Trashy Tgirl Samantha

by Samantha Trash (United Kingdom)

I hadn’t been dressing long but always had the urge to get dolled up in an outfit that consisted of stockings suspenders micro mini skirt bra slutty g stringed whale tail panties stripper heels long blonde wig and full glamour model make up ..

OMG I loved it I looked so hot and 100% cheap .. I have a fabulous figure long legs propa model stuff .. I love doing coke it gets me so worked up and slutty .. so one night I was dressed I got online and put an ad out for older males to meet, I attached a pic too hee hee ..

I got several replies but one stood out as he really liked my pic and said I looked so damn hot .. he was 58 married and loved Tgirls .. I mentioned coke and he said come meet me I’ll give you all the coke you want sweetheart .. OMG how lovely so I agreed to meet him ..

He gave me directions to a car park well out the way and said .. 11pm tonight honey be there and wear that gorgeous outfit for me especially those tarty knickers you bad girl .. hee hee of course I replied .. good girl I’m looking forward to meeting you young lady ..

I pulled in to the car park that night and as I drove around I saw a big Bentley parked up .. the lights flashed .. a text arrived .. hello Samantha that’s me cmon over .. Be there in 2 mins I replied .. good girl he replied.

I got out and trotted over the gravel in my high heels to his car .. the window was down he sat there .. hi sweetie I said .. hello Samantha get in .. so i opened the door and got in .. door closed it auto locked ..

Well young lady aren’t you bad girl meeting men online .. I giggled nervously .. take the jacket off I hope you came dressed .. I slipped the jacket off to expose my slutty lingerie outfit .. oh wow Samantha you look very tarty I must say as he scanned me over ..

He pulled out some lines of coke .. go on darling get snorting this lot .. are you sure I said? Yep go on help yourself .. so I did .. soon I’m buzzing to fuck .. he put his hand on back of my blonde wig head and said .. get down there take a look at what I have for you ..

He pulled me down with a bit of force and as I lowered I saw him wanking his gigantic rock hard cock .. open wide young lady and he pushed me on it filling my mouth up .. that’s it sweetheart get it down that tarty throat and began to fuck my mouth hard ..

After a while of this I was given more coke and manhandled over the seat facing away bent over as he took charge .. he got behind me .. right you dirty lil trollop pull your panties down and spread your ass darling .. I did it and seconds later he had his rod stuck right up my ass ..

I screamed .. he slapped me .. go on you tart scream no one around .. he ass fucked me so hard for ages .. slapping me calling me lots of obscenities .. until he finally pulled out spun me round and drenched my pretty face in his semen making me suck his dick clean ..

You filthy young slut he said now get out and hope you’ve learnt a lesson you dirty bitch .. I’ll be in touch again soon sweetheart .. Btw I filmed us with my dash cam so you’ll meet me when I say lol is that clear you stupid bitch x

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