? Does my little sissy mother fucker enjoy this sort of thing?"

Hiking up her skirt, mom removed her already wet panties,spread her legs and invited me to taste and go where I had never gone before. Into my Mommy's incestuous honey hole. I imagined it in my wildest dreams but not like this....Nevertheless, her strong thighs soon were pinning my head into her dripping sex. I was gasping for breath...Forced to comply with my mom's evil perverse deeds-deeds that included soon her desires to force me to do her bidding.

I struggled to get stop this...this intrusion into my personal life....I simply grew angry at my mother's vile insistence...."I hate you"! I screamed at my mother as she tightened her grip on my penis now using her silk panties to wank me. It was an exercise in futility. My mother's lips plush and full pressed against mine. No, I tried to say as her tongue invaded my mouth. Involuntarily, my tongue met hers....her silk panties on my bulbous erection were having a pronounced effect...she was uttering things I never could have imagined.

"You ARE a sissy mother fucker!"

"You need your Mommy!"

"Just admit it!"

"No, Mommy, I can't!"

"You can and you will!"

My mother angled her powerful legs around my waist...My erection still at it's maximum, my mother managed without too much struggling to position my young precocious prick into a precisely perfect manner-my gland just short of her sopping slit.

"Now, don't you dare deny your mother your manhood, just let it happen"!

I was weakening, my will to resist was waning. Her strong thighs locking me into her incestuous grasp. Her high heels locked, somehow she wiggled until my erect penis slipped inside my own biological mother's vagina. Her pussy so soaking wet my erection went immediately ball deep. Her wanton lust was clearly evident in her squealing and triumphant voice.

"You see, you are and want to be a sissy mother fucker!" "My Mommy! Yes,Yes, I am a sissy mother fucker, I DO want to be one!" I fully admitted it now,

"I never realized it until now Mommy!"

"Of course you did,you always did, after smelling my panties you knew it was true"

I was enthralled and overcome with my mom's velvety softness. Her desires had become MY desires as well. She spewed forth raw unbridled expressions of uninhibited passion aimed at increasing my now incest fueled cock sawing in and out of my Mom's cunt.

"MY LITTLE MOTHER FUCKER"! "OH YES MOTHER" I wanted her now-now and forever

"I want you to know mother will be here for you whenever you need me"

Mom assured me she was indeed willing to submit to her son whenever I so needed her. I did now need her.Yes, it WAS INCEST! I didn't give a damn, incest or not. I more than ever NEVER felt such a thrill. The forbidden nature made it even better. So perverted, so lewd, so completely satisfying.

"You're so good in Mommy's pussy my darling boy, just keep fucking your Mommy!"

"Oh, Mommy...I LOVE YOU SO!" "Mommy understands son." And she did very well understand. Her voice was music to my ears.

"That's Mommy's good boy, just like that, all the way in Mommy's pussy, now pull all the way out, now all the way back in"

Her pussy, drenched in her secretions sucked me as I delved into the all out full on depravity of mother-son incestuous wild wonderful wicked involvement. My mother day after day had now hooked me. After a week my mind was obsessed with the thought of having her again. She started incorporating kinky inducements. Wanting to please me, she had me "model various items of fetishistic interest"

She bought me such slutty lingerie and high heels promising to make me "a sissy mother fucker". A name I grew to enjoy. I acted the part wearing lingerie matching my mom's pretty things. Mom showed me how to shave my body. Applying hair removal solution, my legs and arms and chest was so soft and smooth.

"You see sweetheart how pretty and feminine you look?" I looked in the mirror and lo and behold was a vision of beauty that I could barely believe. At first I was a little unsteady in the six inch high heels Mom bought me. After a few days I was strutting like a total woman in the towering high heels. No wonder women wore these kind of pretty shoes. They made my legs look longer and also pushed my butt up. Mom added a pair of padded panties to enhance my butt cheeks.

The silicon falsies were expensive but my breasts were so life like with them. Dressing up like this excited me. My penis jutted out of the panties. Mom just used the silky panties to rub and excite me though.

"OH SO HARD"! Mommy thinks you need some hot 'lovin!"

I nodded in my affirmation. Dressed like two sluts, we again began the now committed but so luscious act of mother and son incest. Yes, incest-obligated to one another, we touched lips tenderly together.

"Oh mother, mother, I need you so much!"

"And Mommy so needs her sissy mother fucker"

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