New Job Physical Exam: Pt 3

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

Dr. Brown herself did my Complete Physical Exam which seemed nice of her! I was somewhat confused with the amount of time she used to examine pussy . . my anus and to actually take measurements of it!

Afterwards I was taken to the room I was assigned and told to remain nude since the timing of the services would be unannounced!

“Ok, Bob, I’m going to get started so you just relax as you bend over this Special Procedure Table and let’s see if we can’t help your testicles to drop down where they belong!” Dr. Brown told me.

“Doctor,” I said, “I had no idea that you would be the one to fuck . . to administer . . .”

“Sweetheart I needed to confirm our largest Strap-On Cock would be acceptable . . you know if it might be too small for your pussy.” She instructed me. “Oh my honey I bet you can’t even feel this cock can you . . I mean does it even begin to fill your cunt . . I mean pussy dear . . of course you can’t! Honey to ensure success for you I am going to move you right up to our Premium Service embracing our African Solution . . but at no additional charge . . just for you love. Also sweetie I have spoken with your wife Susan and she shared your current dosage of Estrogen . . I mean your Vitamin pills and she fully supports our Clinic immediately increasing the MGs you require each day . . best news of all . . we can move to a simple injection once a day instead of making you take 3 tablets as you do now! Before she left Dr. Brown gave me my first Vitamin Shot but instead of my arm or butt cheek she injected it right above my penis . .isn’t where my testicles are located???

Sometime that night I was awaken by someone coming into my room. “Hey little boi I’m here to deliver you Treatment . . you know of my man cock!” This large black man told me! I thought I was ready as he pulled my legs up against his chest . . but when he began pushing is cock into my pussy . . God it is so . . ahh . . big! He told me Dr. Brown says to be most effective he had to really drive deep and hard into my gurl pussy!

“Dr. Brown says that if you enjoy my fucking . . well my services she will continue to use me. She thinks that might be less stressful for you instead of having all kinds of different brothers fucking you . . shit sweet gurl all I’m trying to do is to ask you how good my big black cock feels . . you know fucking your white pussy?” Tyrone told me.

“Ah . . oh . .Sir,” I answered between moans, “my God . . oh yes . . how much . . I mean how big is your cock?”

“Sweetheart.” He told me, “if you are happy with what I’m fucking you with right now just wait! So far I’ve only put about half in you . . Dr. Brown told me to begin with half . . well if you are enjoying this wait until I push in the other 6 inches!” My God my God I can still remember how giant Toni’s hand was pushed into my pussy . . but Tyrone’s cock was twice the length that I had ever felt before . .oh . . ah . . yes!

“Oh yes . . yes . . please sir,” I called out in moans, “Yes sir may I always have you provide my Treatments . . you know so that you are the one fucking my pussy . . and oh yes . . please share with Dr. Brown that . . yes . . yes your cock . . I mean you will be just fine in providing of my future Treatments . . oh yea!” Next I felt something like an actual Fire Hose go off in my pussy; I mean it felt like an entire river of cum had filled me up!

“Tyrone, Dr. Brown spoke, “Go ahead and give our lovely gurl two more Treatments tonight and you’ll be expected back tomorrow by noon, do you understand!”

“Yes Dr. Brown,” He answered her while he continued to fuck me; never pulling out as he just kept slamming his big black cock into my pussy and it did feel so good! Then Dr. Brown squatted down next to me and began to speak.

“Babette sweetie first I wanted to share your new name with you little gurl, by the way your Susan called me with your new name as she watched the live feed during your Treatment. She was so happy with this specific Treatment our special Clinic provides. And she even asked if Tyrone does outcalls . . well that's not important to you now is it darling! As I discussed your File with your wife and shared my idea of your employment here with us, Susan agreed that your stay here, well your living here could . . I mean it should be indefinitely. Sweetheart our Clinic of Last Hope has its name because we really focus on the Treatment of Angry Men . . well those that have been Sexual Abusive towards their wives or girlfriends. Now I know for sure . . watching you enjoy your breeding; even watching your receive your second Treatment it is very apparent you are, Babette, the most qualified person to become a member of our Clinical Team! You will specifically focus on helping these Black men . . I mean Angry Men seeking our help in dealing with their Sexual Anger! Many complain that their Wives or Girlfriends are the cause of their issues because their pussies wouldn’t accommodate their large cocks! Again seeing you in action with Tyrone fucking your pussy . . well let’s just say that you are quite prepared to service . . I mean help these poor Black Gentlemen! I can assure you you’ll never run out of work as we currently have a backlog of over twenty five patients who would surely benefit from your pussy and your expertise dear . . oh hell I forgot about your breasts . . they’ll love them . . oh yea!”

“Tyrone again thank you for your wonderful Service . . so between you and me . . well the Clinic . . can we say that your Sexual Anger Management Treatment started tonight . . your first three Sessions’ tonight will be at no charge! If you would like to continue to Sexual Anger Management Treatment . . say for the next couple of weeks . . you know helping train Babette . . I will give you half off during that entire time!

“Well Babette now that you’ve completed your In House Processing Training; are you ready to HELP your first Client?” Dr. Brown said. “Mr. Thomas is in room #7 . . you know . . our Treatment Room with the King Size Bed . . this should allow you to assist him in any and all of his various illnesses’!”

“Yes Dr. Brown I am ready and willing to HELP all of those men!” I responded!

“By the way Babette how to you like your new bras . . and those new dresses . .oh my gurl . . the one your wearing is so cute! I hear you are getting a number of complements . . right?” Dr. Brown asked!

“Yes I really like this one I have on now . . it’s the new Push Bra . . you know with the metal under wires! Your sister was so kind to me . . as she help fit my . . you know breasts . . and even yelled a couple of girls in her store that was making fun of me! I thought her idea of MOVING her Fitting Room next to the Front Window and up on the Display Area was a really good idea for business! She should be getting new men in to purchase items along with the new women . . I mean I saw so many standing out front and walking by on the sidewalk as she was helping me with the various sizes and types of bras. I bet she didn’t tell you she gave me 10% off all the new panties I tried on that day . . I mean I got 10% off all twenty pair of panties . . what a deal for me . . even allowed me to keep each on for several minutes while I walked around the store . . you know to make sure I liked them!” I shared!

“Dr. Brown,” I said, “By the way those new Vitamin Shots are great . . I’ve lost about 10 pounds and my breasts are feeling better than ever!”

New clothes always make a gurl feel better . .

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