True Story my First Time with a Man

by Paul Griffins (Bristol)

I needed to find a little job at the weekends and a friend told me the local farm was looking for a young man so I went to see them. the boss man said he was looking for someone to help in on Saturdays in the hen houses and he said you look like you will fill the vacancy. I was to start next Saturday, I started the following Saturday, I had an early breakfast, showered and went to my new job.

The guy Arthur was very nice about 40 yrs old and was very nice to me, he smelt and appeared so spick and clean and we got on well, after a couple of hours he patted me on the backside and said you are doing well about 12.30 he brought me a cup of coffee and some biscuits and we sat and had a break when we finished we were getting up he put his hand on my thigh and gently squeezer me smiling I smiled back.

He patted my bum several times smiling every time then when we were finishing he gently touched me up and just smiled at me again I smiled back. I did not faze me as uncles of mine did it to me at times just messing about in fun so I took it that way. Arthur said I cant pay you today as I have to go to the cash point and to come back Sunday morning about 10.30, so in the morning I showered and went to the farm. He lives in a massive residential caravan around the back of the farm and it was very nice , comfy and spotless, he made me to come in and sit down and offered me a pint of cider and a biscuit as it was getting very warm outside I accepted.

While sitting on the sofa he knocked the days paper of the coffee table and there was a white house magazine on a plie of other mags. I he noticed me keep looking at the top mag and said do you want to look at it, I nodded and he handed it to me so I opened it and the mag was very explicit more so than I had ever seen. One picture stopped me in my tracks it was a woman with fabulous breasts in stockings and suspenders she was holding a huge cock with a very big pink/purple head and oozing with his juice glistening all over the head and she was holding it with both hands to her posed lips like she was going to put it in her mouth.

I was very turned on and let out a little whimper which Arthur noticed and I was fidgeting as I now had a big hard on. Are you ok he said or is that turning you on I was a bit red faced and just nodded, he said what is it that turned you on so, I showed him and he said yes that is a wonderful sight, what got you the most he asked. I said I have never seen anything like that before and that guys cock is so huge, he turned to the next page the woman had the head of is cock right in her mouth, I think the 2 pints of cider must have loosened me up a bit and I made a loud moan Arthur picked up on.

He said wow that huge cock has really got to you I nodded and he said you have obviously never seen or done anything like that before, would you like to he asked I said I would love to do that, then with that he pulled away the mag on his lap and his huge cock with a huge head sprang up in the air, I let out another whimper as the reality swept over me . I truly craved to play with his huge cock, he pulled his foreskin forward squeezed it then rolled it back coating the whole of his beautiful big cock head then he took hold of my hand and placed it around it wank it if you want so I started to he said why don't you move onto your knees between my legs so I did.

I held it with both hands which did not meet around it was at least 11 inches long and beautiful with it. The juices were oozing out of him, I drew closer to him as I wanked it then he pointed it to my lips put his hand on the back of my head and gently eased me forward then he said go on open your mouth you cant help yourself. He placed it on my lips and smeared it all over my lips the smell of his cock and juices were intoxicating as i got my first taste of him and I slowly opened my lips and let it slip past them as I savored my first taste of his cock, I was totally gone for his cock then I let it slip in and out of my lips slowly to recreate that fist sensual feeling as his cock head passed through my lips.

Then I took his cock back in again bit by bit and out , taking more in each time was in heaven and started to bob up and down on it wanking him with both hands at the same time slobbering, blowing it moaning as I sucked it. Arthur said you have really lost yourself in my cock haven't you. He said your cock is straining to get out so why don't we get undressed to be more comfy so we did.

He said you have a lovely big cock also we went into his bedroom and he said lay on the bed with your head over the end of the bed so I did then he stood legs either side of my head and lowered his wondrous great cock to my waiting mouth and his huge warm balls draped right over my face and he slowly fed it to me as he pushed it in and out of my mouth until I had managed a good 9 inches , he leant over me and took my aching cock and sucked me while I deep throated him.

He said he was going to come and it will be a lot do I want him to take his cock out I said no I wanted all of his juices he pulled out most of the way with his cock head part way between my lips then he came big lovely spurts of it. I loved the taste and feel as he pumped his cum into my mouth and my mouth was overflowing I swallowed then took his cock all the way in as he carried on pumping his cum down my throat and I came loads in his mouth. Then he turned me around so we were face to face then he kissed me tenderly exchanging our cum, I was lost to him and never kissed a man before it just seemed right and I was not gay I thought. We got ourselves together and sat down and drank again.

He said that was amazing especially for our first time I said it was the most sensual thing I have ever done. we talked for a while but my cock was still active and we carried on looking at the rest of the mags which were all pure porn. I came to one which was all crossdressers and was engrossed in it Arthur said does that turn you on I nodded. he said come with me and went into his bedroom again he opened the wardrobe and there was items of lingerie, nighties, Basques stockings bras panties, wigs dresses and an amazing pull on silicone breast form with big breasts and shoes and scarves.

I said wow what is all this Arthur said playtime and we are the same size. He selected items all black and I put them on until I was dressed completely in stockings suspenders, big silky knickers like my mums, then he said put your arms up and he slid this big silicone breast form down over me followed by a long sheer black nightie then stillettos.

My hair is long and curly so no wig needed. he expertly made me up finished with red lipstick, then he produced a lovely dreamy silky scarf and tied my hair up, there he said you look amazing as he had me parade up and down, it felt amazing with theses 2 heavy breasts bobbing about as I moved tenting the nightie I thought I was dreaming and gone to heaven.

Then Arthur said it was his turn so he dressed up also and looked quite convincing to. Our cocks were throbbing again so I could not wait to suck his beautiful cock gain while sucked mine then I realized I had a deep feeling inside and new it was because I wanted that monster up inside me so I got up and got on my knees and bent right over and said Arthur darling please I really want you so much that cock is making me want more please fuck me.

Arthur did not say a word got behind me and rubbed his lovely cock around my anus pushed it in some so I felt it then applied some lube all over it and slowly put it in my anus gently. It slipped in very slowly and once past the point of resistance eased in and out of me, and I actually cried in total abandonment where it was such a fantastic feeling we got into a comfortable rhythm until I was bucking frantically.

We stopped then I got on top of him facing him and knees up slowly impaled my self on his cock until I was bobbing up and down for all I was worth totally his and he wanked me wile I rode his gorgeous cock until I came again. I stayed with him all night in his arms as my parents were away we kissed and sucked and fucked most of the night. I worked there for 2 years and we made love often.

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