Father's Choice

by Janae

My 60 yr old father (Jack) and I (John) had not gotten along since my mother passed away. He always thought I was too feminine and a mother's boy. So for the past 5 years we had not talked. My father is a CEO and lives very well. He has a large home in the country. That is why I was curious when I got the invite from him to come and visit.

I thought what the hell and got in touch with him. I asked if I could bring my girlfriend (Linda) along and he told me absolutely. We arrived and were greeted by his long time maid (Beth). She led us to our room and we settled in. We first met Jack as he returned from work. He seemed very glad to see us and took an instant liking to Linda.

He told us he had taken time away from work to visit with us. All went well the first few days and then things changed. Jack started paying way to much attention on Linda. One afternoon he even took her shopping without me. Beth the maid ask if I could help her put up some dishes. I did not want to hurt her feelings and said OK.

She put an apron on me saying she did not want me to get my clothes dirty. Well about halfway done in walks Jack with Linda. They both laughed at me. Jack made the comment "leave him here and he works with the maid"! Linda became distant the next few days and she made excuses to run errands alone with Jack.

In the meantime Beth had become more aggressive having me help her with chores. One afternoon she started talking about how feminine I looked. She brought up a day when my mother had used me to model one of her dresses while Beth altered it. She asked me if I would do it for her as she had a dress that needed mending.

I do not know why I agreed but before long I was standing in one of Beth's maid uniforms. She even had me in heels saying it made the dress flow correctly. After a simple fix I started to take the uniform off but Beth asked me to come downstairs.

She said there was one more thing she needed to do to it. We were walking to the utility room and I heard OMG! I turned around and there was Linda and Jack staring at us. Linda was aghast and Jack was laughing. Jack said "you see Linda I told you". Linda ran off and Jack told me I looked good as a maid.

I ran and changed finding Linda in our guest room. She would not talk to me and told me to get out. Jack told me I better sleep in the guest house with Beth that night to let Linda think. That night Beth hid my clothes after I had fallen asleep. The next morning with nothing to wear Beth put me in one of her maid uniforms again.

As I stood in the guest house I hear a scream. Again it is Linda staring at me. She says she was coming to make up but here I am again in a dress! Linda says "you really do want to be a maid"! She runs off and I do not see her the rest of the day. Seeing me very depressed Beth takes advantage of the situation.

She stays with me talking about when mom was alive and how I really was so close to her. The next day Beth told me Jack and Linda were off to a play and would be gone all afternoon. She ask me if I would help with the chores. I said OK. Beth then ask if she could dress me as a maid.

She said it would make us feel closer and easier to talk as we worked. I was so depressed I said sure. So I was completely made over. I was nearly hairless to begin with. Beth had me in a tight panty girdle and control top hose that pushed everything up inside myself giving me a flat crotch. Then a black bra with foam inserts to fill the C size cups.

A lacey body hugging slip and then the grey maid uniform with puffy sleeves. She put make up on my face and a long curly brown wig on my head. She put me in 3" black pumps and finally adorned my head with a maid cap. Turning to the mirror I could not believe it was me. Beth took me to the main house and gave me a list of chores.

I guess I actually started feeling better but I lost track of time. For the 3rd time there I was standing in front of Linda dressed as a maid! But this time she just told me to get back to work. Jack had Beth bring me to his den a couple hours later. There was Linda setting next to Jack. Linda started off telling me we were through.

She wanted nothing to do with me. Jack told me he was taking me out of the will and leaving me broke. Jack said Linda was moving in with him and they were now a couple. They were getting ready to kick me out on the streets.

That is when Beth told Jack she could use some help. Jack and Linda agreed the irony of me working as a maid in my father's house was to good to pass up. Jack stripped me of all my personal belongings and removed all ties as his son. My name was changed to Beverly Jenkins. Jenkins was Beth's last name and we would be introduced as sisters.

I was made to sign a maid employment contract officially becoming a live in maid. I was to never in any way reference my past as his son and it was like I never existed. I know spend my life taking orders from Beth. Spending 12 hours a day in 3" heels doing my chores. It hurts at times seeing Linda and Jack together.

Linda treats me as just a common female maid. Sometimes when I am washing her lingerie I think of us. But then I smell Jacks cum on them. Beth has put me on hormones and I recently was given C cup breast implants. My hair has grown out and permed.

I have become so distant from Linda and my father I really do feel like Beth's sister. Beth has mentioned she is going to set me up on a date. Her boyfriend has a buddy that works as a gardener. Why do I find myself tingly thinking of being with him?

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