More Than Friends

by Tina (TX)

My best friend Bruce and I (Tony) have been having a gay affair for some time. My wife Beth and I had grown apart and never had sex anymore. Then one afternoon I was giving Bruce a blowjob. We had lost track of time and with my head bobbing away in his crotch I heard Beth's voice. She was screaming that she knew I was a sissy and entered the room. Bruce and I were shocked. As I looked at her I noticed she had her phone out.

I asked how long she had been there and she showed me the video of me sucking Bruce's cock and laughed. She said if we enjoyed each other that much she was going to help us. She left the room and Bruce left in a hurry. The door to our bedroom was locked so I slept on the couch. Next day was Saturday and when I awoke Beth was gone. She got home around noon with several boxes and ordered me upstairs. The boxes were filled with high heel shoes, all sorts intimate women's wear and some dresses.

Beth told me to strip and head for the bathroom. Over the next few hours my body hair was all removed and she put my long hair in curlers. Then I was put into a Spanxx shapewear girdle that held my balls up inside me and my tiny dick flat against my tummy. My crotch looked empty and feminine. She glued on C cup silicone breast and put me into a Bali lace bra. Coffee colored nude toe pantyhose followed.

A knee length dress was put on me and zipped up. 3" black pumps finished it off. Beth then sit me at her vanity and gave me the works. My curlers were removed and she smiled as I was shocked at the woman in the mirror looking back at me. Beth said I was going to be like this from now on. I had been laid off during COVID and Beth was supporting us. But then she demanded I call Bruce over.

The video was used as blackmail so I called him. Beth had me tell him she left for her mothers and I needed to talk to him. Beth hid her car and 30 minutes later Bruce was at our door. I answered and Bruce's look was shocking. He came in and asked is that you Tony? When I answered yes Beth walked in. Bruce jumped and asked what was going on. Beth made me and Bruce sit down together and began to talk.

She said I had really hurt her and that she was going to get some revenge on both of us. She told us we were going to become a couple and she was going to make it happen. She said when she was through with us we would be so much more than friends. We tried to talk her out of it but with no luck. She also told us she had made a copy of the video and put it in a lock box at the bank.

She told Bruce he would remain working but move from his Condo to our house. I would from now on live 24/7/365 as a woman. Bruce did move in. Beth took the big guest room on the other side of the house. Beth and I were nearly the same size other than shoes so she left me some of her wardrobe in our master bedroom upstairs. She made Bruce take all my male clothes to Goodwill and he moved in our master bedroom with me.

Beth remained working and I was given task and chores to do while she and Bruce were at work. Beth made me send her pics of me performing my chores as a woman several times a day. She began her revenge quick. In the evening Bruce and I were instructed that we were a intimate couple finding ourselves becoming inseparable. She began having us snuggle on the couch watching movies.

We were constantly shown how we were to treat each other and behave as a loving couple. Beth taught us mannerisms and how to kiss. It was odd having Bruce take control of me and feeling his tongue exploring my mouth. But I kind of liked it. Within a few weeks Bruce and I were living as a cute couple while Beth kept control of us. Beth then upped the relationship between Bruce and I.

She had me put my wedding ring on Bruce's finger while having Bruce put her wedding ring on me. We were now going to live as husband and wife. Beth even had Bruce dress in a tuxedo and put me into her wedding dress. Several pictures were taken of us portraying a wedding. Beth then replaced our wedding pictures on the den wall with Bruce and I. Bruce was really beginning to fall for us living as a couple.

I was finding myself giving him blow jobs everyday. He was getting quite aggressive with me and had started cumming in my mouth. He held my head until I swallowed all of him. Then he started fucking me doggy style. This was new to us but Bruce became controlling of me. He would fuck me furiously and started calling me Tina. Bruce being bigger and stronger could hold me in place easily.

After pounding me for a good while I would feel him tense up and he flooded my insides with his warm cum. Days turned to weeks and weeks to months. Now Bruce and I our a loving married couple. Beth divorced me but still lives with us. She says it is so rewarding to her. She says she really gets excited watching me live and submit myself to Bruce as his wife.

Beth says I make a better housewife than she ever did. Beth has mentioned to Bruce she would like to see us legally married. He seemed open to that as we live in a state that would allow it. So it looks like I will be walking down the aisle taking my womanly vows to Bruce. Actually becoming his legal wife to the joy of Beth. Beth continues to help us grow as a loving couple and keeps us living out her revenge. I am now Tina. Bruce and I now live as Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Armstrong.

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