New Job Physical Exam: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

“Bobbi sweetie Toni told me about the tiny amount of semen that oozed from your little clit and she is correct we need to help you have a MUCH LARGER ORGASM honey.” Rachel said.

“Ok Bobbi here we go again little gurl . . just stay with me while start my effort over again.” Toni shared! I felt her begin rubbing on my pussy and then I felt something really large pushing into my pussy!

“Oh . . my God . . ah ah!” I screamed!

“Sweetie stay with me . . I know this is stretching your pussy . . like really big . . bigger than any cock that has ever fucked it before!” Toni told me! “I’m pushing my entire hand . . yes my entire right hand into your pussy and sweetheart . . you will feel me fucking your pussy good and hard now! Also I’m going to begin to diddle your sweet sissy clit . . let’s hope this all helps you this time little gurl!

“Bobbi,” Rachel whispered into my ear, “I’m going to allow Toni to fuck your pussy good and hard and then when I see you are starting to respond . . you know sweetie . . when I see you little sissy clit to pulse . . well you’ll feel what I will do at that moment!” This time it felt like I was being ripped apart . . I mean I felt so full . . her fucking me . . fucking me so hard and rapid!

“That’s is little gurl . . let mommy fuck your little pussy . . now I want a really big cum . . I want you to shoot your cum from your sissy clit for me!” Toni all but screamed at me!

“Ok Bobbi, I see your getting closer . . come on sweetie . . how good is your pussy feeling right this minute . . yes that monster cock is fucking you . . fucking your little gurl pussy . . NOW feel me put these Nipple Claps on your breasts . . NOW!” Rachel screamed at me!

“Oh shit . . ah . . oh . . my God . . here she cums . . right now . .! I screamed!

“Oh little gurl, that sounded like such a big big cum . . but you only oozed out maybe . . maybe sweetie 2/10th of an ounce from your sissy clit . . Bobbi that just isn’t enough for anything . . it sure wouldn’t impregnate anyone and it sure isn’t going to complete our desire process today . . or any day honey!” Rachel told me.

“Now I need you to take some really deep breaths . . sweetheart . . first I’m going to remove both of these nipple clamps and due to their design their teeth have actually dug into the nipples . . yes their bleeding but we’ll fix that later . . ok sister here goes!” Rachel told me!

“No . . no . . my God . . oh shit!” I screamed! “Do I even have any nipples left?”

“Oh my yes little gurl . . these nipples of yours will heal just fine . . now let’s have Toni begin to remove her hand from your pussy . . you should enjoy this sweetie . . you know how wonderful it feels for a big black cock to slide into your pussy and then once it was done breeding you . . well then it has to move on to the next white sissy boi . . go ahead Toni begin!” Rachel commanded!

“Bob our Clinic regrets not being able to meet our primary purpose so there is NO CHARGE for you today honey!” Rachel told me.

After resting for hours I left the Clinic and returned home. It felt so strange to be wearing a diaper again but both Rachel and Toni assured me that I would be experiencing Anal Leakage after my Procedure and this was the best way to continue their care for me!

A couple of days later I went to the Clinic of Last Hope which Rachel told me could ensure SUCCESS! Here it was a Doctor not a Lab Tech and her name was Dr. Brown.

“Bob, I see from your medical and clinical history how hard the previous Clinic tried to help you but it appears that we’re the only Clinic that can complete this job. So I am fully aware of your suffering from Undescended Testicles and it also states that you suffer from all the common side effects of; possessing a very tiny penis; reduced sperm production; lower sperm quality; decreased fertility; and the inability to achieve an erection . . then there are your breasts!” Dr. Brown spoke. “Bob speaking of your little girls do you have them examined each year for your female problems like lumps or cysts? Do you help support them wearing bras? Are they sore today . . you know to touch or . .?

“Dr. Brown, I replied. “You are asking me all these questions about my breasts. . ones that I have never . . no one else . . others didn’t care about! Yes I used to think that not being able to get a hard on . . sorry an erection was my biggest problem . . Susan overcame my lousily sperm specs . . well we now have two wonderful children thanks to her sexual dominance . . well and to her best friend Tom . . let’s just say that he continues to take my place with respect to our fucking . . I should say lovemaking and I thank him for that! No I haven’t purchased a bra yet . . I mean I don’t have a clue where to . . find bras for a man . . and who would help fit me . . really . . a sissy man with breasts . . no one wants me!”

“Bob thank you for your open an honest responses! For you the best approach is to do what we call Anal Probing.” Dr. Brown spoke. “I know that sounds so technical but in reality it could be called Ass Fucking! Don’t look so scared because we can offer two different approaches. If you agree to embrace our clinic for service, you must read and sign a full Patient Advocate Proxy . . which ensures you the ability to select the service you desire . . but it also allows our Doctor’s . . that would be me Bob . . the authority to . . choose on your behalf . . to ensure the most probable successful outcome!

“I see,” I answered her, “I don’t fully understand the Patient Advocate Proxy . . but I guess it makes sense . . I mean . . well the Doctor really knows what is best . .right?”

“Our First Approach Option would have one of my nurses come to you to provide the service and she would be using a Strap-On Cock for the Anal Probing. Now you might be asking yourself why in the world we would be using a Strap-On cock. With this Option our clinic can control the depth of the probing along with the stimulation the ribbed sides provides to your Rectum and Prostate. Specially Bob it is Anal Stimulation along with the Prostate Stimulation provided by the selected size of our Strap-On Cock which has proven to be quite productive! Depending on the results of our Complete Physical Exam finding we determine the length and size Strap-On Cock to achieve the desire results!

Although this approach is selected by most bois . . I mean by most men, it does have its limitations. I do though ensure all perspective patients that there is no harm in selecting our Strap-On Cock Approach Option . . you know to test it out and if . . after a period of time . . it doesn’t appear to be working . . the patient may select and begin enjoying . . I mean embracing our Second Approach Option.” Dr. Brown explained!

“The Second Approach Option, which is almost always successful, embraces a real human cock, which of course requires a real human male! Some men shy away from this approach . . at first . . well because they are afraid if they embrace a real human cock to fuck . . to accomplish their Anal Probing . . they are worried that . . having another man fuck them . . you know sweetie . . I mean accomplish their Anal Probing; that it would make them gay!" Dr. Brown shared.

"Bob trust me . . that couldn’t be further from the truth! Our records show that our Second Approach Option has been proven to be 90% effective over the last 10 years . . with just that 10% that do become gay . . but let’s get back on track here! Now I must share that some results do vary . . I mean from the correct sizing of the male cock . . we may find we are starting too small and . . well we would have to bring in . . well what we call our African Solution . . well they only make Strap-On Cocks so big you know right . . and we’ll also increase the frequency of application . . you know how often this man would fuck . . would accomplish your Anal Probing.” Dr. Brown continued!

"With either approach the patients are required to stay three nights due to the multiple applications required . . we try to space them out . . well unless someone like you . . for example . . would beg . . I mean require one service to immediately follow the last . . you know like pulling a train dear. Anyway . . in the worst case scenario our Clinic ensures the correct size and number of breeding's . . well Anal Probing’s . . because we assure your complete sissification . . I meant to say . . complete satisfaction . . so it may become advantageous sweetheart to remain at our clinic until such time your testicles do in fact drop . . whenever that might be!

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