Sissyfag at the Motel

by Anonymous

I checked into the motel put some gay shemale porn on the TV and then striped out of my clothes and put my lingerie on.

A black push up bra with matching garter belt and nylons and heels, but no panties so my tiny 4" sissycock was exposed for all to see.

After makeup and lipstick I opened the room’s curtains and got out my dildos and layed on the bed to play.

Soon I was moaning and riding dildo hoping someone would come by and see what a horny sissyfag I was being.

Soon enough a sexy guy came by and looked in and then knocked on the door, I said come in its open.

He walked in, a sexy black guy who said that I looked like I was having a good time and then sat down on the bed next to me.

I told him I was but what I really needed was some hot cock.

So he stood up and then pulled out a beautiful big thick black cock and said you like this?

I melted and moaned and said yes as I reached out to touch it.

And then it was on!!

His cock was at least 9 and a half inches and I had to have it in my mouth.

As I began to suck he said that I had a cute little sissycock and stated playing with it.

I was so turned on!

Then he started finger fucking me.

Soon I was begging him to fuck me, I layed on my back and spread my legs and he entered my hot sissy pussy and shoved it all the way in.

I screamed yes please fuck me hard and I began to play with my little sissycock telling him how good it felt and begging him to fill me full of his hot cum.

As he started to cum, I started to scream yes, over and over like a nasty whore and a dirty sissy slut that I am.

I felt him shoot jets of hot cum deep inside me.

I started to cum squirting my sissycum on my tummy.

It was so wonderful I didn't notice the lady at the window until she said ooh yeah that was so hot!

So we told her to come in.

And she immediately started to get naked.

We sucked and fucked all night, it was a sissyfags dream cum true!!

Swishes and kisses to you all, bye, sissyfag Danni.

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